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Watch Brand Nomos Against the German Far Right

The watch manufacturer Nomos is located in Glashütte, which is in Saxony/Germany. According to several media reports the region has a problem with right wing extremists, who infect the economy of eastern Germany. A problem also für Nomos. The company has reacted.

47 thoughts on “Watch Brand Nomos Against the German Far Right”

  1. James Jen says:

    Thank you for the video

  2. lessons are only learnt from mistakes, germany gave us the gift of teaching the world alot of things from its mistakes, and even after falling thanks to its mistakes it was able to rise again, this is the most important thing…now we know extremism does not work..but first people had to elect it.

  3. Jack Purcell says:

    The idiots are all over here in the USA , in Virginia they ran a human being down with a car. They march in the streets and claim they are fighting for the white race, it's horrible. However I never heard anyone blame Charlottesville for the death. I don't know how they become disaffected, no job they are qualified for? Food for thought, our illegals are a problem here too. People are fleeing terrible governments, or can't feed their kids,so they come here, they take menial jobs to feed their families.

  4. yazatanana says:

    I love your videos and I respect your opinion but as an educated American the world feels pretty dark and pointless right now. I’d rather you don’t talk about politics just because I encounter Neo-Nazis every day and I’d like to have at least one thing that I can watch and think about without being reminded that the world is burning down around us.

  5. The real problem is actual located in certain people from the left wing, who generalize that people from Saxonia are located on the right wing.
    This forces Nomos to initiate these trainings, in order to prevent sales damages. I think these left wing people are as much intolerant and narrow minded by judging others based where they come from as the extreme right wing.

  6. Mad Man says:

    Thinking over WHY a considerable amount of people vote for the far right is more important than calling them nazis and confessing your own political correctness. That's why the nomos policy seems rather ambivalent to me…

  7. vmarsch says:

    You make some very interesting observations here, and has me thinking about the parallels in the United States, and elsewhere. Why, in general, do places with lower percentage of immigrants demonstrate higher levels of outrage about immigration?

  8. Malik Knows says:

    Nice video, but questionable choice of jacket and tie! Generally, I think it's a bad idea for companies to make political statements of any kind.

  9. Davor Babić says:

    Brave of you (and of Nomos) to bring this up on today's political climate.

  10. EU supporter says:

    You are so right, Saxony deserves better than being associated with the German Far Right. Dresden for example, what a beautiful city but the shadow of the Far Right has fallen over it. So sad.

  11. toobalkain says:

    You have some great outfits but why are you so lazy with the tieknots, in every video. i’ve seen the knot is twisted and then the tie is twisted and just doesn’t drape nicely. Perhaps it’s one of those Suitsupply ties, they’re cheap but they’re just not on par, you may want to look into Viola Milano, Shibuya Firenze, Drake’s and such, those ties are just the right fabric, weight and feel to make a perfect knot and most importantly, like their pocket squares, they’re hand rolled and once you switch to hand rolled edges anything else looks lifeless. And you can find them at a reasonable price, unlike the €200 E. Martinella, Viola Milanos can be had for €70 in their outlet or during sales.

  12. frank doster says:

    Same problem in the US. image is important in business.

  13. helloxuxu says:

    Great video, thank you. But yes, deep pit of snakes clearly stirred up, especially as anyone on the far left or right seems easily triggered these days.

  14. Randy says:

    Left Wing and boring watches. Even more reason to stay away

  15. I like your videos btw… the one on TGV & Archie were superb and made me laugh

  16. BAP Kristallnacht…. we live in crazy times…

  17. Planar79 says:

    I enjoy all your videos, thank you. How about your opinions on Tag Heuer?

  18. Focus, man, focus!

    So…Nomos its Bauhaus in its more pure style.

    Hitler HATED Bauhaus (that "degenerate art").

    Hitler closed the Bauhaus school in 1933.

    In 1937, Moholy-Nagy founded the "New Bauhaus" in Chicago.

    So…How is it possible that accuse Nomos of being Neo Nazi?

    Peoples perseptión is someting very strange,well, racism its someting very strange (I think that's basicaly fear)

    And thanks for believe i'm "fairly educated", I'm to feel happy of ve part of the horological world, a modest member of.

  19. Your friends were right.

  20. Timothy Ng says:

    I've spent about a month in Germany and most Germans I've met have been fantastic people. Germany is well respected. It would be sad to see the right wing rise again in Germany. I respect Germany for rebuilding and acknowledging the mistakes of the past, more so than Japan which tends to white wash it's history. Of course i have great respect for German watch making as well.

  21. whinecough says:

    Great video, Tim. Good for Nomos. It shouldn't be controversial to stand up for basic human rights and dignity, least of all in Germany, but I guess in these dark days it is. Look at all of these people in the comments talking about immigrants committing crimes, when in reality Germany's crime rates are at the lowest they've been in 30 years:

    Arguably a bigger problem is political violence, most of which comes from the far right and involves anti-Semitic attacks and/or attacks on immigrants. So it makes sense for Nomos to speak out against the far right. It would be terrible for the brand if their employees were found to be involved in these activities, so taking a proactive approach is sensible for the business as well as being ethically responsible.

  22. Hi Tim, Congratulations on the video. Politics is always toxic, but we should not be afraid to tackle these issues. Extremists are always the loudest bunch, but moderation needs a voice too. Glad that I found your channel, the watch hobby can be spiced up for sure!

  23. Daniel Horst says:

    I'm confused about their association with far right extremists. Are they afraid they will be labeled right wing just because they are located in the same region as extremists? Or are they afraid they will inevitably employ extremists?

  24. trdi says:

    1. I don't think it's possible to say that these right wing activists are destroying the society, because we don't know what the alternative actually is. Even left-wing sources reported 10.4% increase in crime related to the new immigrants in Lower Saxony. I was reading about the new "crisis" that nobody in EU reports much about, because it's not in EU… thousands of economic migrants are trapped between Bosnia and Croatia at the moment, Croatians not letting them into EU. Bosnia reported that few months ago, when these migrants came to northern Bosnia, the crime rate increased by 150% (rapes, attempted rapes, burglaries, thefts, violence). If the alternative are "no-go zones" all over Germany, I think the alternative is worse.

    2. I think that Germans really have a big problem with collective guilt because of WWII. This prevents you from achieving your potential as one of the leading countries in the world, speaking diplomatically/politically. Nobody cares. What happened happened and nobody is blaming current German population for it. You need to get your stuff together, for your own benefit and for the benefit of Europe. Look at other great nations, USA, UK, Russia, France… they have all done many bad things throughout history and they are proud of it. I'm not saying Germany should be proud of WWII of course, just pointing at this amazing discrepancy between how different countries perceive their "out of the line" historical times.

    3. Germany is without question number one leader in EU. Germany sacrificed a lot for the idea of united Europe, gave away a very strong currency and made themselves vulnerable to populist socialist politicians of the southern countries, like Greece and Portugal, and their unrealistic promises, all increasing debt above acceptable levels. Contrary to Germany I feel that France has only recently joined this EU project without reservations all over the place. And UK I don't want to even discuss, they have actively been trying to destroy the EU for all these years.

    Why am I saying this? Because there is one thing where Germany has failed Europe, in my opinion, and that's the immigration policy. Merkel actually literally invited everyone to come, without discussing this with other countries, and now she tries to force the other countries to take illegal immigrants. What Europe needs now is strong and objective Germany, a country where free speech and different ideas are respected and not everyone is called a Nazi, if they don't want to have open doors policy. It lowers the quality of discussion. instead of putting labels on people, their ideas should be discussed. If you don't agree with certain ideas, the proper way in my opinion is to say "Ok, I see your point, but I think you are wrong and here are the arguments."

    Instead what is happening in Germany is that all these people are labeled as Nazi's, media attacks them, watch YT channels attack them, and it seems that Nomos is attacking people with dissenting opinions as well, just like Google. I don't like such companies.

    I will end with a great thought process by Slavoj Zizek, the famous philosopher, when he described why exactly current media/political climate is bad and is leading to potential fundamentalism. Suppose that EVERYTHING that Nazi's were saying about Jews before WWII was true. It would STILL be pathological to respond with the "final solution" plan. If their political opponents, however respond with "No, the Jews are the best people on the planet, they are poor, there are no rich Jews in Germany", then many people will look around, see that all banks were owned by Jews, all doctors were Jews and they will conclude that they are being lied to. The debate in the country is suddenly polarized and the people will vote for Nazi's because they see that the other side is not telling the truth.
    Zizek then draws parallel to the migrant crisis. Suppose that everything that migration opponents are saying is true. It would STILL be wrong not to help people who are fleeing war zones and need help. However what media and mainstream politics is doing instead is saying "No, these people are all refugees, there are no economic migrants here. No, it's not true that 90% of them are young males. These people are all highly educated and they want to work. No, it's not true that this will cost us anything, there are positive economic consequences of immigration. No, it's not true that most of the unaccompanied "minors" are 18+. No, it's not true that they are dis-proportionally more likely to commit (violent) crimes. No, it's not true that alarming percentage of them supports Sharia law and sees nothing wrong with terrorist attacks in Europe and US."
    And what happens then? The debate is shifted from "do we need to help the people and how?" to "Mainstream media and politicians are lying to us" and people start voting right-wing parties.

    What people in Europe should start doing is honestly discuss all questions related to migration and see how to solve them. What is happening instead is that everyone who wants to discuss this is labeled a Nazi.

    Edit: oh, I knew forgot something. The question of pride. I think it's interesting that saying "I'm proud to be Muslim" or "I'm proud to be black" has no negative connotation. Quite the contrary. But being proud to be German has a negative connotation. I wonder why is that. Personally I agree with you, that I am proud of things I have done, not of things that I was born into. But then we need to be consistent and treat all "I am proud to be X" the same. That's not gonna happen…
    What I think most of these people (not the Nazi's one, there's maybe 2% of Nazi's among the population that is SAID to be Nazi's) are proud of and are trying to preserve, is their way of life. The culture. If somebody wants to change that, people who are already living there have the right to object to it.

  25. J SHANGHAI says:

    Wow, with this and the TGV analyses you’ll need to hire a bodyguard soon. 🤣

  26. So the CEO of Nomos has taken a stand against hatred, racism and bigotry. This is surely a good thing. If some of Nomos’ actual or potential customers think this is a bad thing then they can piss off; Nomos is a better place without these kind of people. Calling out bigotry is not political, it is a decent human reaction.

  27. Fascism is a disease in whatever form it takes. It cannot exist without the vilification or demonisation of another group – this is the simple mechanics of how it works. Doesn't matter who that group is as long as it can fulfill that function – Jews, socialists, feminists, communists, Muslims, immigrants, homosexuals or whatever. I'd rather live in a society based on free thought, equality and humanity than the fear, tradition, cultural identity and "national security" platform these idiots appeal for. Has Europe not learned its lesson? The time when fascists held sway across Europe was the furthest thing from "the good old days" that we've seen since the Dark Ages.

    I notice a few posts in the comments that are apologetic or sympathetic to the extreme right. This is dangerous. Absolutely a society needs to be tolerant of many kinds of ideas but intolerance is an exception to this. We must take heed of Karl Popper's "Paradox of Tolerance".

  28. They don’t want Germans being proud of being German, and they don’t want Germany to be for Germans only. My God, have some nationalism, Nomos.

  29. Doofrain says:

    I have a difficult time believing that anyone would assume that Nomos supports fascism because of its geographic proximity to some fascists. Did the article you reference claim this? Can you post a link to the article? You repeatedly assert that Nomos "has a PR problem". I doubt it. It, I suppose, theoretically could have a PR problem IF some imbecile who was otherwise inclined to purchase a Nomos watch drew the unlikely, absurd and absolutely illogical conclusion that: Nomos is in Glashutte, Glashutte is in Saxony where there some extremists are located, and ergo, Nomos must sympathize with right-wing radicals (and I therefore won't buy one of their watches). That is silly. Isn't it more likely that Nomos is just using the influence it has (albeit relatively small) to promote progressive political policies, or at the very least, oppose fascist ideology? Corporations the world over do this sort of thing.

  30. Great show! You are much kinder then the character Archie Luxury on this brand, great to contrast you 2, keep up the good work

  31. GuitarD30 says:

    Uhh… so what was this video about?

  32. kleefan8 says:

    Interesting video, Tim. What are your impressions if any of Leipzig? I've heard it's rather cosmopolitan and a smaller up-and-coming Berlin. Also, I've read online that you can buy Nomos in person in Germany rather cheaper than is possible in the US. If there is anything to this, perhaps this could be a video idea for you.

  33. Ian Gault says:

    Where have you been? Missed the video and the geetar

  34. Consider this alternative explanation: the bad situation (economy, intellectual brain drain) might not be a consequence of the presence of bad people, but rather, a cause. The bad economic situation caused by an aging population and an intellectual brain drain might have cause some people to radicalize and turn toward other alternatives (in their eyes) such as neo-fascism.

  35. Atelier Iris says:

    Interesting video and insight of Germany.

  36. I believe they are against the disastrous Merkel's immigration policies and that's it. Labeling neo-nazies skin-heads is just the Soros globalist's prefered method of destroying natural feelings of nationalism. Nothing wrong with nationalism… I might consider buying a Nomos now, thanks for the info.

  37. Alexander says:

    Thanks! BTW: I was banned on uhrforum for braking forums rules (no politics!) by mentioning this article. 😉 Its easier if you have a youtube canal.

  38. Tony Hill says:

    Making no excuses for the far right but wasn't Saxony and Glashutte part of GDR? It's now a long time ago but after reunification the East was a long way behind. How is that gap now? As for the watch community being tolerant and liberal I think you may have a shock coming. In my experience there is little relationship between loving watches and political affiliations. You are obviously a cultured man with much to offer here but I think your friends were right to say keep away from politics unless you want to change the nature of you channel completely. There are already apologists for the far right making comments on your video. Whilst I would never accept their views I prefer only to have contact with them via the ballot box. And if extremists destroy Democracy? There are probably still a few (very few) elderly Germans who could tell us all about that.

  39. watchhunter says:

    Your friends advice was wise.

  40. People say they're "proud" of where they're from, not meaning it as an achievement, but meaning it's gratifying to live there… It denotes a sense of ownership and belonging, it doesn't mean it's an achievement, but it's an expression of love of a place, a culture, an ethnicity. If you don't understand this then you don't understand the sense of belonging that comes from love. You have no love for anyone but your own ego.

    However, isn't it interesting that it's okay for you to be "proud to be part of the watch world" but not to be proud of your Willage… As if buying watches is more of an achievement?! Sounds like hypocrisy to me… And if the YouTube portion of the watch world people is anything to go by then it's really nothing to be proud of… A more vacuous bunch of materialistic geeks I cannot imagine.

  41. watchhunter says:

    Completely unnecessary. They have hundreds of employees, of course there will be someone who is voting for the AfD. I can't imagine that someone wouldn't buy a Nomos, because potentially a AfD voter had his hands on the watch. Now with this nonsense campaign some people won't buy a Nomos.

  42. Nothing wrong with preserving German heritage is there? I mean what's the point of quality and precision engineering if you're going to trash your heritage in the process…I must say it's all so beguiling.

  43. No one in the world connects Nomos with skinheads. The Germans should grow a backbone and stop this self hate and destruction of their culture. Every time I hear something political from Germany it sounds very Orwellian.

  44. Forest Cop says:

    How about ending with more of your guitar playing. Respect from New Mexico USA

  45. Fung1996FYF says:


    Thank you for another great video, and I would like to let you know that you have my support for talking about politics on camera, about what I believe is the sort of information we need. My girlfriend actually lives and works in Berlin, and during the World Cup, after Germany lost to Korea, she was shouted at while walking down the street one night, because she was clearly “Korean”, even though she’s from Hong Kong. And this happened in Berlin, which really makes me wonder what’s it like in Southern Saxony.


  46. Vale says:

    Fuck Nomos then, everyone is an extremist nowadays

  47. Why is this limited to Nomos? Wouldn't A. Lange & Sohne have the same issue?

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