Watchs SALE All about watches Touchbar Macbook Pro repair after devastating liquid spill

Touchbar Macbook Pro repair after devastating liquid spill

👉 Find tools used, recording gear, repair guides, chip sources, & cryptocurrency donation links below:



✓ Soldering Irons:
› Louis’ Hakko station(no tweezers):
› Paul’s Hakko station(works with tweezers):
› Micro Soldering Pencil:
› Hot tweezers:
› Quick 861DW hot air station:

› TS100 soldering iron:
› Recommended tips: TS-C4: TS-KU

✓ Preferred Soldering Tips
› Fine:
› Flat:
› GPU wicking:
› Micro soldering tip:

✓ Microscopes:
› Microscope:
› Barlow lens:
› LED light:
› CHEAP alternative microscope:

✓ Soldering/Repair Supplies:
› Solder:
› Desoldering braid: Goot Wick
› Flux:
› Solder paste:
› THICK insulated jumper wire:
› THIN insulated jumper wire:
› Kapton tape:
› Tweezers:
› Blades: X-Acto Knife Kit
› Freeze Spray:

✓ Diagnostic tools:
› USB amp meter:
› On-Screen multimeter:
› Multimeter Probes:
› CHEAP multimeter:
› Bench PSU: PPS2116A:
› ZXWtool:

✓ Ultrasonic Cleaning:
› CELLPHONES ONLY: Crest P230H-45:
› Branson EC cleaning fluid:

✓ Desk supplies:
› Desk:
› Chair:
› Fume Extractor:
› Work mat:
› Outlets:
› Gloves:
› Durable lightning cable:
› Fine tipped snippers:

✓ Screwdrivers:
› iPhone bottom screws:
› Macbook bottom screws:
› Torx T3:
› Torx T5
› Torx T6
› Torx T8
› Phillips #0:
› Phillips #000:

✓ Boardview software used:

› Work cam:
› Overhead cam:
› Work mic:
› Home mic:
› Microscope camera: – mine is DISCONTINUED, this is the closest one I can find.
› HDMI capture:

› We fix Macbooks & offer free estimates.
› Mail your Macbook in if you live far away!
› Manage a school district using Macs? Save money through repair, training & buyback programs!
› We offer iPhone data recovery:

› Beginner’s guide:
› Support forum: $29/mo
› In person tutoring:

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47 thoughts on “Touchbar Macbook Pro repair after devastating liquid spill”

  1. The silent and the powerless

  2. What causes corrosion on a board ?

  3. Harry Base says:

    "boot you fuck, BOOT!".

  4. Yzy Don says:

    How can I send in 2 iPhones?

  5. DEaD-'-RiSE says:

    1:52 "a little bit of flux"

  6. My daughter spilled a whole bowl of cereal on my ThinkPad and 8 years later still running strong, suck it apple.

  7. Katana Seiko says:

    Isn't the stock ALWAYS limited by definition? How often can you say "PP3V3_G3H" in an hour before someone tries to bodily harm you?

  8. Ethan L says:

    Louis becomes Jerry Seinfeld when he's shocked

  9. Trash says:

    Can anyone explain to me what the jizz he sprays on everything is used for?

  10. Touch bar much bar SHIT BAR

  11. Filipe Gomes says:

    Happy New year Louis

  12. Epic PBear says:

    That's a lotta damage!

  13. you make it look easy!!! Tks

  14. Adolf Ad says:

    I love you videos man i hv learned alot from you . . .

  15. May the flux be with you!

  16. Gottech says:

    Why do these things corrode like they were dropped in the dead sea and then left where Jesus lost his sandles?

  17. R L says:

    That’s is a $500 fix cost or even more damn looks so easily for Louis to fix

  18. Igor Berezin says:

    you dropped metal tweezers on a bare board while testing it powered

  19. Psi Q says:

    Aww maaan, that's sooo last year of you doin' it like this !

  20. Bevey Games says:

    When No Nut November is over 1:50

  21. Chuck Wood says:

    Say you did all that work, and you replaced several chips/resisters/etc but find that it is unrepairable. Do you remove the stuff you installed or charge the customer for them?

  22. jam lpc says:

    почему бы сперва не очистить места пайки от окислов и следов жидкости? после пайки все обгорело и теперь не получится отмыть хорошо. здорово что заработало, но, внутри грязь, видны следы ремонта.

  23. 13:00 #triggered " did you just assume that chips orientation "

  24. PirateAndy says:

    Is your ppbus always g3hot?

  25. juozas k. says:

    i don't understand why did you even try powering it up before taking a good look to find ALL of liquid damaged spots and taking care of them first? otherwise it is simply risking of damaging it even more (those places might start burning for example, and after that it might be really toast (interlayer burning etc…).

  26. Lord Mashie says:

    Someone make a compilation of every time Louis says "PP3V3_G3H"

  27. Manadono says:

    you ever look for a short to ground, find one, spend time trying to fix it, only to find out it was a ground pin all along? 🐼

  28. LockeRobster says:

    I think YOU need an intervention Louis. You've got an unhealthy relationship with Flux.

  29. Eineko says:

    Hi Mr. Rossmann,

    I am a digital artist that really wants a great portable drawing tablet. It seems that the iPad Pro is hailed as having the best drawing quality of any other tablet (Unless I want to dish out over 2k for a wacom). Thing is, I've never really trusted Apple products, but I feel like I have no choice. The pen is flawless, the screen size is big, and the price is in my budget. The Surface Pro and Samsung tablets with drawing capabilities have been shown to be inferior from what I have seen. I am worried that if I buy an iPad Pro that the "ecosystem" will prevent me from transferring files easily to my windows laptop and such, and I further worry that the iPad will simply break after only a year of use. But, like I said, as the iPad Pro is apparently the best quality tablet for digital art in my price bracket I feel it is my only choice.

    I am afraid I will regret this purchase, but very strongly want a portable drawing tablet. Any advice you could give would be amazing. Thank you so much.

  30. 3:04 How dare you assume its orientation!!

  31. a little bit of flux!!!!!

  32. BradiKal61 says:

    Jeesus! at 14:11 the solder on those w6z whatever chips is melting and they are sliding! How is that good?!

  33. 1stfloorguy says:

    So that's where I left my jiz

  34. hey louis would u be a ble to repair a mac mini if u could or will u refuse to repair one

  35. Adam Temple says:

    this was a fuckin whirlwind buddy. I got excited then almost cried then cheered

  36. lets all go fix a macbook
    lets all go fix a macbook
    and solder on some crap

  37. Who's That says:

    O.o more MAC book Porn! D4236 humps pbus

  38. talas attila says:

    I don't know I am watching most of your videos, it's so calming, even if I have zero idea what the hell are you doing 🙂

  39. Unsubscribing because Louis called red jolly ranchers trash

  40. StrawCore says:

    Likes his coffee with cream I see. I would not have repaired it but thrown a spoonful of sugar on it and given it back.

  41. …is that MOLD on the board? XD Gnarly!
    Oh no Louis, now you've created a zombie macbook!
    Moldy macbooks will eat our souls!

  42. Lol i love it, you're so used to this now its crazy how you know what the problem is and area rite away. amazing work keep it up !

  43. BillyGnosis says:

    I love your videos, even though I barely understand what you do in them. Greetings from Chile :D.

  44. Tu Ho says:

    I’m not voting Rossman for city council. Merry new year.

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