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Travel INSIDE a Black Hole

Black holes, light speed travel, and the center of the universe!
Watch Numberphile discuss a “Googol”:


All music by Jake Chudnow:

Einstein Ring (a special type of gravitational lensing):

Earth orbiting black hole (gif):

Visual distortion caused by massive gravity:

What would it be like to travel into a black hole? (text):

INTO A BLACK HOLE (with videos):

Black Hole view from behind:



more on the dumbhole:

what it would look like to approach the speed of light:

pinhole camera demo of “seeing behind yourself”:

More on visual changes while approaching lightspeed:

Where is the center of the universe?

Expansion layer demo:

47 thoughts on “Travel INSIDE a Black Hole”

  1. Trevor McKee says:

    You just spaghetti-pissed me off. You're a regurgetator.

  2. It is basically, unstable gravity, so, we find a ways to stabilize the gravity. We might be able to go in, or it just might get rid of the black hole all together.

  3. And the key, is to stabilize the singularity.

  4. A folding of space and time itself can be dangerous, and black holes might actually be wormholes that are like hallways stretching, contorting, twisting, and collapsing in on itself constantly.

  5. When you combine 5gum and vape

  6. Zendon Rey says:

    First time I ever heard the term "dumbhole". I was cracking up for 5 solid minutes. XD

  7. Technically, you can’t go INSIDE a black hole, but you can become apart of a black hole because when pulled in, the gravitational pull would be so strong, it’s compress and compact you so much you’d become the black hole, feeding it’s mass.

  8. Douglas Oak says:

    Doesn't matter how big the black whole, if light can't move away from the black hole, neither can blood or neural signals. In shorts parts of you that were closer to the black hole couldn't communicate with parts that were farther away. In short even approaching a supermassive black hole would kill you.

  9. Dragzilla 66 says:


  10. What if a blackhole is a wormhole but way more powerful like if you enter it send you to another part of the universe and maybe a different time. Maybe a new research reveals that some planets are appearing and those were swallowed years before

  11. DYFEA says:

    i remember watching this in hih school thinking about what a black hole woud actually look like or if well ever even find one. welp, now i know

  12. Could you make an atom to a black hole?

  13. what if we actually are in a black hole the whole time..?

  14. Eric Koop says:

    This explains why I can remember the future

  15. Damogan g says:

    Question. Is the gravity of a black hole faster that the speed of light?

  16. Yash Singh says:

    Mom: Wake up &go 2 school u dumbo
    Me: But i am at the centre of the galaxy!
    Mom: Told ya to stay away from those Michael's stuff n😡

  17. Gaming Lmao says:

    how to basic stupid

  18. Les says:

    2012 were the primes year of vsauce. Its just DONG now days 🙁

    also absolutely incredible how we now have a picture of something that we found unfathomable merely 7 years ago. Kinda puts into perspective what we might have 20 or 30 years from now. All i can say is that I. AM. EXCITED.

  19. I have been told the earth was created by god only 6,000 years ago, and, the collection plate was created by man 1 billionth of a second after that.

  20. Gus Stone says:

    I will never grasp this concept. But I enjoy jumping into black holes…

  21. Moothe223 says:

    i like how he says black hole, nut, and smear in the same video

  22. Poundz978 says:

    The background music is very disturbing and distracting.

  23. Devani Artz says:

    Already seen it but gone watch it again

  24. Mary Antonio says:

    Whats the smallest amount of matter needed to create a black hole? and how small would the black hole be?

  25. Dafuq? Micheal had hair, once?

  26. Hus 9 says:

    This video was uploaded 7 years ago and it Predicated how a black hole looked like

  27. Does this information still hold up after the photo of the black hole? I heard that scientists realized that the holes are even more dense than originally thought during the taking of the photo!

  28. hi says:

    7:00 this is where I live

  29. Who is here after first image of black hole

  30. Its been 7 years and we already have a real photo of a black hole

  31. Reda Ben says:

    What the mankind actually needs is an exact copy of Michael in every place dedicated to learning !

  32. 1:02 He showed us the real picture 7 years ago dww

  33. Justin Y. says:

    When Micheal’s picture of a black hole is almost identical to the new picture.

  34. Ethan Master says:

    Yes the first black hole pic is in the news

  35. I have a question if you enter a black hole and you're in one Universe are you still going to be in the same universe when you…

  36. Conosis says:

    I remember sitting in my room 7 years ago fascinated… Here i am today, still fascinated. Miss these videos.

  37. Johnny Ali says:

    And the picture of the black hole is authentic why? Cause they said so?

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