Watchs SALE All about watches Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Wear Automatic/Mechanical Watches – Perth WAtch #93

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Wear Automatic/Mechanical Watches – Perth WAtch #93

A quick yarn about my top reasons for why I might choose to wear automatic or mechanical watches instead of quartz.
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34 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Wear Automatic/Mechanical Watches – Perth WAtch #93”

  1. Top 5 reasons to own a mechanical watch 1 your smog a**** that only cares about the label on the watch 2 you do not care about accurate time telling only what others think of you 3 you're just a smug ass whole 4 vanity 5 never admit the accuracy of quartz and more durable more cheaper and tells time better

  2. vighnesh ks says:

    I need a automatic watche
    Can you help me

  3. M A says:

    Nice info man …thank you

  4. Seiko has put a clear case back on the 9f , and only craftsmen put the 9f together as it only available in the Grand Seiko line.

  5. Rahul G says:

    I work at a hospital and love wearing my Graham pulsometer. It鈥檚 automatic ETA and very accurate.

  6. mORT cube says:

    I just found a mechanical watch after my grand grandad. Its a PRIM 17 Jewels watch. Must be at least 40 years old or more. Its beautiful, no scratches, works perfectly. It even has a little text that says: "Czechoslovakia" a country that doesnt exist anymore. I cant even describe how much I appreciate it and all the history behind it.

  7. Cormaster says:

    I just ordered a Tissot skeleton watch

  8. 40 years ago I received a birthday gift from my mother. I was 18K gold, 17 jewelers Poliot Russian mechanical watch. Beautiful sunburst green dial with gold applied indices. I still have it works perfectly and is the very accurate timekeeper. Hasn't been serviced or even opened for 40 years now. I love your reviews and I have purchased many watches on your recommendation. Keep good work, Grettings fro Toronto.

  9. Pablo Rages says:

    I like the idea that there are mechanical springs and gears whirring away on my wrist …and even when your not wearing it !

  10. ryan james says:

    im new to automatic watches, and have a question for anyone who wants to answer. is it bad for the automatic watch if i pull the crown out after use (like you would on a battery watch?)

  11. lkkjhtemmexv says:





  12. Donn Testa says:

    Outstanding review! I would add to the 6th point of "appreciation" I find there to be plenty of game in the $200-$1000 realm. An example is the Seiko fans, as soon as an auto becomes discontinued it leaps in value, one personal example is my Sarg011. It discontinued rather quickly as sales were not so strong with it because it wasn't much different than the Sarg009, just a bit of color difference. So not as many were made and very few came over here to the U.S. , I've easily found it selling for double what I paid looking over actual completed auctions where they've actually sold. Another great example I snagged a MassDrop on a Luminox 1801, one of the few in that brand offering an automatic movement, I got it at a steal for what it's actually selling for. But that is just two examples. My point o' all this is that there is a ton of activity going on these days in the $200-$1000 price range, actually it may even be the most active level.
    Not to run on too long but also look at the current Seiko Alpinist situation, for years it's been available at the mid $300 mark, now since they announced they're retiring it, it's already commanding $450-$600 preowned.. and it'll assuredly go just a bit higher once the secondary market starts to dry up. Like any collecting your level of success will vary with your interest and research. I'm not guaranteeing that nearly every watch is a money maker, but they also retain value pretty well too if you take care of them. My Hamilton khaki King auto I own purely because I love the watch, they have made tons of them forever, I paid mid $300 and it'll never appreciate, I could still quickly get $250 back out of it though, just to list a counter example that watch collecting is not a hobby that one will randomly always profit lol. But there are definitely ways if you do diligent research to consistently make out ahead 馃檪

  13. 72bangsat says:

    Garmin Fenix 3 is also keep an acurate time

  14. Hi, My first Seiko was a Bell-Matic automatic 17 jewels,
    It cost 2 weeks wages 47 years ago, and still working with no maintenance and just dug it out after many years & put it on while writing this.
    In fact I will wear it a lot more now maybe with a selection of 20mm NATO Straps
    Talk about History! If only this watch could Talk 馃ぃ馃槀馃嚦馃嚳
    Keep up the magic work 馃帺馃挴馃檹

  15. Hi, good points on automatics. Great videos! I think for a collector automatics are pretty much appreciated,

  16. Teamhonn says:

    I think one issue is that automatic can be fixed and passed on while quartz have a life cycle and can't be fixed. Something to consider when buying high end quartz watches to pass on.

  17. neil piper says:

    If you look at watch trends in start up companies in 2017.
    I.e. Marloe watches.
    Hand wind Seagull movement with a wonderful display caseback. A thing of beauty with a 50 hour power reserve.
    Seiko 007. Not very beautiful and NO handwinding.
    Don't forget handwind watches.
    Vostok Classic 2017.
    Handwound with beautiful movement with a display caseback.
    The handwind watches are overlooked a lot on YouTube imo.

  18. snacklofter says:

    Nice video – thank you.
    My first automatic watch bought when I started my first job back in 1984 was a humble Seiko 5 – it's still going strong without a service. I've lost count of how many quartz watches I've had that no longer work since then! atb snack.

  19. 0017Bulldog says:

    Automatic/Mechanical watches are alive to me. Quartz (while I do own some) are just machines.

  20. rayneman888 says:

    My analogy.
    Automatic vs Manual Transmission
    Automatic transmissions have surpassed Manuals in efficiency and practicality. But there's something about manual transmissions that make you feel much more connected and in control of the automobile you're driving.
    Also, I favor Automatics for their designs and build quality. With automatics, you're usually going to get a much nicer case, dial, bracelet, and hands than a Quartz.
    But I still like my G-Shock and Phoibos Quartz watches because they are low maintenance and do not have to worry about setting the time once every two weeks.

  21. I can summarize it to one character: mechanical watches has soul!

  22. Harvard Ford says:

    number 11
    because Perth Says so

    ( ;-; )

  23. Another potencial reason:
    Although not applicable to all brands and models, but a lot of quartz watch's seconds hand just can't hit markers accurately. It drives me crazy.
    The only quartz movements that dodges this problem are Bulova high frequency quartz and Seiko VH series.

  24. Brian Hinder says:

    Playing the Devil's advocate here Ivan but I am often amused by people who agree with your premise but don't own a watch with even a display back eg. Rolex owners. They claim to enjoy the craftsmanship, the beating heart, et al, but never get to really see what they have paid for. I have 5 skeleton and 2 open-heart watches so at least I can admire while wearing. Display backs are decidedly second-best. Obviously the watch needs to be removed to enjoy the the view. The interdependence between owner and mechanical (manual wind) is best noted by the routine ritual of winding the watch. A most satisfying daily event made all the inviting if one can actually see the gears move.

  25. INTERESTING INFORMATIVE THOUGHFUL REVIEW … Of all choices you mentioned I Definitely LIKE "CRAFTSMANSHIP" Best as I get somewhat attached to USEFUL HELPFUL Tools, for example my Car which I Love To Drive (Like "Her" a lot) & a Mechanical Watch beats like a heart & each has its own Special Personality … I'd also add to the list "HERITAGE" (defined as Valued Quality passed down from Previous Generation) as I try to inherit the Best Qualities of my Dad & Role Model, & He ALWAYS wound his watches & Punctuality to Work was Important to Him. Thanks, Major Jim, USMC

  26. Fotis sgou says:

    螠位魏喂蔚蟼 蠁喂位蔚 位蔚蟼…

  27. Woon Fa Seng says:

    point 4 is definitely controversial if not outright wrong. that is the convenient of QUARTZ .

  28. Meek Acumen says:

    Thanks for the vid. Automatics are my fav, I don't wear anything else, not even kinetics.
    I have a question for you.
    I recently bought a 47mm invicta Grand diver and love the form factor. Can you recommend me a watch that is of higher quality that shares the same form factor as the grand diver and also something that won't break the bank.

  29. Great explanation of the differences in timekeeping technology. I love my Rangeman as well but there is just something so special about an auto on your wrist. I equate Autos to dogs that need love & attention and Quartz's that are like cats and don't care if their owner lives or dies…lol

  30. I will say condensing 5 reasons into 1: Art, I also like more the movement of the second hand in automatic watches is so smooth

  31. hazaeel99 says:

    Great video, thank you for sharing your opinion and knowledge.

  32. James Smith says:

    Interesting video well presented Thanks 馃憤

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