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The Mind of Jake Paul

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30 thoughts on “The Mind of Jake Paul”

  1. Bongo Gaming says:

    Does team yen even have ten members

  2. Shane:Is he here for views or is he a sociopath and wants help?

    Me: FUCKING BOTH except the help part

  3. Shane your next documentary should be on Eugenia Cooney. From what I understand you guys are friends or something along those lines, but I believe she needs help!!! She seems like a very sweet person and it would be a shame to loose someone like her in this world. But she is not only harming herself with her diseased mental state but is also harming her very young and impressionable audience. Help her!!

  4. Demi Osborne says:


  5. Kimberly says:


  6. I laughed soooo hard when mylifeaseva came on screen at 14:00

  7. I don't like Jake Paul at all but I Love Shane!

  8. There is a disease that gives you a strong Desire to set things on fire called pyromania and I think Jake Paul has it. If u don鈥檛 believe me search it yourself

  9. I want to know how JP had any fans whatsoever – not because of the house rules and financial side but by the way he treated people in videos – if someone tried to use a taser on me you'd bet I'd be throwing punches at them. I wouldn't be shoved and not shoved back. Fuck that. JP was an abuser and everyone just went along with it.

  10. No discount code for Jake Paul

  11. Chica Fnaf says:


  12. Omg film theory did a theory on this series holy crap

  13. uglylife says:

    SHANE. Make your next documentary on Anthony and Ian and just SMOSH in general. Now that SMOSH is cancelled forever, I'm sure there's some juicy stuff to talk about.

  14. you know i don't really like jake but shane i still love you and will never unsubscrive

  15. Argj .Hfmk says:

    The Jeffree Star series is a lot better than the Jake Paul series.

  16. Czed Pineda says:

    im late. idc. imma watch this series all the way.

  17. MoonCandle says:

    I didn't really care about Jake Paul that much before but now I see he's such an awful human being it is disgusting that so many kids look up to this MONSTER

  18. Verix L says:

    why does he care so much?

  19. King says:

    I didn鈥檛 watch this yet but later it is time to BINGE

  20. okay so I'm not up today with any of this also I just happen to run into this while I was looking for like documentaries and stuff like that so why is he being considered a sociopath because people pay to be his friend why is that not maybe a good business model YouTube of business you do come to YouTube some of you to make money right so why team to be his fake friend would be considered sociopath and not just business. now with that being said I haven't watched all the videos and I don't know all the controversy and I don't know what this guy has done or hasn't done just my thoughts about that piece of the video moving right along lol

  21. BOOOOOOOM! @jakepaul3messages

  22. I skipped this video because I love Conspiracy Theories from Shane because It's scary but this is way more scarier.

  23. Just go watch pewds sub him 馃檪 HAHAHAHA

  24. sari azlany says:

    omg i did not that jack is this mean

  25. I had no idea there were 2 of them. I just thought it was Logan. Great doco. 馃憣

  26. Jaxx the gay says:

    I have this immediate reaction to say "suck my ass" When ever I see jake Paul so my friends gonna take a shot every time I say suck my ass.

    She's gonna die by the end of this video isn't she?

  27. Cj Muzzle says:

    I feel like everyone is just fucking dumb not thinking how jake paul feels getting a lot of hate like you don't even know if you hurt jake Paul's feeling like just…..I don't know what the fuck is wrong with you hating on jake Paul when he already changed. What if jake Paul doesn't have everyone on his side what if he was all alone have you ever think of that? No your just busy hating on jake Paul you know you can hurt someone's feeling when you insult them,bash them and yeah that's all I have to say and I know I'm late but I'm saying this because you don't think properly

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