Watchs SALE All about watches Vintage Watches RISING in Value | The Best Vintage Watches to Buy 2018

Vintage Watches RISING in Value | The Best Vintage Watches to Buy 2018

The market for vintage watches is one of the most volatile places for prices that you will ever come across as a consumer. However, if you buy watches at the right time you might be coming away with a steal.


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21 thoughts on “Vintage Watches RISING in Value | The Best Vintage Watches to Buy 2018”

  1. riseuplight says:

    Do you think heritage black bay will go up in price

  2. Patrick Humm says:

    Hi teddy. Great channel, really enjoying the content. What are your thoughts on the Tag Monaco, specifically ref: caw211p that came out a few years ago. Not vintage, but seems to be going up in price as it appears to be the most accurate recreation of the original Mcqueen watch.

  3. BradD says:

    I've got a 1986 Rolex Datejust and it seems like it might as well be a Seiko. Meanwhile, my Omega Seamaster that I got about 15 years ago has more than doubled from what I paid for it (at least that's what the appraisal came out as). Are Datejust models just not desirable?

  4. Hugo Worst says:

    Here's my comment on your channel Teddy :
    Damn!, you're good !
    Love your research and knowledge.
    As a starter in watch collection, thank you for your reviews. Real eye-openers on the watch-making-business. Thank you. Thank you and repeat.
    Since I'm a low budget and pragmatic starter, for now I choose quartz. In fact I should not be collecting at all, and just have had bought a radio controlled Citizen Eco Drive. Anyway, there's no Citizen in my starters-collection, and I'm looking for My First Automatic…
    I yhink this will be a Miyota 9132 driven Junkers 6060-5, but the hesalithe glass is holding me back.
    A little voice inside me tells me not to buy and save the money spent on affordable watches for a really most wanted PPC Calatrava… but, you know how it goes.
    Anyway, again, thank you for your insights, I really appreciate it.

  5. asasinon says:

    If you follow the Instagram account Seikobusters, you would know that there are so many franken/fake Pandas out there that it's not even funny

  6. Simba Lee says:

    I think vintage timexs are gonna rise in price, seeing that timex is making modern automatics with vintage styles, people will definitely want to have the actual vintage timexs, luckily for me I've got three!

    -Simba Le

  7. Yannick says:

    Your videos are starting to become better everytime Teddy. To be honest, I didn't like your videos that much when I came across your channel almost a year ago, so my compliments to you! One suggestion from me would be to make a new intro, though. Anyway, keep it up! 🙂

  8. Speaking as previously working in the investments industry, buying and selling vintage watches for investment purposes is not a good idea. Just buying one watch would not be enough to guarantee solid returns. To be sure of a decent return in today's fickle markets, you would need many watches, diversified across markets, brands and models. That way any losses by the minority would be absorbed by the gains on the others. And to be quite honest, there are not enough brands that gain over time. Factor in the cost of servicing and security, and the gains are even lower.

  9. trinchiii51 says:

    Tudor watches a homage to Rolex.

  10. billy copper says:

    Question: what is the Mercedes type logo on the hour hand on rolex and tudor ? I have the same on my 40 year old Rodania.i

  11. Good luck, finding spare parts

  12. Hi Terry,
    I love these type of videos. It is nice to know what is going up in price or collectability.
    Thank you

  13. So … i know that my question does not apply to this video but i don t know what to do and i think that u guys can help me cuz u know more about watches than me . I want to buy a watch , a fossil grant me3099 or a grant me3028 , they both are automatic watches but i was searching the internet and it says that the brand fossil is good just for style not for quality . What shoul i do . should i buy one of them or keep searching for something else ?

  14. ThinkOrDie says:

    honestly for what older/vintage tudors go for (besides the ones you mentioned) they are far more accessible than a rolex. for me at least.

  15. Phil Barratt says:

    Please do a GMT watch review

  16. Hung Nguyen says:

    Tudor Subs regularly go for $5-6K on bracelet, I check watchrecon regularly for them since I'm dying for a wearable 39mm Sub. But let's be honest, 5-digit vintage Rolex Sub vs. Tudor Sub? They're basically in the same price bracket give or take, it's a no brainer to me Rolex ALL DAY. The prices for the Tudor Subs are ridiculous and a bubble that's set to pop sooner rather than later, they will definitely come down IMO.

  17. Wai Ma says:

    Seiko panda forever!!

  18. trinchiii51 says:

    Why buy other people's problems. Buy new and love the better watch.

  19. Your videos are A-mazing. Keep going!:)

  20. Seiko Panda.. Teddy, i love you.
    I recentry pick up a Rolex Submariner 16610 from 1994. My year ..

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