Watchs SALE All about watches Watch a prodigy create — from four notes in a hat

Watch a prodigy create — from four notes in a hat

60 Minutes pulls four musical notes out of hat, and young composer Alma Deutscher takes off, improvising a piano sonata in under a minute

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31 thoughts on “Watch a prodigy create — from four notes in a hat”

  1. Impressive, but this one time I farted and the electricity on the airplane when out. Everyone started screaming. So I farted again, like really hard and all the electricity came back on..
    True story

  2. AniMotion says:

    This phenomenon is called “Perfect Pitch”. There are only 1 in 1 thousand people have this. This can convert anything in your head into notes. Let’s say that you heard a music that wasn’t made for piano yet and it’s your first time. Normally, people will need more time to study it, but for people who had “Perfect Pitch” can create a song in a piano in just one hearing only.

  3. Ria Lynn says:

    Impressive, but can you draw a perfect stickman with your feet!

  4. matthew fish says:

    That’s %100 fake. I watched her hands play the notes and as a piano player myself that’s fake

  5. Impressive, but she played the wrong note the entire time… the 3rd line on a staff is B… not Bb, meaning the entire concept of this prodigious performance was wrong. Respecting her talent, but it’s a major (pun intended) mistake.

  6. Simone H. says:

    biggggg horse girl energy

  7. I can’t understand why is everybody so annoyed by the b, can’t you see how talented the girl is? Maybe she didn’t use the one that the guy showed, but who cares? She is a prodigy

  8. Katie Heath says:

    Thought she was going take me back to middle school and hit me with that black parade when she first began

  9. Victoria ! says:

    I hate that ppl are commenting that this child prodigy is an annoying try-hard. That was AMAZING, even if it was inspired by previous pieces (btw all songs are inspired by other music). Just let others succeed without being bitter about it…geez

  10. Impressive, But I read every single other impressive but comment on this video in under 3 minutes…

  11. Brian Cortez says:

    Interesting! But can she play it 15 notes a second??

  12. Velow says:

    That… That's a b natural isn't it? The first note?

    (Edit: Yeah, she played a flat instead…?)

  13. Sam Spears says:

    She so extra for singing the notes

  14. Impressive, but once I rode a scooter down a hill, no hands and did not fall

  15. Spice Rice says:

    I can play almost any song on rock band on expert

  16. Impressive, but once the waiter gave my mom a refill and I said thank you and they didn’t even notice 😉

  17. I thought I was watching Alice in wonderland

  18. Ling ling is WAY better

  19. Kazoo Gal says:

    4 notes:interesting

  20. The most impressive thing on this video is that she has a B, not a B-flat… but she sings and plays a B-flat… so… not a prodigy… just a girl who can play piano… and the G, the E flat and the A where out of tune when she sang so…

  21. Eizen Yap says:

    That was good but I got an A- after procrastinating the day before it was due and we had weeks to do it

  22. Um No says:

    But we she ever practice like lingling


  24. Not to brag but I can play the first part of the minecraft theme song.

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