Watchs SALE All about watches Vietnam Knockoff Market Spree!

Vietnam Knockoff Market Spree!

Today, I have an ABSOLUTE BANGER for you! I am in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam at the Ben Thanh Market bargaining for products such as Gucci, Supreme, Champion, Yeezy and much more! Come along for the ride!

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43 thoughts on “Vietnam Knockoff Market Spree!”

  1. Raed Raed says:


  2. Toby S says:

    Yes longer videos please xxxx your my favourite YouTube in the world

  3. 3:36 shes super innocent and persuasive, i like heeeer

  4. haha , i am vietnamese , i can get this feeling as i use to be like you. so in vietnam, this has a sentence is " KẺ MUA BAO GIỜ CŨNG THUA NGƯỜI BÁN " haha .

  5. I wouldn't mind knocking her back doors in… Who thinks the veitinam girls are the best bar girls.. important question.

  6. chaomac says:

    i want a tshirt that says “ok, last price for you”

  7. How many times do we here 200

  8. lindle8 says:


  9. Is it real 850,000=850?

  10. Jelly fish says:

    I have supreme gucccie many designs

  11. I am Vietnamese Person ! But when I watch your video, I feel my countries very bad, like the frist person, if I go to there and buy her she will give me 300.000 Đ …. And when another people in another countries they will get very high cost because they dont know the price in Vietnam _

  12. David Amora says:

    Their accent is too Annoying

  13. Did any body els see that girl picking her nose

  14. Marmalade says:

    The lady from Cambodia seemed really nice lol

  15. lee says:

    I am from the UK but live in Guadalajara mexico and the fake stuff here is crazy . I have seen nike trainers and Reebok with the same sole . Plus the Levi jeans are crazy cheap here and they're really good

  16. James Owens says:

    I sub when the lady said you wanted her to die lol 😂. Seriously looking at a trip to Danang this winter.

  17. UrAvgGamer says:


    The first female voice crack.

  18. Omg Chinese things are literally soooooo overpriced

  19. You are a gipsy re malaka

  20. muygalan says:

    Your haggling videos are some of the most entertaining vids by far! 😂

  21. CFernando17 says:

    Do you want her to die now?!?!?! 🤯😆

  22. What song is playing at 1:40

  23. G L says:

    I want 40 min videos love you!

  24. Actually, when you're foreigners, the seller always give you the highest price. There's no belt cost 24$ , the real price is just about 3$ to 4$

  25. So basically shes saying cambodian and thai people have really poor standards

  26. Jsm says:

    If u drop 5000 on gucci nobody will believe it’s real because of all these vids 😭

  27. karil1004 says:

    Can you do this is Peru? I wanna know how many times I’ve been scammed 🤧🤧 I never asked for bargain before

  28. Man i saw her here first but now my guy Harold filmed her LOOL
    Skip to 9:02

  29. That girl 3:28 look like IU 😅

  30. Abdul aziz says:

    Collin please come to Tanah abang in Indonesia there are the biggest market in Southeast asia

  31. How to Azz says:

    Mhm 1€ is in vietnam like 25000 „dong“

  32. Man the girl selling the tshirts is hot would love to take her home with me lol

  33. Nobody:
    Where are you from

    Collin: where do you think I’m from?

  34. jj Chu says:

    8:26 girl kind of thick

  35. District_RL says:

    Longer will be better tbh

  36. IamaBoy1220 says:

    Come here to *$$&##

  37. waseem khan says:

    suprim goosey u can luk. u dont waan fo' yo' girfrennn. no mo'?

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