Watchs SALE All about watches The Apple Store Genius Bar Broke My $5,000 iMac Pro

The Apple Store Genius Bar Broke My $5,000 iMac Pro

Getting your iMac Pro repaired is even harder than expected…
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Apple’s new iMac Pro is a $5,000+ machine but many users are reporting that Apple Support isn’t servicing them—even under warranty. They repaired ours, but the Genius Bar destroyed it in the process. What a disaster!

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39 thoughts on “The Apple Store Genius Bar Broke My $5,000 iMac Pro”

  1. Daniel says:

    $5000 for a computer that massively under performs compared to a $2000 windows PC that you can build yourself? I think the word genius should be replaced here..

  2. I know a coyote with a similar brand loyalty problem.

  3. I get my chassis for peanuts or free and work on them. If it's crap or just burns up, I'm not selling plasma or p!mping to get the next one, dogg.

  4. Greg Rickard says:

    More satisfying building your own pc. Every part exactly how you want it. Something goes wrong, unscrew it. My pc has thumbscrews to open it. Ghetto.

  5. pretoras says:

    You get what you deserve being an apple user

  6. Jeremi111 says:

    its not one of the worst designed apple product… this is apple. and this isnt broke! this is apple product! 😀 WELCOME TO APPLE HOW CAN I SAY to YOU : SOLVED UR OWN PROBLEM!

  7. Lars CMB says:

    Sorry to say But .. apple selling crap isnt anything new. You bought it so you deserve getting screwed over for your stupidity lol

  8. Kavy says:

    why all in ones are a huge waste of money. do yourself a favor and build a pc for like half the cost and 2x the performance

  9. Shendue says:

    I feel bad for you, but, honestly, that's what you get for buying into Apple's marketing.
    My sister and her husband always brag about their Iphones and Apple ecosystem, and yet half the time their stuff breaks and needs repairing, their phone mic is muffled, etc…
    I got an Android phone and a PC with a Microsoft OS and I barely have any problem whatsoever.
    Since I bought all the components on Amazon, whenever I have an issue (happened mostly with my Acer screen, twice in 5 years or so), I just write them and they get it repaired or substituted for free in a few days.

  10. Inda Tales says:

    Watch it and listen to how many times he says whatever

  11. Enkidienne says:

    The youtube genius buy a imac… Brilliant!

  12. Don't buy Apple. It's a very easy solution.

  13. Dude, honestly… It's a screw. Calm down.

  14. FLEX316 says:

    Stop giving them MONEY or they will keep doing this crap.

  15. R. Ive says:

    Fuck. This is why I'll buy another PC.

  16. the333fever says:

    Is there a reason you continually are transferring from the mount to the stand…..PICK ONE DUDE.

  17. SADE says:

    superglue the end of a screwdriver to the broken screw, let it sit and make sure it doesn't seep into the hole itself, use a tiny bit, wait for it to dry and turn the screw… wa-la. ive done this dozens of times.

  18. the worst designed apple product ha all the apple products have bad design

  19. its not a bit overpriced its $4100 overpriced + apple has always had horrible warranty

  20. chomik722 says:

    Buy new one! Or 2 or 3 just in case. Keep sucking on Steve's Jobs dead titty.

  21. nilloc93 says:

    well you're the idiot who bought a product which only has 1 company responsible for manufacturer, distributor, and maintenance

    apple does give a shit about you because you're an apple guy, you were willing to drop 5 grand on a monitor that I could build for $1500 because it has an apple logo and a less intuitive OS

  22. SpaceRock says:

    Some apple "geniuses" they are…sheesh

  23. Derek Gaston says:

    Apple sucks guys it's not a secret

  24. Niku Fox says:

    Its not actually "Overpriced" at all. You cannot get same specs for cheaper if you build it from PC parts. colorgrade capable 5K monitors acutally are damn expensive alone, plus 32Gb EEC ram and 8 core Xeon does not come cheap. I have tried to build same lvl PC setup and everytime it costs more.

  25. SFRJ74 says:

    It`s a good and funny video, i`ll give u that!!!
    BUT, i can not belive that u didn`t notised that the screw are not made of metal. It`s more an alloy!!!
    Ubeliveble greedy Apple capitalist….or who ever…
    Yes,as someone els said…go to the shop & buy propper screw`s.

  26. My Mum used to say, "A fool and his money are often parted."

  27. TS Ryder says:

    $5000!? You have any idea what kind of monster you can build for that money!!

  28. Nate Hladki says:

    "Whatever, Apple's great at design, I'm sure it's not an issue."
    That's where you're wrong, bud

  29. Giblin says:

    The first place you fucked up was buying anything apple.

  30. Sonata727 says:

    Your first fail was spending $5000 on an iMac Pro…

  31. Robbie T says:

    lol 5k ……buy a pc half the price and it will outperform that piece of shit.
    +i wont get screwed over with a plasticmount for 80 dollars…

  32. This fruitloop is seriously saying this was his first 'bad' apple buying/repair experience? Has he had ANY other repair experience with apple employees? Doubtful.

  33. Honestly all Apple products are badly designed, look it up.

  34. Hempy 13 says:


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