Watchs SALE All about watches Uruguay v France – 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ – Match 57

Uruguay v France – 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ – Match 57

France booked their place in the Semi-Finals of the 2018 FIFA World Cup after a 2-0 win over Uruguay in Nizhny Novgorod.

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29 thoughts on “Uruguay v France – 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ – Match 57”

  1. Tom Vercetti says:

    When France saves Portugal from Uruguay

  2. Mr. Bounce! says:

    idk why people talk so big about this useless Uruguayan keeper Muslera.. I mean he is the only keeper I have seen conceding the most no of goals in my life

  3. 大家好 says:

    Uruguay lose because Cavani is injured

  4. Luis Suarez Is Out For Uruguay

  5. Kevin Wu says:

    it would have been 1 to 1 if goalie mistake and rebound mistake for uruguay

  6. 🇺🇾🇫🇷🇺🇾🇫🇷🇺🇾🇫🇷

  7. France is such a lucky country

  8. Ali Rawjee says:

    I watched the full match when I was in Portugal. Cavani upset me when he scored the 2 goals against Portugal back at Last 16. Good job Champs. (Varane + Griezmann)

  9. Congratulations to winner and best of luck to looser for winning next time. All the best. Have a nice day to all my friends.

  10. Fun Fact:
    It's the first time that France beat Uruguay in a World Cup (1966 Uruguay won 2-1, 2002 0-0 and 2010 0-0)

  11. It is unfair for Europeans to have such giants even on B – Levels you will find teams strong enough (Bulgaria 94, Sweden 94, Poland 74, Croatia 98, Turkey 2002) to take out South Americans stars off the field and other worldwide players in order to help them reach the finals to garanty another European victory, i am happy for Croatia to open opportunity for all B – Level teams worldwide to reach the final for the first time since England 66 only Giants reach the finals, but im not happy for Calavanni and James Rodrigues for been paid off on their France and England matches to be seating and watching, i bet even Europeans that enjoy soccer would understand why Egypt's Salah help guaranty Russia on the second round watching their home country loosing to Uruguay seating in the worst seat in the world. Ramos bullshit. Uruguay would won this cup like they would won in 2010 if they had Suarez.

  12. Rayan Defaa says:

    France france vive la france😍😙💓👆👏👏🗼

  13. Bir de Kariusa laf eden GS liler vardı şimdi konuşun amk

  14. If Cavani was playing, it would be more exciting to watch

  15. Denis Bushi says:

    Uruguay can not do anything without Cavani

  16. GGamboa says:

    the easiest match for france

  17. Oona Y says:

    So we dont need to talk about Mbappe anymore… diver

  18. seven Kitty says:


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