Watchs SALE All about watches Thanks Blizzard. Taunt is a Great Mechanic

Thanks Blizzard. Taunt is a Great Mechanic

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Thank you so much for watching!

21 thoughts on “Thanks Blizzard. Taunt is a Great Mechanic”

  1. Reisei says:

    she didn't explain why no re-dagger

  2. Caleb says:

    That was a really insane game.

  3. Roni Tal says:

    wow the first song was so annoying…

  4. tony j says:

    it's a blizzard outside today were I live

  5. Hafu play a different game like ROS or fortnite. I dont understand what you are playing

  6. If he had went face with the big ax, she would had gone down to 2hp and bomb lobber also dealt 1 damage, would had been down to 1hp rest of the game 😛

  7. YaBoiCosmo says:

    A gril that’s not a Thot

  8. Sam Ting says:

    now imagine if he topdecked gorehowl 😀

  9. What's the first song's name?

  10. jason says:

    I can just imagine Amaz saying “HOLD THE DOOR”

  11. Blizzard is removing enrage keywork

  12. IamBIGuUS says:

    The jump cuts with the bgm feel so weird

  13. Michael Tan says:

    Take my Black Knight daddy

  14. HmongHeroo says:

    oh crap, didn't know that arena was going wild for an event

  15. holyfingshit says:

    Hafu is s great streamer :p

  16. Louie Salmon says:

    Taunt really is s great mechanic.

  17. last time i came this early was on pornhub

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