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The Mechanic | Sony FS7 II Competition

Bo Hare, a mechanic and engineer working in rural England, finds pleasure in the restoration of classic cars and the transcendental nature of their inner workings. Please ‘like’ if you enjoyed to help me win!

Directed, shot and cut by Orlando O’Mahoney Morris, a 24 year old cinematographer living in London.

Sound recording by Joe Coulson

This is my entry for the Sony FS7 II competition. Find out more here:

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15 thoughts on “The Mechanic | Sony FS7 II Competition”

  1. tsawyer says:

    nicely done! is it shot on a sony camera ?

  2. Beautifully shot! wow. you have my like!

    I was inspired to write a track for this film. It's a private track on my soundcloud just for this film. I know you've already entered and its probably way to late to be used, but I wanted to write this track anyway for practice.

    Here it is:…chanic/s-EAFdf

    Feel free to use this track if you like it. If not, no worries.

    Excellent film!

  3. Totally buy into this. I'm currently getting two motorbikes customized to capture the essence of the early 1950s.

  4. Dave Baber says:

    Love that.. want the car now

  5. Brixton Nick says:

    Cool film – liked his explanation and motivation of why he started 😉

  6. MrAL45TA1R says:

    Looking forward to the finished product. G'luck bro 🙂

  7. James Scott says:

    Looks and sounds good to me, well done

  8. Bianca Kym says:

    this is beautiful Orlando x

  9. This is awesome, well done!

  10. Here we leave our little contribution to the competition.Hope you LIKE it.

  11. Here we leave our little contribution to the competition.Hope you LIKE it.

  12. Terrific! Looking forward to seeing the who,e thing 🙂

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