Watchs SALE All about watches ‘Suicidal’ airline mechanic steals empty passenger plane, then crashes

‘Suicidal’ airline mechanic steals empty passenger plane, then crashes

The employee at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport was chased in the air by military jets before crashing on a small island in the Puget Sound.

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21 thoughts on “‘Suicidal’ airline mechanic steals empty passenger plane, then crashes”

  1. Damn, those three female news creatures are keepin some cosmetics companies in business. Wonder what they look like in the natural wild?

  2. Avy P says:

    Comments are cancer, don't keep scrolling.

  3. Black Sand says:

    So, they leave keys in planes for anyone to fly off with? 🔑

  4. 1:31 What's that shit on yo face, girl?

  5. Anthony C says:

    Que song.. Leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back agin. You didnt hurt anyone, you went out like a champ. I salute you.

  6. TheLance3185 says:

    Respect for having the balls to do that shit. If you're suicidal, I guess it's ok to have a little fun before you go. As long as no one else gets harmed. Looks like he had the crash site planned too. For whatever reason this happened, rest in peace.

  7. bc769 says:

    YouTube in the news butchered this up. He Yahoo! News has the black box video. Everybody wants her 15 minutes of fame on YouTube

  8. Lucky mf died.. I wish i could be dead

  9. Caption in one video; The airline industry is now evaluating if there is any protacols that need improvement or change.   ooh, ah, ah …Do You Think!

  10. How quickly fighter planes went after this guy, and 2 planes hit the World Trade center with no fighters after them…….!!!!

  11. ghizlane BA says:

    Wow ! anyone speaking about chrisitian terrorists here? Anyone speaking about the measure to make the life of 1B christians a misery ? Anyone speaking about the bible is evil? Anyone speaking about how all christians around the world are terrorists!!! Anyone? Hope you learn a lot from this event !!

  12. raiden z says:

    This stupid fuck could of killed alot of people, fuck sympathizing for this dead asshole.

  13. He was only 29…..woa

  14. Sliske says:

    This was suicide for those who don't seem to understand

  15. Hey it was the SHIT plan. Super High Intensity Training program by Horizon Air Lines for pilots.

  16. Playing video games teaching people to fly planes…so what this means now, that if you play GTA5, your qualified to start and fly a plane. People who don't know how to start an airplane on xbox, press Y and on PS4 it's Triangle. I'm going to start caring my wireless controller around incase I decide I need it in GTAmon Go @ me..

  17. jmitterii2 says:

    Had this person better mental health, better economics for workers, he could have made a good pilot. Instead of a suicide with potential harm to others. And an incredibly expensive aircraft.

  18. andre brewer says:

    Dumbass wasted his self… 😂😆

  19. Bondovian says:

    "He crashed"…i.e. Shot down by missile!

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