Watchs SALE All about watches Sunday watch sale **ALL SOLD**

Sunday watch sale **ALL SOLD**

Be patient with me on this one guys.
Email only to buy
Price not including shipping

1. Ocean crawler. ***SOLD***
2. Invicta 8926. ***SOLD***
3. Orient Ray. ***SOLD***
4. Srpb39. ***SOLD***
5. Seiko green. *** SOLD***
6. Boldr white. ***SOLD***
7. Hamilton. ***SOLD***

21 thoughts on “Sunday watch sale **ALL SOLD**”

  1. Yu Yu says:

    Please act to support Hong Kong ppeople,July 1

  2. Rob love your work, I hope your not overloading yourself with all these watch sales. You should be getting a fee from private sellers or buyers for your service in all honesty. If you have a culling of your collection soon send me an email for the package at thanks Rob.

  3. ill take the green seiko!! PM sent!

  4. Jeffrey Wood says:

    I love that you do these sale videos Rob…I hope that they are not too much of a hassle for you and you keep doing them until I am back in the market next year 🙂

  5. Steve Kelly says:

    I'm waiting for the green squale. 😁

  6. Stiap strap ada gambaranya pak kenapa warna warni ya

  7. Damn it Rob I just bought the ocean crawler brand new and blue last week for $960 if I’d known you was selling this orange one wouldn’t have

  8. IMA says:

    Never knew you did Sunday sales. Just subscribed so I don’t miss out again. Just what I need another excuse to buy more watches.

  9. Whoee that Hamilton is nice

  10. stagnet04 says:

    planning to sell any G shocks?

  11. CMo says:

    Good video! Only think is you might want to drop price on green seiko as they can be had for $68 shipped from the jungle

  12. Jody Silvia says:

    Sunday funday watch sale lol

  13. Luis Castro says:

    $275.00 for the Hamilton preowned with scratches is a little bit much…

  14. TheSwalker1 says:

    You did not do an inspection, if we ask a question not in que… goodness.. keep your watches no thanks.

  15. Chr 902 says:

    Do you send to europe? How much would shipping for the invita be?

  16. Vank says:

    I dont know why i watch these videos… I cant even buy them

  17. The only channel I have notifications for because of the watch sales lol

  18. Ryan yang says:

    wish I can afford them

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