Watchs SALE All about watches The Jimi Hendrix Experience – All Along The Watchtower (Official Audio)

The Jimi Hendrix Experience – All Along The Watchtower (Official Audio)

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All along the watchtower
Princes kept the view
While all the women came and went
Barefoot servants too
Outside in the cold distance
A wildcat did growl
Two riders were approaching
And the wind began to howl, hey
All along the watchtower
All along the watchtower

Music video by The Jimi Hendrix Experience performing All Along The Watchtower. (C) 2009 Experience Hendrix L.L.C., underexclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment”

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35 thoughts on “The Jimi Hendrix Experience – All Along The Watchtower (Official Audio)”

  1. Mafia 3 Brought me Here…

  2. Kelly Moore says:

    Jefferson airplane 1969 woodsto

  3. Talbot says:

    What's that song called from the boat escape ?

  4. Man…I've got nothing

  5. Jimi please bend guitarts kneck by playing it plz

  6. wozzlepop says:

    Trying to imagine what it must be like to be Bob Dylan and still alive listening to this in 2018.

  7. Ephysio says:

    100 000 000 ! Yay !

  8. yeah 100 mil views how about more that baby?

  9. DBX Niker says:

    Poor bob Dylan he sucks but people make his music good

  10. Magicman777 says:


  11. Jimmy Wood says:

    Hendrix came from the military industrial complex along with the majority of musicians and the music was a construct. And the music is weaponized.

  12. vili vont says:

    VEVO taking rights to dead mans music, niceeeeeeeeee

  13. Ari says:

    * cracks open a Monster® *
    * sips *
    Now this is music, not that wubstomp

  14. Ben Lenzi says:

    How could so many dislike this?

  15. Finally, 100 million views for one of the greatest guitarists ever!!!!!!!! 😀

  16. david o says:

    Smoking a big .super lemon haze. home rolled smoke,listening to this all the time Jimmy H,thank you may you r.i.p,and your music will go on and on etc etc.

  17. C C says:

    A song with ball's, fucking magic ✊✌

  18. Ilmi Channel says:

    jimi gitaris terbaik

  19. YellowSky 97 says:

    Jimmy's completes me in its entirety ☼☼☼

  20. MatchWojo says:

    first comment at 100 mil

  21. Radek says:

    almost 100 000 000

  22. Here before 100 Milli

  23. John says:

    99 million views since late 2012 for a song recorded in early 1968 – reputedly on the same night which Jimi first heard the John Wesley Harding album at a party.

  24. Jimi Hendrix, of course.

  25. Heavy Rock says:

    génial , géant ….etc… et quel son …puissant et cristallin …du grand art ……….jimi …immortel ……pour l'éternité ………

  26. Josh Mo says:

    Listened to this in Iraq.

  27. Zach Irelan says:

    With the 4 years of his career, thats all we need to make an impact 40+ years later

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