Watchs SALE All about watches The Amazing Video Game Flower Displays of Spain!

The Amazing Video Game Flower Displays of Spain!

Something amazing is going on in Spain right now!

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39 thoughts on “The Amazing Video Game Flower Displays of Spain!”

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  2. The sonic ring thing I want to people to call it is "Star-ring sonic" it's just a pun I think we can stick by!

  3. Have you got any links to these photos?

  4. Joshb 45 says:

    Awesome video bro! I am trying to learn how to make cool videos like this. Woudl luv any suggestions you have 👍👍👍

  5. Hugh says:

    I have just found your content and all the historical and foggeten side to gaming is so unbelievably interesting especially about the statue is that going to get restored. I would tell you to do more of these kinds of videos but I won't due to sooner or later you'll realise the views from these historical videos will completely overtake the standard gaming ones take care : )

  6. Why is Mario even competing with Sonic, Sonic already has fame in almost everywhere

    Edit: but except you Japan

  7. Basher says:

    They even made Donald Duck from Kingdom Hearts!

  8. I think they just put ‘Zelda’ over the image of Link because it’s the name of the series. If they’d plastered ‘Metroid’ over a picture of Samus, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the creator believes that her name is Metroid.

  9. Jimmy gamez says:

    I speak spanish proof:hola como estas?Sabes que sonic es un erizo?

  10. 3:23
    Silly Badnik. Everybody knows Zelda's a boy and you play as him.

  11. Will you make a top ten beach levels?

  12. I never thought I'd say this about Sonic, but he looks beautiful! 😀

  13. Oh god Mario's face looks weird

  14. That little "starry shield" is actually part of the wing emblem you see Sonic in when you go to the title screen of a classic Sonic game.

  15. juneru says:

    im also prone to being overly supportive of sonic over anything else, but theres just no doubt that the sonic one was definitely the best of the bunch.

  16. truly beautiful, i need this in my community
    all we have is a Friday night summer classic car show -.-

  17. Evan Plays says:

    You really know how to find information that the majority don’t know 🙏

  18. CinmarRS says:

    Hopefully someone took pictures from above with a drone.

  19. Ramon Aviles says:

    Ho speak's spanish here?

  20. Gamma says:

    I think the Sonic is based on the icon for the Sonic social media

  21. Star Bird says:

    And a pair of DMX Shoes.

  22. BTTF45 says:

    I never thought you'll talk about Spain, I was born in Spain!

  23. I wish I wasn’t the one to point this out but

    They gave donkey kong nipples

  24. Eso seguro es impresionante!

  25. Geez they sure have added more plants for Plants vs Zombies while I was gone.

  26. Infinite says:

    Wow wish I saw that irl

  27. Hola, yo soy español. Me veo todos tus vídeos y me gusta mucho tu canal la verdad.

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