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Traulsen repair

Replace TXV & condensate loop on a Traulsen 2 door refrigerator

35 thoughts on “Traulsen repair”

  1. walter f. says:

    hello Dave, great repair video. a question: it would not prevent the fast korosion the condensate loop if you einsprüht before installation with paint. The corosion is indeed by electrolysis (copper coil / kondenspan and water) it is practically a voltabatterie.wenn now the coil is insulated with paint spray, there could be no voltage and the condensing coil would last longer.

    many Greetings


  2. Paul Y says:

    Great videos Dave! Did Frank Rizzo bash your head with a ratchet? LOL

  3. Deon Narine says:

    I was wondering who is that person gave a thumbs down? Probably some retard.
    Keep up the great vids dave !!!

  4. HVAC/R DUDE says:

    Nice repair Dave. I'll keep that in mind about the txv when installing for adjust..thanks dude. Have a smooth time snowboarding..hang loose bruh

  5. That's pretty neat with loop ! thanks for sharing Dave !

  6. HVAC in SC says:

    Good stuff Dave! Enjoyed the real world test of the smurf boner. 😉😁🤙

  7. LEO ASHRAE says:

    I don't do swaging on repair jobs too often either. Installs… usually. Repairs… not so much. Many times the accessibility issues seem a lot more expensive than the buck or two for the fittings.

  8. So I brought a “beverage air” refrigerator back to life after it sat in the restaurant kitchen for almost ten years not plugged in. It’s cooling too cold! Do you think this could be a thermostat issue or a Freon issue? My boss likes sicking me after her dying appliances and I’ve done a good job at getting things going. The fridge is cooling to about half a degree under zero (I’m in Canada so we go by Celsius here) should I try changing the thermostat? I have an unopened can of R134a and a hose with no gauge. I feel like no matter where I set the thermostat it always cools below zero.

  9. Eddy says:

    Great vid Super Dave … You handled that Smurf Boner like a pro … Lol … Good vid …

  10. We're suppose to get snow this weekend here in Indiana.

  11. Lee Johnson says:

    Nice work. I was thinking you could of added a high side port so that you could sweep N2 before the vac. then you could pull from two locations.

  12. jain toms says:

    Sir after the Evacuation did you charge refrigerant through core removing tool before you unhook the vacuum gauge and core removing tool?

  13. Joe Stratton says:

    Great vid. I love that pump, works great. I recently got a spin swage kit that fits in the drill. I love it, it's super fast and easy to use. Works great for replacing the loops.

  14. Good Vid. i was kind shocked no high side access to system. head pressure is kind of critical for me to know. i Like knowing My subcooling too so i know if ive got a column of liquid to feed txv. those little units are all rated at 5 degrees of subcooling.just a engineereing bit of data i found on tech sheets. Evacuation would have been twice as fast pulling from both sides of system because txv & high side compressor valves blocks off liquid side where the water was. YOu had to basically turn the water into vapor and pull it through the txv to remove it. which takes a reallllllly long time. i totally agree water was in that system. u nailed it on that one. as gas was flying by the leaking condensate loop it was pulling in water. a high velocity pull in kind of like how a venturi effect bilge pump system works on some boats as the water rushes by a open hose it creates a low pressure effect and has a sucking action on the hose to pull water from the other end of the hose. thats most likely what happened here. i use " VV " Liquid line Driers now. they have Pressure taps built in on both sides. Part Number — " EK052S VV " —
    or Ek163svv , ek082s vv . Elimates having to put in high side accesss tees any more.

    Heres a link for " Ek052svv " drier —

     Heres a Link for " EK163SVV "Drier and part #

  15. Good vid. Thanks for the Heads up on the Time delay on fans on traulsen. No Traulsens around here. 99.9 percent True refriges and freezers or chinese now.

  16. From what Ive seen, swedging is all good and fine when and where its applicable, but I havent found much use for the method in refrigeration work, stuff is just too small to be banging around on. At least thats my take, I will sweat couplers any day given the choice. One other thing Ive wanted to ask, Dave, do you have a son or young protege you can pass all this wonderful knowledge on to? Would be a wonderful opportunity for the right kid, not sure how much luck you guys have out there with the younger crowd, it can be iffy at best these days.

  17. bblazeff1 says:

    I have that same swaeging tool 🤣😜
    Btw, that superheat seemed a little high to me

  18. Rob HVAC says:

    That vacuum took way longer then I would have thought.

  19. Robert Walsh says:

    Nice repair dude. How’d you like the pump? It slows down a lot after 1600 microns for me. Was thinking about a navac next.

  20. New screen for that I pad wall mart 30 bucks . Real easy to replace

  21. Yeah I agree, sometimes it just isn’t worth the effort to swage when you can just throw a coupler on and be done. Good video Dave, thanks. Sorry about your old iPad….

  22. Ness Nesu says:

    You need to close the ballast after awhile, could see the light still on when you did the vacuum. Also think if you close the ball valve and let level off, then open again might pull down faster. Feel like a 8cfm pump with bbw hoses might be a little overkill, LOL.

  23. got warm beer? have no fear for Dave is near!!!

  24. Casey Smyth says:

    ……R I Z Z O… sizzle chest

  25. Steven R says:

    Great job Dave. I really enjoy your videos, they are some of the most informative ones on youtube. We can really tell how much you enjoy your work by the level of excitement and detail you put into your videos. Keep up the good work!

  26. Casey Smyth says:

    Super Tech dont need no stinkin gauges…..thems for rookies

  27. should have probably left the broken gauges in place to keep the manifold sealed up / crud out, until you had new ones =p

  28. J T says:

    You should take your gopro to film some snow bunnies for me

  29. Excellent job 👍👍

  30. Chris Bivens says:

    How long did the vacuum actually take to get to 500 microns?

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