Watchs SALE All about watches TOP 3 Reasons to NOT BUY Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm

TOP 3 Reasons to NOT BUY Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm

What do you guys think of this Samsung Galaxy Watch Smartwatch Review? Are you going to wait for the PIXEL WATCH in 2019, TicWatch Pro or the new Apple Watch? Or is the Samsung Galaxy the BEST smartwatch for you? Show this video some LOVE, drop a comment below!!

**9/19 – I am making a TicWatch Pro comparison video next week, turn on the bell to get notified!

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41 thoughts on “TOP 3 Reasons to NOT BUY Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm”

  1. Jens K says:

    A little less coke dude.

  2. K-DiD Davis says:

    I love the watch. I got the rose gold and silver.

  3. miragexl007 says:

    man. thanks. considering a smartwatch now and liked your take on it. the battery length does bother me. I would want it on all the time too

  4. Too late, just bought it yesterday XD

  5. Twerker d F says:

    Are you japanese? because i noticed your'e One of the only People i know that pronounces seiko the right way

  6. This guy looks funny. Dude, it's a watch not Optimus prime. It does what it has to do. Not at all convinced with the reasons. And you are annoying.

  7. This def needs a micro SD card which intergraded will give more storage for music and apps.

  8. Justin H says:

    By the way good video

  9. Justin H says:

    Your reasons are very valid. But I switched to s9plus. Im committed to it now and it just makes sense to switch from Apple watch. Your reasons really burn but I guess that's a sacrifice that comes with the territory.

  10. Mike2018 says:

    1). Bixby works on my watch so far had no trouble to any of my questions but I don't really find it useful – i played with it just 1st day
    2). Why would anybody need so many apps for this watch when is so unpleasant to use on such a tiny screen and when u have ur phone in ur pocket anyways?
    I very much like the watch as it is and use it mostly as a watch and fitness tracker…
    Or maybe should i buy some popcorn and watch movies over the weekend with my buddies on the YouTube app on this watch? 😄

  11. pradeep says:

    bro you provide with indepth information …….

  12. already wanted the watch, found this review… want it even more now… btw, wtf is a bigsby?

  13. I have Gear S3 and after update to Tizen 4 all sensors dead. This is massive problem… think about.

  14. Geo Choriano says:


  15. Mrs DFJA says:

    There is a app for camera control.

  16. Venka Dx says:

    Pixel watch lol … Things that make me not watch the video

  17. Informative and funny. Liked

  18. Thanks so much for this fun and insightful video.

  19. just went to bestbuy and bought one !

  20. tomekk33 says:

    What's that watch with the white dial?

  21. David Rogers says:

    I'm getting about 1 day with 4g data turned on all the time, 1.5 with bluetooth. Am I doing something wrong? I have 42 mm

  22. Zair Malik says:

    I dont get it its not good in both categories it sucks as a watch and as a useful gadget
    I would feel like a complete moron if i chose to do something on a screen the size of an old nokia when i have my smartphone in my pocket
    This would be awesome for 2005 but now i dont see the reason

  23. Zweezy Dodo says:

    4 watches and already a watch guy 😂

  24. Martyn James says:

    Watching you talk reminds me of Bruce almighty, when Bruce/Jim Carrey was making Evan/Steve Carell talk….

    Thank you for not saying like after every other word. It's nice to see a youtuber that can speak at an adult level.

  25. John Green says:

    Sounds like an apple fan boy… Because my 46mm galacy watch goes 3 to 5 days on battery. And all settings aren't set how you are. Bixby does still suck, but oh well and the app store has a remote camera app for your phone. Just gotta search for it. Know your shit, and who the hell wouldn't put a screen protector on your watch screen???? Added protection is always good.

  26. Thank you man i got it you are right thanks man..😃

  27. Daniel Dean says:

    How does he talk without moving his teeth 🤔

  28. Jose Sanchez says:

    Funny like you review 😂 🤣

  29. too much talking n too much display your face…

  30. Ryan Ryan says:

    Its 2019. Reviewers trying to talk fast and thinks its cool, is so 2017. Dude, you look like you're gonna go into seizures.

  31. Rajeev says:


  32. Josh Paul says:

    How can you speak with your mouth barely open

  33. S K says:

    Some of the content is plain WRONG! The watch can track sleep patterns in stand alone mode as well and you DO NOT NEED to keep it connected to the phone all the time. Monitor your heart rate every 10 minutes and it's accurate enough, no need to keep monitoring it all the time unless you are in a hospital awaiting a cardiac surgery. I connect my watch to the phone once every 2-3 days and it syncs all the data that it has stored, onto the phone. I get a good 5-6 days out of my watch on a single charge because I don't mind reading my notifications on the phone and using the watch for it's intended purpose – tracking sleep, exercise and just as a good old watch with ALWAYS ON screen turned off.

  34. Aceroc says:

    Top 3 reasons not to listen to this guy.

  35. DeFaux says:

    Is it worth getting when possible galaxy watch 2 coming soon ?

  36. HaRiSh PaWaR says:

    Sound like serial killer

  37. Yeah I'm getting 2 days and a half and that's with the AOD off, Bluetooth On or Off, LTE off, Bixby Off, Display on 1… S Health is one of the main apps draining the battery, along with the watch faces… GPS without the phone does not work….. It will not map the route that I'm walking….

  38. Carl H says:

    I had the watch for 3 days.. My new S10's battery took a hammering. I didn't use watch on the 4th day and my battery lasted alllllllllll day. Watch has been sent back now. Its a shame because the watch was decent!

  39. 46mm looks very large on your wrist.

  40. Who the heck is this guy? I absolutely love him😂

  41. TechGoggles says:

    Got an apple watch after watching this review

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