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Watch Box Review – Glenor Co

Fellas, in this video, I’m showing you a new purchase I picked up from Amazon. It’s a 12-slot watch storage display case from Glenor Co.

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10 thoughts on “Watch Box Review – Glenor Co”

  1. jchong416 says:

    Why would you buy so many bad watches when you could buy a quality piece?

  2. 3.9 M views says:

    It's great to see you too! That Prospex Turtle looks like the king in that case.

  3. c. 1 says:

    Yeah! My man! Love the video.✌👍

  4. Very nice I’ve gotten a couple from Dillard’s over the past yrs but they always sell out! I’m getting rid of all my MK watch’s to upgrade them for something nicer!

  5. Brett Aho says:

    Very nice watch box and nicely shot video. Can I ask what lens you use on your 6D? Your backgrounds are butter! Cheers – Brett

  6. Joe Burn'em says:

    Nice!!! I wish the one I have had a bottom tray like that. My NATO's are all over the place. 😄

  7. Nice case. Mine is almost identical!

  8. Mario Bran says:

    Very nice. A watch box is a must. Keep up the great videos.

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