Watchs SALE All about watches Vintage Rolex Submariner 1680 Red Horror Story – WHY I DON’T SELL VINTAGE ROLEX

Vintage Rolex Submariner 1680 Red Horror Story – WHY I DON’T SELL VINTAGE ROLEX


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50 thoughts on “Vintage Rolex Submariner 1680 Red Horror Story – WHY I DON’T SELL VINTAGE ROLEX”

  1. That vintage back is prob worth money too, sell it and search out the right one

  2. Cant the watchmaker track one down if he is the best Rolex vintage watchmaker in the world?

  3. cant the guy get an original back off ebay or from Rolex

  4. Dis Count says:

    WHY I DONT WATCH VINTAGE PHILLER —– because it was phucking horrible the 1st time

  5. Terry Graham says:

    Love ya Archie, smash a bong mate, all good eh. Ta Arch, Cheers.

  6. Luke W says:

    Vintage Squale is the only way to go.

  7. Luke W says:

    Let me get this straight, you made arrangements with a ladyboy and the fucker showed up with no penis. Fuck me dead, who can you trust in this cold world.

  8. Buy at specialist watch auctions. Establish a relationship with the experts. They do all the work for you. Half the vintage retail price you see on Chrono and elsewhere.

  9. Relf Morris says:

    could happen to a nicer guy

  10. GhostDiver says:

    Personally I wouldn’t mind if it had a 5513 back. I’d expect to pay a little less, but it wouldn’t put me off of the watch.

  11. shane Mason says:

    why anyone would over pay for hype of an old watch is beyond me
    for that price you could buy a bunch of good watches or 1 good phuck off piece
    plain stupid

  12. Dame Edna Luxury couldn’t sell a fuck in a brothel…. what a dick

  13. Happens frequently. My Speedy 69 has a 71 caseback… but the wrong back" is a "no Nasa" ultra-rare caseback, so I am delighted this mistake was made before I bought it in 2013. My 1945 Tissot chronograph also has a caseback with a 1946 serial number (at some point Tissot did stamp individual watch serial numbers on both movement and caseback) on it and a 1945 serial number on the movement.

  14. G Man says:

    Boy got carpet beetles on the collar again….

  15. EZA AZE says:

    tbh, I also dont see what the problem is, I have a 1680 red…. everything is fine (back inc in particular), BUT, I have always suspects the dial has been reworked, not that it not original, just rather poorly service job carried out by God knows who.

    oh and the hands too, same style as any 1680 red but the way how their patina aged isnt consistent with those on the lum….. so for your case, I dont think it's all that bad.

  16. Doc BBW says:

    It's all about the BACK!!

  17. Marek N says:

    You're so stupid for flying out on your own money to sell a watch for someone. You call yourself a guru but you make amateur mistakes…

  18. Marek N says:

    Fuck vintage Rolex, and Rolex in general.

  19. I think all jokes aside dude, dropping all that money like ur a fucking mega millions winner before you even knew the deal was 100% is probably why you're on YouTube begging for money and broke all the time.

    Slow down there buddy…

  20. I think it sucks but all four key fucking numbers, INCLUDING THE CASEBACK, should've been esepecialzed PRIOR to you going on a damn luxury binge celebrating your COMMISSIONS that didn't exist yet.

  21. Nick Gatis says:

    Damn thats a shame. Dial and hands are all original. Meh i dno what to say really

  22. Archie got his leg thumping with that "scratchy bar"

  23. Jake Roth says:

    Vintage is hard if you don't know your shit. In Archie's case, everything about life is hard.

  24. Winston Loke says:

    Why i don't sell vintage rolex : Because i don't have one.

  25. It's a shitter…. a red back spider… shitter…fake news… shitter

  26. Vintage is only hard if you don't know what your doing. Knowledge is power.

  27. MRaaronneary says:

    Arch, I will buy you some new shirts man. Let me know your size

  28. Narrowc ross says:

    Well thats stupid as fuck, next time get it shipper big boi.

  29. DHL and insurance. Didnt need to waste the cash. Its not a hard market to crack, the vintage watch market. I have made plenty of money from it over the years My two cents worth..

  30. Solution simple. Fly to Bangkok and get fake Rolex with correct fake back and switch. Everybody wins. Who loves you Baby???

  31. Have you tried classic watch repair in Hong Kong they may have a back for it

  32. V12pusser says:

    5513 Rolly Sub back from the 60s is worth a mint itself Archie

  33. Dis Count says:

    WHY I DONT SELL VINTAGE SHIRTS – the collar …………the collar …………the collar ……….

  34. Dis Count says:

    and yet ………………he sold vintage Rolex

  35. vdbdg says:

    Wrong back. So what, not the end of the world given the rest. Adjust the price a tad and move on.

  36. Danny Thomas says:

    Next time pay ur guy to say it's perfect, fukn old Rolex not worth 20k any how

  37. Danny Thomas says:

    Cop it at least not long arrow like someone tried to sell me 20k was long arrow and they put red face on it!!! Grrrrr

  38. chigimon says:

    I’ll give you £50 and I’ll pay for a night with a Bangkok ladyboi phor you. But can you fly to England at your expense to deliver it? Phistus phucktus

  39. David Elet says:

    You have the worst money management skills in the world. Why spend 1k of Your Own money to broker a deal. Someone wants you to sell it… They pay for your travel and all costs of course. No. Ac3 always finds a way to mess it up. Insanity.

  40. Peter Kolb says:

    Yeah but … Nana Kim offers up the two-for-one Combo deal

  41. Head bolts, sperm hair, frayed shirt collar, yellowed teeth, unshaven, body aroma of Taxi cologne, snot hanging phrom nostrils, carpet beetle sores and scabs on feet and legs, phingernails bitten to the bone, holes in pants pockets, worn out sandals, repeating everything phive times, ranting and raving, cursing to himselph.. I see people like this everyday downtown sleeping on the sidewalk by the bus station and rescue mission. PhMD

  42. Lycosa says:


  43. ihopetowin says:

    Good informative video Archie, plus some intrigue. So what's the upshot of the value? How much of a dent does the wrong casebook have on the value of the otherwise intact 'honest' watch?

  44. Is he scratching barnacles off his hyde?

  45. Overlord One says:

    Good review but you fucking over egged the issue with the back FFS!

    P.s stop repeating yourself, it’s like you have dementia

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