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Vintage Action Man Red Devil repair and testing – Toy Polloi

And outfit I had always wanted for Action Man was the Red Devil parachute. Such a great idea, and who doesn’t want to throw their action man from high places. The outfit needed a few bits of repair before I could get to testing it. So check out how I got on, and how well the parachute worked.

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33 thoughts on “Vintage Action Man Red Devil repair and testing – Toy Polloi”

  1. Adore Endure says:

    Chucked one of mine off the local fire station practice tower, it worked fairly good.

  2. Ive just started getting into this collecting market and thinking of buying original and mixing high end modern, could you do a video giving guideance where to buy, shows dealers gets?

  3. great work as per usual .

  4. Chris Blunt says:

    Will you be my action man?

  5. Alan Brookes says:

    No Action Men were hurt in the making of this video ! Use to throw mine off 3 stories high off of fire escape ! He always come home !

  6. Looks like you had alot of fun there Dave! 🙂
    P.S. You said in the video that you purchased those helmets but they were actually a donation along with a set of white rimmed goggles and a number of other broken toys and in return you printed those stickers i needed. 😉

  7. Bionic Dan76 says:

    This was so informative and entertaining! What a beautiful landscape. I kept imagining the Bionic Sound each time you pitched it in the air!

  8. Garza 8 says:

    That Action Man have to go to the hospital, he broke all his bones.

  9. I know that was fun.Safety 1st, it's good that you have helmets.You wouldn't wan2 shatter his head like Dave said on Pocket $$ Memories 5.

  10. GALAXIE 67 says:

    I just love your intros!! Great video!!👍☯️👍

  11. No, no, no! Once you're done restoring a toy you're supposed to seal it acid-free, archival-quality, opaque plastic, then bury it in a vault and never take it out again! What is this "play" I'm seeing?

  12. 3.29 Toy polloi anthem. I like the other song too, 80's techno vibe to it. Great work as always. Action man pants.

  13. GreyHulk2 says:

    I see in this video you mix the black paint for quite a while. Would you recommend mixing the Humbrol paint for a certain amount of time before use?

  14. That was good fun, nice job:)

  15. Arâthann says:

    As for the printing on the second helmet, have you tried working with printable water transfers before, the ones you also find in model airplanes etc.? They work with most printers and inks as long as you seal them with clearcoat before getting them wet, and the designing should be no problem for you as you already do your own stickers!

  16. Deo Persad says:

    Yeah we climbed trees then threw him out from there 😊

  17. luvz2reed says:

    The crash landings offer as much play drama as the smooth ones. Call in the medics!

  18. In order to overcome my lack of throwing ability, my older brother launched my GI Joe with a parachute using an old bicycle innertube. It worked quite well and went incredibly high, but after a particularly high launch, GI Joe got stuck in a large tree in our backyard. He was too high to get down. After many failed attempts, the tree was declared a POW camp and GI Joe spent a hard winter up there barely surviving. He made a daring escape the next Spring during a wind storm and was promptly repatriated and given a hero's welcome home.

  19. In a 1980 movie called 'Sir Henry At Rawlinson End', Sir Henry (the great Trevor Howard) uses Action Man Red Devils instead of clay pigeons, with his servant firing them into the air with a clay pigeon launcher. Sir Henry then shoots them. It's slightly surreal, but you do see them working very well. My brother and I just used to lob ours upwards from my bedroom window, meaning they would fall about thirty feet.

  20. Hey is this the same footage from Pocket Money Memories episode 5?

  21. Great video! You've really done a lot with Action Man in recent years. Any chance you'll show your entire Action Man collection in a video at some point? I'd like to see that.

    Any plans for the more faded Red Devil outfit? I'm guessing that you want to keep it to do another Red Devil Action Man, but it might be fun to dye it black to see if you can either make a black suit, or dark red jumpsuit. Don't know if you like customizing things that much or not. Just a suggestion. 🙂

  22. It's summer already in England? Here I think it is winter again, we had another blizzard today! Interstates are closed and I slid hard into a curb. 🙂

  23. Spetsnaz 101 says:

    Never seen the orange parachute before, mine is red, white and blue. I'm sure there is a trick using a piece of string that you tie to the rip cord, then wrap the rip cord around the parachute box, then throw in the air and pull on the string to open the box while action man is in the air. Also isn't the emergency parachute supposed to be on the back, below the main parachute?

  24. Can't believe no self-respecting child of the 70s has suggested a catapult, that's how we got him up there 😉

  25. You live in a pastoral paradise! The music playing when you're tossing him up and down sounds like Yazoo! I think kids would have climbed a tree or just dropped him out a window.

  26. We used to literally hang out our bedroom windows and hang on for dear life with one hand while throwing him to get some good hight. Once a neighbour saw and told me mam and I got a right telling off. Ahh the 70’s no heath and safety

  27. ED- 209 says:

    What a view you have outside, So DAMN jealous…

  28. JetEyeNight says:

    Cardboard tubes work great as a launcher. You stuff the figure in the tube then swing the tube like a baseball bat which will launch the figure out the end of the tube

  29. Well, someone had fun 😂 i remember doing parachutes for my action figures, oddly enough I got good at it, made from plastic and cloth 🤔
    Great video, thanks for the memories 😂👍🏽

  30. Always fun to see great work.

  31. Bill Pagan says:

    Very fun video!😁

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