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Tools every new mechanic should own Tool box tour #2 Big Box

Today we replace brakes on a 2008 kia spectra. In todays tool time we take a tour of my big tool box!

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36 thoughts on “Tools every new mechanic should own Tool box tour #2 Big Box”

  1. Ese wey hahaha el paisa 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ

  2. kingkong8974 says:

    Always remember to grab fuses at the wrecking yard if they give em for free

  3. kingkong8974 says:

    How much did you buy your smoke machine for?

  4. TheKnightda8 says:

    I havent finished the vid…. but "pedal too low…. because the pads are at 50%" sounds like a load of bullshit.

  5. Yoda Doug says:

    This would be a good video to edit the sound to hone your skills it was all over the place when the music picked up in the b rolls. The fuel line disconnects would be a good video to do a demo on, I see them for sale all the time in kits for deals so it would be interesting to see… im sure theres videos out there but I want content from you =p

  6. My boss won鈥檛 let me keep a firearm in my toolbox, granted my idea of a firearm is a remington 870 police

  7. Tim Robles says:

    If I have a question on tools I hope uanswer my question thank dude

  8. Tim Robles says:

    Yeaa脿!!!! Pokemon!!!! Ur a mechanic lol

  9. I hate EVERY toolbox! I know you have to because you are a mechanic and space is at a premium most of the time. I hang EVERYTHING in my shop. I am a woodworker, but even my sockets, wrenches, and other automotive stuff gets hung on the wall.

  10. The brake pedal was too low, and that was because the pads were 50% worn? It鈥檚 kind of scary that you鈥檙e a shop owner. Good luck!

  11. SHIT I forgot to put my pokemon cards in my toolbox. I knew I was forgetting something.

  12. Hello Nestor Mandoza, I have enjoyed watching a lot of your videos. I found your channel by doing a toolbox inventory search as I am a auto technician also. I really enjoy watching other people's toolbox inventory to see tools I've never seen before, what they think about different tools good/bad, & also toolbox customization ideas. I do own a Snap-on 84" Epic toolbox & recently did my 1 toolbox inventory here on YouTube & enjoy hearing what other people think about my toolbox good/bad. Thank you for sharing your toolbox inventory with us! Keep up the good work!
    Gregg (Critter) Muse

  13. Kaden M says:

    What鈥檚 the size of your black snap on box

  14. Lmao you replaced brakes because they鈥檙e at 50% pad life? I鈥檇 feel terrible if I sold a customer brakes at that point

  15. Ford specific hose clamp tool huh? lol

  16. brake pedal low from pads being 50%life left? all around discs? uhhhh ?? am I missing something here? only thing a little low from worn pads would be the fluid in the reservoir right? or did it have rear drums?

  17. kelvin lopez says:

    Nestor that coolant pressure tester did you have to buy more adapters to do more manufactures cars or do those two get the job done on almost all of them and what series power probe is that

  18. john wildman says:

    I guess you use the glock on repairing radiators!

  19. Pedal is low cause pads are 50% worn. Wtf. Its a hydrolic brake system the pads can be 100%-10% the pedal still moves the same amount to start braking. Obviously she has warped discs to warrent having to push the pedal down further to brake

  20. FLS Corp. says:

    U had me when u pulled out your pokemon cards, great vids!

  21. Mechanic OC, what Tie rod/ball joint separator is that?( minute 13:31) and does it work for Audi A4's?

  22. New Subscriber Finally!!! Found a Good YouTube Channel with the daily life blogs or vlogs of a mechanic THANK You Nestor I m working my way up of watching the videos lol

  23. 9:56 ; Remote hose clamp pliers. For use on hose clamps constructed of spring steel. Common to most Ford, Chrysler and GM vehicles.
    The extending cable operations assist in reaching into areas where conventional pliers or hose clamp pliers may not.

    While on the hose clamp subject, I would like to also recommend using a swivel socket on machine screw and worm screw style clamps that may have slotted or a phillips accommodation in the center of a hex head. Screw drivers often slip off. Which may be frustrating in tight places and or at awkward angles.

    I know you experts know this. I posted for the new fellas.

  24. tools are subpar compared to that pokemon collection. all of those hologram too.

  25. Alex says:

    I thought in Orange County, CA you are in the high rent district. So why do you need the Glock? Or is that to get rid of the husband after you ripped off his wife.

  26. falloutboy says:

    a small bit of constructive criticism if I may, other than normalizing the audio, as TheSchiddy suggested, You tend to say "Alright boys" a lot. maybe it's a nervous habit, maybe it's just how you talk. maybe its just me. lol. have a good one and keep on wrenchin'!

  27. UBBERTANKER says:

    where is the holographic charizard?

  28. Stephen says:

    Subbed thanks for making these just starting out here soon so appreciate all the tips! Ricardo is hilarious aha keeep em comin!

  29. Kex731 says:

    You should have more subs

  30. i machine rotors perfectly every time without havin to bang on them lol

  31. CMAXDiesel says:

    Hey bro keep up the good work love the video's.

  32. Hunt Guy says:

    What exactly is a honing stone and what does it do? I'm just getting into mechanics and trying to learn

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