Watchs SALE All about watches The Simple Repair of a Yamaha Clavinova to reduce Keyboard Noise

The Simple Repair of a Yamaha Clavinova to reduce Keyboard Noise

Step by step video of a repair being done. The keyboard is removed and old felts are replaced with new ones. The keyboard is then replaced and everything re-assembled.

29 thoughts on “The Simple Repair of a Yamaha Clavinova to reduce Keyboard Noise”

  1. dogsbody31 says:

    Thank you so much for this video. You gave me the confidence and information I needed to repair my CLP 950. Wouldn't have done it without seeing this. I ordered the parts from Yamaha Canada and they arrived 25 hours later. My Clavinova is around 20 years old and playing like new. I couldn't be happier.

  2. Thanks for that video that push me to do the same with my CLP-840 !.The process is nearly the same
    No noise anymore !
    I ordered the 2 felt bands in France (I'm french 😉 and got it very quickly.
    No risk to do it . To be careful and organized with the many screws !

  3. The video is very helpful (thank you), but Yamaha doesn't carry the felt I need for my old Clavinova CLP 260. Any thoughts on where I can buy it. I'm in the USA.

  4. Barb Miller says:

    Would this work for a p100? I got it used, but it worked wonderfully until I lent it out and got it back with clicking black keys.

  5. What a joy to find this video! My clavinova has been driving me NUTS! Thank you so much for posting this! You made my day! I may actually keep the thing now!

  6. RL@VD says:

    Hi, is this a "Graded hammer standard" or "Graded hammer" keyboard ?

  7. Pierre Bvre says:

    Thank you, very helpful video! I just did the same successfully on my clp-930!

  8. Fantastic – I have a CLP-170, which differs from this in having a floppy drive that needs to be removed before you can budge the control panel (4 more screws hold the drive to the baseboard – similar to control panel, then disconnect two sets of wires from the back, and free up the tape holding the single wire that runs over the top). Otherwise your instructions were perfect. It helped that I had a magnetic screwdriver – this was v fiddly. Took me about 1.5 hours, on my own, replacing the top felt (one layer of the original had perished, and over half of the felt strip had dropped away). Replacement came from (v quick delivery).

  9. Thanks a lot for this video.

  10. Jos Renckens says:

    Thanks for helping me to have the courage to repair my Yamaha CLP 840. It went very well and enjoy now a silent piano.
    I bought the new strip at Orgel Electronics in Lelystad, Holland, € 35, incl the postal charges.

  11. Hi ! nice videi ! explanations are clear ! really easy in fact ! I took my time, 1 hour i think to replace the felts and clean the piano.

  12. That's great…thanks!

  13. Many thanks, did my CVP 107 using your video. Delighted. Also enjoyed all the happy family interludes in the background! Good job, Tommy

  14. Sam Tergnier says:

    Merci pour la vidéo. J'ai pu facilement démonter mon yamaha cvp-501. Le problème était un écran qui affichait des lignes verticales, ce qui rendait l'écran illisible. Un coup d'aspirateur, et l'écran était de nouveau normal.

  15. Xmaster38 says:

    We just changed the felts for our CVP-94 with the help of your video. Many thanks for it!
    Some additional remarks especially for the model CVP-94. This model is equipped with a floppy drive:
    – It is not required to remove the control panel completly.
    – After removing the screws at the brackets it can be tilted backwards.
    – To do so, please loosen also the two screws of the floppy drive on the control panel and also the two screws on the base plate of the Clavinova.
    – It is very helpful to disconnect the power and data cable of the floppy drive and one cable of the power supply.

    Beside this, the video is more or less also applicable for the model CVP-94. It took us ( 2 persons) almost two hours to change the felts and clean the keyboard. Two persons are not required the whole time, but for moving the big parts and helping a bit it is very helpful.

    Thanks again for posting this video and also thanks to Yamaha for suppling spare parts after such a long time!

  16. Found this video, and it saved me from paying a guy about $700 to replace the 2 felts. Thanks, fellas!

  17. Very useful which allowed me to easily fix my clunky clp-840. Only bit I had trouble with was removing the sliding keyboard cover which wasn't too clear on the video. As such I ended up undoing unecessary screws etc, and didn't work out the simple way until putting it back together! However, still overall VERY helpful video – thanks

  18. freddy7700 says:

    That was a great help. I have the same problem. Thanx a bunch.

  19. Thank you very much for that excellent tutorial. I did it today and it worked like a charm.
    I've changed both felts but honestly, only the white upper felt (rest state) really improved the sound (no more key bouncing when releasing the key). Note that the current one adviced by Yamaha is a plastic foam, nor a real felt anymore. Hope it will length the same time…
    Anyway, 49 euros for both felts, usefully spent.

  20. Thank you! Just did this and it's fairly easy.

  21. Merci beaucoup pour cette vidéo, qui m'a été très utile

  22. Thanks guys. Very helpful.

  23. Volker Wendt says:

    I successfully followed the steps shown in your video to remove the keyboard unit of a CLP-575. Surprisingly it is pretty much the same although the CLP-575 is a rather new model. Many thanks for your video.

  24. Joseph K says:

    The repairman cancelled on me so inspired by this video I bought some felts off the internet and did a repair myself. Not easy, bit fiddly and took me a few hours to complete but as long as your careful it should be worth trying. Total cost under £40 as opposed to hundreds

  25. ian hendri says:

    Great!! Thank you so much. God bless you!

  26. Thanks from me as well; I just finished the same repair on a CLP-860, with the same result. It is only marginally different, it seems.

    Also, the bottom felt strip was a bit of work to remove. I found that putting the keyboard assembly on its back and carefully scratching and pulling off the sticky remains with a potato peeling knife worked well.

  27. muy bueno el videooo muchas graciasssss!!

  28. Bonjour,Pouvez-vous me dire où il est possible d'acheter les feutres? J'ai un Clavinova clp 950?Merci pour cette vidéo et le partage.

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