Watchs SALE All about watches TERA [PS4/XB1] | Shadow Sanguinary [Mechanic] Dungeon Boss Guide

TERA [PS4/XB1] | Shadow Sanguinary [Mechanic] Dungeon Boss Guide

Want to learn how to do Shadow Sanguinary? Tired of wiping on the first boss due to the shield phase? Tired of crying inside? This might help with some of those.

It might.


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27 thoughts on “TERA [PS4/XB1] | Shadow Sanguinary [Mechanic] Dungeon Boss Guide”

  1. I get this video is somewhat old, but of course reliable. I found out that when Imperator does his side sweeps, the direction where the jolt of his weapon is facing is the safe zone. Found out from a HM run.

  2. De mighty pizzah-@-@-all hail de mighty pizzah

  3. Anyone else have the first boss raise a monument, not fire a beam, and go straight for gathering strength? Happened to me for the last two days–very obnoxious, PUG, because I'm not in a guild….plus the team had 2-3 members not know how to play each time, usually could get one to listen to what to do, then the RNG crap aforementioned happened…

  4. Man thanks a lot for this guide. I just did this dungeon and Kamprima first time and I didn't get cussed out lol I main mystic so my teammates rely on me :p thanks. Now I just need to try Lilith's and see how that goes. 😮

  5. Healer says:

    tbh best videos on tera i seen

  6. sky wave says:

    I know this video is a few months back. How do you go about obtaining the next weapon for priest the one after prattleprod.

  7. Faug says:

    Hardest part in these dungeons is finding a group good enough to do them, kills the game for me

  8. First guy, pillar summon, can you cleanse that? I feel like I did as a fluke and need confirmation. Thanks. 😀

  9. Shay Collins says:

    Now I’m even more nervous for this instance ;-; lol

  10. Localnoob says:

    Thank you for taking the time and making these videos, mate. Really helps us noobs to atleast be decent in the higher dungeons. :')

  11. OBL LYM says:

    I'd suggest you don't put snarky comments and talking so fast in a guide

  12. Yuki L says:

    I wanna day thank you Suru! This awesome guide has been very helpful for me and I’ve had so much fun playing it! It’s my fav dungeon overall for now haha. Please make a hard mode guide too when you have a chance! Thanks again!

  13. Beto- Kun says:

    So I had this guide on my favorites, likes, and I even send the url on FB ,and today was the day that I finally use it , and oh boy! This great, short but very helpful guide was very nice ,I was able to cleared on my first try, thank you!

  14. Ruins your whole experience of learning when you tell the group, you don't know the last boss mechanics and they say "he does a lot of things". Like bruh, don't they all. Be more specific, but ig you can't find that with randoms. Instead of discussing, they ready up and rush in (I guess one ready from someone is enough for the signal go, right? 😑) 2 brawlers. Their fighting over aggro on each side, turning the boss rapidly for me not to get any back hits (sorc), and that goes for all the bosses. I didn't even get the guile armor too, so fuck me huh… If only I had friends to run these with sighs at least I have a shit ton of credits from Kumas (the title was worth the insanity…sort of 😢). Time to watch this guide for the only possible help out there. Thx.

  15. Via Dolorosa says:

    I main brawler back when I played TERA(in PC) and I have to say the brawler in this video makes me cringe so hard ~_~
    But, I know for a fact this dungeon takes some time to learn especially the tank (good tank that control the boss to not move so much is a massive help for the party) so I hope he learns quick.

    Also on imperator, it's not only swipe and slam that have pattern, cage too. I think there's at least 6 patterns on cage. Learning the pattern will help to maximize damage too, especially for DPS.

  16. Why is there so many insta wipes in this game?

  17. SaggyMike says:

    Damn that tank is hella good! wish I had a tank like that 🙁

  18. Kalamitous _ says:

    USUALLY. The tank. Key word.. Could be a brawler standing there hitting the Hulk Hogan pose. In that case…. Uh ohs happen. Lol

  19. REDRUM says:

    Yes keep rolling out high quality dungeon guides

  20. McSalty AF says:

    On the first boss, is the shield attack the thing that one shot everyone???

  21. Thien Tu says:

    Ty. I subbed for the info. The god dam horse kept killing me in one shot in Lilith and don’t know why first time player ty for info

  22. jelliena says:

    Love this vid, thanks, man 🙂

  23. Mixxi Mixx says:

    I am glad and happy to meet sarumonin the great healer the master of guides in TERA in PVP 🙂 But I won! and it was a good sports pvp btw im the brawler PSN:psychomixx IGN:Iamemzmarie from Ovolith 🙂 +1 sub for you bro tnx for the guide it helps me a lot in game

  24. Martin Bryan says:

    How you remember the "front back and right attack" mechanics is beyond me… I want to know your nerdy ways!!!!

  25. Hi Saru great content for newbie players…anyway have you some news about farming masterwork, extensive or even rare alkahest ? Because right now the amount of grind for just one try (= buying a lootbox with vanguatd credits and getting only 16 of them ) seem fucking insane (at least when i played on pc you could farm the in LoT or Kelsaik nest)

  26. As a new player, one who mains Brawler, I'm watching these videos to learn how to keep you guys alive. Great job explaining mechanics!! S+ 😉

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