Watchs SALE All about watches Valeo alternator repair part 2 slipring change.

Valeo alternator repair part 2 slipring change.

Part one:

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Hello guys,
Welcome to my new video which is a second part of the valeo brush change video.
This job requires only few basic tools and soldering iron and a good focus.
You can buy a repair kit that will do this job and the first video one from my Ebay shop:

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32 thoughts on “Valeo alternator repair part 2 slipring change.”

  1. Ramli Rahman says:

    Michael Schumacher…

  2. Ags Cgs says:

    whats the name of the glue that u used ?

  3. perfect video nice job mate

  4. planetnz1 says:

    It would be great if your parts advertising banner didnt cover up half the work you are doing!

  5. Excellent video. Very well explained it. Thanks a lot!!!

  6. jay wass says:

    What a great video my Partners alternator has just gone with the same problem she get really worried when something goes wrong with her car I took the alternator off and it had this problem the slip ring and brushes had worn out was looking to buy a new alternator but they cost to much so I looked to see if i could buy the slip ring and brushes found the kit on eBay and looked to see if I can find a tutorial on how to replace it you’re video was the first one watched you’re video you explained everything very well and have helped me do this repair just want to say thank you for you’re video and explaining how to solve the problem

  7. Hi i need a repair kit for alternator of bmw 320d e46 110kw alternator is Valeo 150A 14V – Valeo TG15C012 can you help me for the type of the kit ? which one can i need ? TG15C012

  8. What a professional work and video!
    Pure PRO. Thank you.

  9. Dimon Stalin says:

    thank you from Russia

  10. ta de parabens me economizou uma grana kk

  11. Edwar Cusi says:

    That's great did mention about polarity? I guess it is important to point

  12. Gigi Unicu says:

    Dude, I followed your video instructions step by step and managed to repair my Valeo alternator, no problem. I would like to thank you for taking the time to make this video, you did a great job. The repair process itself is pretty straight forward but you managed to provide the necessary tips and tricks to actually do it through and through. My alternator is silent again.

  13. Great videos from this guy. Very well done.

  14. miti50 says:

    hello!! how nany watts your soldering tool?? thx

  15. MrObiwan111 says:

    4:40 Hi I work in valeo. I make alternators. We have a special stator placement device. But it is possible to do this manually without using any of the tools;)

  16. anj4de says:

    Great video…learned a lot! Keep them coming please…

  17. Excellent tutoring. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us

  18. arbit3r says:

    The most detailed video I have seen to date. Excellent job.

  19. Foarte bun tutorialul. Succes

  20. Remy Kallen says:

    I was told you need to make the sliprings perfectly round after mounting on the shaft with a lathe.  because the brushes will wiggle all the time if you don't and the wires to the brushes can break if you don't do it.

    what do you think?

  21. Gimp Master says:

    Excellent vid my man, thank you for the extra knowledge.

  22. Juan Garcia says:

    hello a question polarity must be respected ??

  23. Juan Lopez says:

    Thank you for this video. Help me to change slipring in my BOSCH ALTERNATOR safe and easy.

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