Watchs SALE All about watches This is a FIRST! An Unboxing + a canvas repair – Dispaint Official Store

This is a FIRST! An Unboxing + a canvas repair – Dispaint Official Store

I thought I should try out the Dispaint Official Store as I had seen it popping up quite a bit. Plus you get to see me do a minor canvas repair. Watch to see what I thought about this kit and the condition of it.

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Here is a link tot this painting if you would like to buy it for yourself:


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26 thoughts on “This is a FIRST! An Unboxing + a canvas repair – Dispaint Official Store”

  1. I also have this issue on one of my paintings. Funny enough, I haven't posted it yet, but I do this same repair on it lol. Great job!

  2. Heather Loyd says:

    I just found an awesome lisa Frank inspired yoshi! It's so cute, it's from dispaint as well….

  3. Thank you for showing us how to fix the adhesive issue. I agree with you, that is annoying. I’m not sure I could have even thought how to have fixed it.

  4. I have no idea what I would have done I'm starting to think that I would have just lifted it up to see what happened but who knows now that you showed us a good idea I would probably do that

  5. Dorothy Burt says:

    Glad you were able to fix your canvas…interesting fix though for that I am happy to know what to do if I ever get a canvas with the same problem…thanks for fixing it with the camera running

  6. I just got a painting from the Dispaint store, mine was full of puckers. Love your picture.

  7. Rachel Rae says:

    Ugh I hate overlapping. Thanks for showing how to fix it clearly. I love the rainbow colours!!

  8. Mollie Engle says:

    WOW, those colors!!! I'm glad you did that repair on camera for those that don't really know what to do if that happens. Great video Brandeeβ£πŸ’Žβ£πŸ’ŽπŸ˜Š

  9. I'm sorry about the overlap, but I am also glad you you could fix it and show us πŸ™‚ I got that canvas coming from a different store. So I hope it looks as good as yours but without any trouble. πŸ™‚

  10. Have always had luck from Dispaint. They have good customer service, I wouldn't fix. I would get new canvas. I'm with you on getting good canvas shouldn't have to repair.

  11. I dont blame you for being upset and people get mad at you being upset then that's there problem to be honest I'd be upset too That's a beautiful canvas thank you for sharing ❀

  12. Hi Brandee ~ maybe the extra point could be for "Would I buy from this store again?" Just a thought ~ love ALL your video's β™‘

  13. Diggy415 says:

    go to fancy nancys DP and see the video she has on how these are made, no matter how much you pay you won't get better quality, they turn them out quickly.

  14. I really hope, that you will not gonna have drills popping, because i see lots air pockets of the glue. it's kind of canvas i am working on it now, and i am very not happy. But it is beautiful picture.

  15. Tina Burney says:

    I’ve personally order 4 Lisa Frank from Dispaint. All canvases were in perfect condition. LOVED the colors. I did run out of one of the colors as there were a LOT of defective (holes) in one color, several were oily, and the little bags are annoying, but overall very pleased with this store! BTW, if I can fix the problem as you did, then I always do that. I will mention to the seller and in the review, but otherwise just fix it myself if possible. Some things are NOT fixable. Those long bubble wrappers REALLY hurt the canvases!!

  16. Oh no πŸ™ That glue overlap was terrible. Glad you were able to fix it.

  17. Red says:

    I am like you in a sense that I like to get canvases that are not always seen. I have always been the type of girl to step to the beat of my own drum πŸ˜‰
    It's a shame about the overlap on this canvas ☹

  18. JB says:

    Yesterday I received the worst canvas ever. It is full of rivers and similar problem as you have. Then the drills colors do not match the picture. I am not happy. Should I contact the seller or open a dispute? I could use your help. Thank you.

  19. The colors look amazing!!!! Got an order from Homfun with no problems. Very thankful

  20. linda ewald says:

    i contact their customer service with a complaint. if they have customer service they should replace it.

  21. mskat36 says:

    I got four from this store today of all days! LOL Haven't unrolled them or done inventory yet. Seems when I flatten them and then let them sit, they develop bubbles where there were none before, so I hadn't planned on opening the canvas's. Now I think maybe I should. At least now I'll know how to fix overlapping glue if necessary, so thanks for that. It IS a pretty picture. I was shocked that I ordered these Christmas day and got them so soon. No black hole in Chicago this time!

  22. Donna Flores says:

    Gaps and overlaps in the glue are why I don't like canvases with multiple sheets of adhesive. The single sheet may be a little more difficult to peel off, but you know there is one single, continuous sheet of adhesive.

  23. So glad you were able to fix your canvas! I bought my first double sided taped oil canvas and received it with no roller inside canvas and shipped in a bubble pack. I took it out and saw big waves sticking up on the back. I ironed it after popping a big bubble and good grief, now the whole front has every single cm. cover in wrinkles. tiny but now what? I wander if the glue should be taken off and new put down. I have no idea what to do. It is a 60cmby 80cm and only reason I bought it was because I love the picture. Fairy with Tiger. I also never did squares yet and wandering if the glue needs to be perfect to lay them down. What do you think?

  24. Man…right in the middle too. I would be steamed too. I was wondering if you could use an x-acto knife to careful cut the excess glue and then you went to get a blade LOL!

  25. I was just going to swy i was looking at a dispaint as well and scrolling way down the page Homefun was mentioned and jotted that down in my notes.

  26. Wow that was quite an overlap! Lovely picture though, shame you had to fix it yourself

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