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The Biggest Missing Mechanic In State of Decay 2 // MrStainless001

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17 thoughts on “The Biggest Missing Mechanic In State of Decay 2 // MrStainless001”

  1. You go ahead and ramble Sam, nothing wrong with that!. Since the devs are working on introducing Trumbull Valley to SOD2, it would be a nice touch to add missions where we can recruit / rescue some of the old crew. That would go some way to adding a bit of personality to the community, especially for the old timers of the franchise.

  2. The Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor / Shadow Of War comparison is actually really really interesting. And I would have to agree. Bringing in the a system comparable to the Dynamic nature and fully realized structure of the nemesis system would be really interesting. The current SOD Community screen shows that it had taken some sort of influence from the beloved nemesis system but it seems like UL went for a much lighter and less Gameplay impactful route. Where in my opinion they really should double down on the community menu and give us the ability to assign characters to certain persistent roles Like (Last Chance Guardian) Or (Community Scavenger). The big thing I want to see is a fully reconfigured character system that makes players feel and care about there survivors again. I think the community has really been taking a negative outlook on this game so far not because it's bad or poorly designed. Id say many have a negative idea about this title because the current character system leaves much to be desired and doesn't seem to have the Singular Soul and Character focus the first game had which I believe to be why many of the OG's don't like this entry. SOD1 is SOD2 biggest problem. The nostalgia really put UL in a tuff place. Trying to modernize there franchize whilst keeping true to the beloved past formula is a losing battle. I really enjoy your SOD2 content Stainless! As I think me and you have a similar approach when it comes to sifting through and understanding the games drawbacks without turning a blind eye to why those drawbacks exist and what are things we can understand about making these systems even better moving forward. Instead of throwing the baby out the bathwater and just being negative and critical for no good sake. Keep it up Stainless! You have my full support as always my friend! Here to the Future of the SOD franchise. It seems like the direction of the future SOD discussion is in our hands now on The Youtube Space. So let's keep up the discussion on all fronts from what "is" and what can "be" the future of this promising franchise. Much Love <3 – Arky

  3. Really hoping now that their financially backed by MS and the fact that they have access to their resources that SOD 3 will be an actual ambitious title…. Bigger more interactive world with more heavy mechanics..I'm really having high hopes for next gen.

  4. B.D.B. says:

    In the early days of SOD I was under the impression that exiled characters would somehow come back and torment your community either by joining another group and stealing your stuff or just killing you and your community. That feature would've made you think twice before exiling a someone 😂🤣

  5. Casey 1902 says:

    Yes you did ramble abit dude 🤣 but I agree. Sod is very much a role playing game that we as the player create our story to the everlong question "what would you do". Heck the love of the genre and movie nites lol is what inspired the series. But it does lack in dynamic moments like random ambushes in the road or a zombie in the closet, I'd love to see deeper situations like this alongside coop animations and AI tactics/commands. The core is there though and we as gamers need to slow down and immerse ourselves better to enjoy it for what it is 🤘

  6. PmC says:

    Glad to see you're still around Sam. Hope you're doing well and I'm happy to see another SoD2 vid. I do agree with what you're saying. I think that's why I lost interest with SoD2, that I didn't have any type of connection with who I played and who was in my group. In SoD, if a member from my camp got into a bind while they were out gathering supplies I wouldn't hesitate on going out to help them. Mainly because you somewhat built up a relationship with that character. That's why I liked Lifeline so much, that and the story. In SoD2, meh. Die, I'll find someone else to replace you and wont give a crap about them either.

  7. Andrew G. says:

    Just found your videos and totally agree. You gained a sub and keep up the great work

  8. Heru says:

    Why does everyone hate Lilly? I had to keep Marcus alive in every play through in SD1

  9. beakie58 says:

    I think what you're forgetting too is that SOD One Also had a very loyal and tight group of fans on their old Forums and when that Forum shut down all of loyalty and discourse with Dev Team went away and It kind of lost whatever link SOD2 had with OG and the story of those characters.. No Story does not make for immersive gameplay and discussions. SOD2 has no foundation or soul if will… just a corporate idea of what they thought people wanted.

  10. Great vid keep up the good work!

  11. Sending out people to loot for you was scrapped in. 2 amongst other features. Sequels should add more not take away

  12. A Ron says:

    The breakdown characters were fantastic too

  13. Thank god your still doing your channel your the best for state of decay

  14. Kong Lee says:

    I'm ready for State of Decay 3, because there is so many update stuff they can change and add on… SoD 2 is played out for me…

  15. The Shadow says:

    I would be happy if they add that mechanic. Also nice video!

  16. Great point but it’s not gonna happen… I stopped playing sense they added cleo grinding got boring.. the game it self is repetitive then it got boring

  17. T D says:

    I really thought leading up to the game that exiled survivors would come back to haunt you later. The way the devs talked about it, it would be more impactful. I think that feature got scrapped. Even though those characters still wind up in a separate pool of characters in the coding, it's not utilized yet. Maybe in the future.

    Another feature I really thought would be in the game was assigning people to missions or Manning outposts. Success or failure depending on their skills and traits. To me that would make the characters have more value as you'd have your "go to" people for certain tasks. Sure Jerry is and arse rag and he eats extra food, but man that guy held down a critical outpost when I was out saving someone else. That's how you build up legends.

    The game is ever a work in progress, so who knows what further updates will bring. I'm hoping for more than a new weapon or two or a vehicle reskin. I do have to say combat wise your community members are way better than SOD 1. Can't tell you how many times I saw my elite fighters kicking away at the zeds in the last game.

    Good topic man. Have a good day.

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