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THE MECHANIC 2: RESURRECTION Trailer (2016) Jason Statham Movie

The Mechanic 2 Resurrection Trailer – 2016 Action Movei starring Jason Statham
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38 thoughts on “THE MECHANIC 2: RESURRECTION Trailer (2016) Jason Statham Movie”

  1. Buzludja is on 0:54 that's a real building in Bulgaria😆😉

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  3. _Wottppai says:

    หญฺิง รฐา !!?!! นางมายังไไงงงง!!!

  4. thawich chun says:

    worst plot!! Is that the instinct of assassin?

  5. I mean why would such a film get so low critics, I would say it is one of the best films in its category.

  6. mojoxtreme says:

    gone in 60 seconds but humans instead of cars

  7. BytemeVV - says:

    The movie was cringe worthy not from the killings but the acting… it had almost every action movie cliche' in the book, this movie should have been called "Hitman" Agent 47 anyone!? I'm half Thai and that's not the indigenous people on the Island nor music

  8. Isn't this basically a transporter movie ?

  9. tahir sakhi says:

    Wawooo amazing action film. I have watched it in China Guangzhou. The hause was full wawooo

  10. STIIMPRA97 says:

    right just saw the whole film in 2mins………….for free 🙂

  11. ZSTOLEN says:

    which motorcycle he drives in 0:39

  12. Rax Shueisha says:

    Soooo… where are the subs offered in the trailer?

  13. LiangHuBBB says:

    watched it today, amazing movie, action is well paced, solid acting XD
    def. one of the better Jason S movies so far 🙂

  14. i saw the film on my pc amazing

  15. Joe shmoe says:

    What a PILE OF SHIT movie.

  16. Can anyone tell why a star like Statham do such cheesy shitty complete crap bull shit movie like this one????? does he need money of more celebrity….. Impossible>>this movie is beyond my ability to describe how it is bad.

  17. Based on true story.
    Anyone would kill for Jessica Alba.

    Yet.., sadly even Tommy Lee Jones can't make me watch this.

  18. I google it. rosie whiteley..according to news,they got married..try to check.

  19. ma ca says:

    je veux télécharger ce film donne moi lien svp !!

  20. 112Kenen112 says:

    cum de a ajuns curva aia in film cu jason statham

  21. Quang Tran says:

    i don't know what's the brand mobile phone in this film ?

  22. ive watched the movie..its really good. full pack action from start to end. I hope they get his wife,,I guess shes better than jessica alba

  23. Kelly KitKat says:

    George : You have 36 hours to eliminate the targets, or they will eliminate me.
    Jerry : Who is this?

  24. Ghazi Fuad says:

    jason statham is the best actor

  25. Peter S says:

    this movie is a joke

  26. Peace Love says:

    lool why do they like showing the whole movie in trailers? kmt

  27. yeah I got to go 3 this

  28. Jason Statham is Jason Statham in another Jason Statham movie part 32: Statham Harder

    tagline: this time it's personal

  29. VulcanSpirit says:

    I really like the last one. To me it was what a Hitman movie should have been like. This however looks like one of them fast pace movies with lots of action, not the diabolical plan for a hit 100 moves ahead.

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