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The three ways that good design makes you happy | Don Norman In this talk from 2003, design critic Don Norman turns his incisive eye toward beauty, fun, pleasure and emotion, as he looks at design that makes people happy. He names the three emotional cues that a well-designed product must hit to succeed.

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33 thoughts on “The three ways that good design makes you happy | Don Norman”

  1. Dani West says:

    He looks like Mariano rajoy. ex president from spain

  2. Aaron ___ says:

    That juicer is hideous!

  3. ayman bizaym says:


  4. Becky Embers says:

    "Design is not veneer. Design is how it works." –Steve Jobs

  5. I haven't watched the video n commenting
    Is this video about

  6. T Peng says:

    shout out to Don, the pioneer of UX!!!

  7. What is the study by this Alice Ison called?

  8. Towfiq Piash says:

    Absolutely Loved it <3

  9. Did they cut the strings then tied them together?

  10. I will buy and read your book "Design and Emotion". The book "Design of Everyday things" helps me a lot as design. Thank you, Mr. Norman!

  11. Felipe VI says:

    When M. Rajoy forgets to dye his hair

  12. Bob Bobby says:

    It always gives me a smile whenever I watch this

  13. The G shock is not ugly, people dont buy expensive watches just to impress friends, more likely enjoy horology. Don Norman. Just a man who got there first. and is now behind. But he looks so cute and cuddly

  14. Don Norman is such a visionary and thought leader and yet so wonderfully down to earth!

  15. BursaDesain says:

    great contents, thank you

  16. Arafat Alam says:

    Google in 2003? Same as current one !?!

  17. Yakkun says:

    I can just tell he must be loving his iPhone right now.

  18. Pantomima says:

    Im trying to define the concept of creative personality, any suggestions?

  19. OliviaLeaf says:

    I find him so intriguing I had to go out and buy his book! It was as interesting as it was informative!

  20. Hankrich says:

    His plank example was really brilliant.

  21. he didn't explain how the second group of students solved the rope problem!

  22. T20s Grunt says:

    Loved this. I always try to preach FUNction in my work.

  23. SquidCaps says:

    The teapot is one the most awful reinventing of wheel i've seen in awhile.. First, it is overtly complex for no real function, requires user to carefully rotate the vessel containing hot liquids absolutely right way, it can topple over, the lid will drop off when tilted to pour the tea (i see there is counterbalance weight in the lid but this doesn't not make me feel it is safe) and the worst: you are tilting it, in the direction where there is an opening at the top edge.. Meaning, the liquid level has to be correct, any overfill or even too much tilt in a hurry will pour hot liquids out from the top. The function is to keep leaves out but there is no strain of sift of any kind, just a internal ledge… If you have made tea you will know that not all parts of it float.. so you will have stuff in the water anyway.

    I don't know if that is meant to be a joke though, it is so stupid and cumbersome, it does not explain how to use by just looking at it. It can not work without further modifications to the internal container shape, lid has to be locked and watertight.. Making it in the end when fully optimized, half effective in it's main task… There are plenty of better solutions how to strain the leaves, like.. i don't know, sifts and strains that collect solids from water, like we have been doing the last, i'm not sure, 10 000 years?

  24. D Chapman says:

    Beautifully crafted presentation from a brilliant teacher.

  25. He just says the obvious. It's like listening to my thoughts out loud.

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