Watchs SALE All about watches Tsao Baltimore Founder Edition Watch Follow Up Review!!!

Tsao Baltimore Founder Edition Watch Follow Up Review!!!

Follow up review of a watch that I am in love with!!!! The Tsao Baltimore Founder Edition!!!

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8 thoughts on “Tsao Baltimore Founder Edition Watch Follow Up Review!!!”

  1. I live right outside of Baltimore and I had never heard of this watch brand until I watched your channel. Thank you for the great videos and exposing people to alternative brands than just the standards everybody does to death.

  2. Njama Jones says:

    I was introduced to them last November at a watch even in D.C. and I was impressed beyond with the style and feel of the watches. Unfortunately I'd already bought 3 ither watches otherwise I would have bought one. But they're even more beautiful in person and worth the buy.

  3. FunWithAJ says:

    Personally more impressed with that band than the watch. Feel you on the YouTube changes, now i have to make 1k to be eligible for ad sense again. Subbed to you yesterday. Best of luck!

  4. Good watch with a very good movement.

  5. Good thing you mentioned to make sure to subscribe. Apparently I had been watching your videos via "recommended", and had not subscribed… Well that's fixed now… 🙂

  6. Jody Lyn says:

    Thanks for the promo code!

  7. WatchUP69 says:

    Nice review, glad I've subbed you 🙂 I've got a watch winder that can take four watches at the time, but I've decided to unplug it because I think it's good that the main spring can fluctuate so to spread the tension across the whole spring load instead of keeping it wound all the time, hope that makes sense 🙂 Huge thumbs btw!

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