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The Most Honest Three Minutes In Television History

Brutally Honest trump supporter tells it like it is.

Take a moment and think about it. Remember it, Share it and maybe, just maybe, we can be great again!

The point of this video? Not to create animosity nor give an audience to hateful statements from people who, because of their own apathy, in part created the world we now live. The point of this video is to make anyone who cares to pull together and stop the down fall as best as they can. To be good to one another and stop blaming everybody else for our own short comings. To heal ourselves so that we can heal others. Not as separate parts, but as a whole sum of Humanity!

This video has now been seen in 190+ countries!
Still people don’t seem to be getting the point.
I am a human being just as you. Doing things for the right reasons just as you.
If you’re not treating your fellow man (Mankind) (Human Beings) with compassion, or at least treating them as you would be treated, then how are you helping the situation.
And if you’re not helping the situation, then what are you doing?
Its not about invisible lines that divide us rather human qualities that unit us.

It’s a lie to think your not good enough. There are two entities in the world.
1. Evil This is where one feels Anger, Jealousy, Greed, Resentment, Lies, and Inferiority.
2. Goodness This is where one feels Joy, Peace, Love, Hope, Humility, Kindness, Empathy and Truth.
As I read over the comments I see both Evil and Goodness shared. It is not a country that is evil or good. Rather it is a personal choice of the people in any country to be either Good or Evil. And they do so through their actions.

38 thoughts on “The Most Honest Three Minutes In Television History”

  1. This is wrong since Canada does not have freedom 🤦‍♂️

  2. Mark Howard says:

    This isn't honest. It is all BS cliche'. Jeff is a big lib into bashing the USA

  3. izzyquizzy says:

    I liked the video at the start but it just started romanticising the way America used to be, which definitely wasn't 'the greatest country on Earth' if there even is such a thing.
    Also idk what the writers of this TV show think young people are like these days. They're definitely more critical of the US…

  4. That's why you should never ever ever vote democrat. Vote Republican, and fix America.

  5. Brian says:


  6. JT says:

    This is sorta bad acting

  7. Jade Michel says:

    Should've gave percentages

  8. Everyone word he said I wanna print it on a t shirt

  9. Lou Johnson says:

    Yes, Angels are real created by GOD of the Bible. Man has taken GOD out of our lives and started playing GOD on their own.

  10. The greater country is TEXAS.

  11. Tom Johnson says:

    I'm sure there are all kinds of snowflakes and liberals who are greatly offended.

  12. Ricky Snyder says:

    Sounded smart until her praised liberals.

  13. Cruel Eva says:

    Yet something does make it the best because everyone wants to come here. There's a reason for that.

  14. Le big brain centrist.

  15. We needed this many many years ago! Even today with all we about our country, it's leaders and people. Most of us would still fight to say America is the greatest. When in fact it's not and getting farther and farther. We can add military and weapons to that list I believe. Along with a country that truly does not care about the wellfare of it's people.

  16. Up til 2:05 he has a point. After that, he is pure bullshit.

  17. merch marine says:

    F U C K   Y O U   J E F F !!!

  18. Conservatives are supposed to be nationalist

  19. If he thinks America is so horrible, maybe he should find another better country to move to> Maybe tons of immigrants are so desperate to come here because it's such a bad place. Give your head a shake, bro!

  20. Young Winner says:

    The truth will set you free

  21. KateTheWolf! says:

    Damnnnn that cutoff!!! I wanna watch the rest!
    I’ve never agreed with anything more!

  22. Fancy Sans says:

    Americans you are our neighbours yes but sometimes you act like your the only one in north america who did great things why cant we be calm collective and maybe we will find something incredible No hate. Friends? (:

  23. Everything from 2:05 still holds true today. All the statistics he listed have changed, especially speaking that this video was uploaded 6 years ago. America still has a lot to fix but no country on the face of this earth has the strong foundation to recover as mush as the United States does. If we would stick to our roots we’d be untouchable but we don’t so we’re not doing as good as we could be. But I’d rather live here than anywhere else in this world.

  24. Opinion is not truth and truth is not always honest.

  25. Why the f did they recommend this video now? Lol

  26. What is chaos to the fly is just dinner to the spider…

  27. Snake Blake says:

    Good scene, but why the swearing? I am certainly no prude by any means, but why? Swearing is not a substitute for a rich vocabulary or a good movie scene.

  28. Bitter Truth says:

    Well said man 💪👏👏

  29. M F198 says:

    America IS the greatest country in the world. The poorest people in this country are considered to be more wealthy than the poorest people in MOST other countries, you Morons

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