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Top 10 Best TV Shows to Watch Now! 2018

These are the best TV shows that you can watch right now. With so many great TV shows on the various networks on cable or satellite and streaming services including Netflix and many others, it can be difficult to find the time to watch them all. So, we’ve come up with a list of the Top 10 TV Shows that you can watch right now. To qualify. The series must be scripted and be current having broadcast new episodes within the last couple of years. Instead of using the scores from TV critics, I will count these down in order based on which shows we enjoyed the best.

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36 thoughts on “Top 10 Best TV Shows to Watch Now! 2018”

  1. TechGumbo says:

    What current TV show is your favorite? If you're a fan of sci-fi, The Expanse which was cancelled by the Syfy network, has been renewed for a 4th season by Amazon… Thanks for watching 🙂

  2. The handmaid's tale should be in top 10.

  3. Aizen says:

    It’s simple:
    1. GoT
    2. Breaking bad
    3. Sherlock
    4. True detective S1
    5. Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood (anime)
    6. Rick and Morty

    That’s it. I’ve quit every other show I’ve watched after the first season. True detective included. But season 1 is completely separate from season 2.

    Shows I’ve quit:
    Prison break
    Daredevil (season 1 was good)
    West world (overhyped imo)
    Death note (dull arc 2)

  4. End of the f***in world very underated

  5. SANSKAR raj says:

    There's no way Westworld is no.1

  6. Guilherme B says:

    Moi name iss Arthur fookin' Shelby.

  7. a discovery of witches!

  8. Dave Hron says:

    omg Daredevil doesn't get attention he deserves

  9. Now after daredevil season 3 has been released its obviously will be number 1 the best show in 2018

  10. I finished watching tvd and i dono what to watch now…can anyone tell me whats to watch next ….it should be awesome like tvd…whichever genre it is…i am confused coz tvd was so awesome that i dont want to waste my time watching some bad show without knowing the full details. gods grace i found tvd..please someone recommend me some good shows

  11. Nirnay Rath says:

    U definitely are my man… I was really worried why Westworld didn't get a place until no.1, and it's the no.1 show. I love how it plays with the audience's mind. Definitely gon watch the other shows I haven't watched yet.

  12. RK Wave says:

    Mr Robot is probably the best show(that’s just my opinion)

  13. CHIraqMVP1 says:

    game of thrones deserves to be higher

  14. Game Of Thrones #1 In My Opinion

  15. Wild District amazing tv show!!!! Available on Netflix!!!

  16. Guys, where's Black Mirror?

  17. D A says:

    I don't get what people see in westworld…

  18. amy clarke says:

    10 feud was last year but late 17 films star fights BBC 2 and 4 9 stranger things last year late 17 Netflix scary kids 80s throwback 8 Dr who Xmas day BBC sci fi classic 17 7 the cry BBC 1 excellent 18 mum in trouble 6 the bodyguard 18 about politics BBC 1 5 dr who 18 BBC 1 very simple kids rehash 4 the crown 17 Netflix kool royal series 3 corrie itv yes a soap but this year had great episodes 18 2 killing eve BBC 1 18 kool 1 woman in white 18 BBC 1 excellent goth tale

  19. That preacher thing has the guy from misfits in it. Mad lad.

  20. Leo Kinyoi says:

    This is hogwash. GoT is easily the best series😁

  21. Game of Thrones
    Peaky blinders
    Breaking bad
    The Vikings
    The Handmaid's tale
    THIS are the best shows ever
    yes im a girl and violance runs in my blood xD

  22. Where’s the office the best show ever

  23. you're kidding, right? Where the fuck is "VIKINGS"? -_-

  24. Hanken says:

    Nice TOP. Also i love your tips about Westworld and that should be applied for any good show. I just cant understand my girlfriend who said to me "I love this show so much" then constantly takes her smartphone for social media or cant stop talking or pauses or whatever.. just… WHY?

  25. kelechi Dan says:

    To be honest the only nice shows here are game of thrones
    Peaky blinders
    Maybe a bit of stranger things smh
    No good shows anymore

  26. Van essa says:

    There's no way GOT is not #1.

  27. hajar rch says:

    the haunting of hill house…anyone??!!!

  28. Daredevil Season 3 is the best

  29. eyimluk says:

    POWER i recommend POWER it is really good tv show

    Breaking bad
    Money heist

  30. Danish Pawne says:

    The No 1 spot for me goes to VIKINGS

  31. Vyas says:

    It's a damn real shame that no one is talking about 'True Detectives'
    The best crime thriller series there is

  32. Vyas says:

    Where the Fuck is Breaking Bad????????? They included Better Call Saul and not Breaking Bad?

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