Watchs SALE All about watches Vintage Sears Automatic watches – 60's Vintage! – I Review Crap!

Vintage Sears Automatic watches – 60's Vintage! – I Review Crap!

Today I look at a couple of vintage sixties Sears watches! The first is an homage of an Omega Dynamic and the other is a vintage Sears dive watch!

14 thoughts on “Vintage Sears Automatic watches – 60's Vintage! – I Review Crap!”

  1. bg147 says:

    I love that first Sears. The Sears watches cost a fortune on eBay. So, I guess I was correct to buy anything Sears including an old electric knife that hangs on the wall, an electric skillet, and a Swedish style massager in the original box.

  2. I have both the blue bullseye and the diver as well as 2 Sears Sicuras red and blue with red and these are my favorite

  3. They're both Seiko movements

  4. Nice. I own a circa 1975 Sears hand-wind Dynamic homage, which has the color scheme of the Omega Dynamic bullseye you referenced.

    I researched and found my watch listed in a 1975 Sears Wishbook catalogue priced at $19.99. The original strap featured in the Sears catalogue was a wide black band, not the rally strap sold with the actual Omega Dynamic. I chose to pair it with a rally strap to give it a Dynamic look.

  5. Looks like a vintage Baylor.

  6. shahin sha says:

    Those are hamazawa movements , its a Japanese company helped by Seiko .its uses dia shock protection ,and Seiko's famous magic liver winding mechanism. At that time these movements can be found in many cheap watches , including westcloax , but its still superior than cheap no jewel timex automatics .

  7. Vishy says:

    These Sears watches are really handsome! By the way, please can you give my regards to watchbot. Thank you kind sir

  8. The diver is definitely cool.

  9. BigPizzaPie says:

    Pretty cool pieces.

  10. Vishy says:

    Completely love your videos 🙂 your style is brilliant. Keep it up!

  11. James Duffy says:

    Watch Bot is getting sassy!

  12. Brian Hinder says:

    Both are gorgeous. Good pick-up and video. Watch Bot is a scream.

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