Watchs SALE All about watches Watch Haul Update – Bulk Buy of Watches – Resale Renegade

Watch Haul Update – Bulk Buy of Watches – Resale Renegade
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15 thoughts on “Watch Haul Update – Bulk Buy of Watches – Resale Renegade”

  1. Josh Smitty says:

    The number of jewels in a watch really don't mean much, most at least have 17 and can go as high as 26 or more. The jewels are low friction balance pieces that can be had for pennies. I thought the same thing until I read an article about it on worn&wound. Best indicator of value is brand name, so read up. Cool video!

  2. KloutKulture says:

    I'll check it out 🙂

  3. Old watches can be quite valuable if they have the right qualities and brand. Thanks for watching!

  4. There's not too much work there really. I'll spend time on anything over $10, then lot everything else probably. I've been super lazy lately though, haven't even started selling these.. haha.

  5. I see a lot of work there! I am sorry I cannot offer you advice on watches. I also have no clue with those. You know when you sell a "box lot" of the non-good ones, you will make some money! People would buy those for crafts or to make cool things with the parts. I think you should probably do 10-20 watches in a lot. You should make about $20-$30 for the lot. Just a guess. I like the Guess watch, pretty neat!

  6. At the flea market. The video before this one shows everything else I got too! Thanks for watching! 🙂

  7. KloutKulture says:

    Where did u find the lot

  8. Yeah, I've already covered the $40 purchase price, so it's all profit from here! Thanks for watching!

  9. Nice finds. Those will all add up fast.

  10. Thanks for watching! Yeah, i ended up with a couple good ones… Now I have to go through and list them.. haha.

  11. Haha.. I would have never known either, but I make a habit of looking up things that catch my eye but I know nothing about. If it's weird, I look it up. haha.

  12. Kalifornia says:

    Damn…..I sold one of those wrap around watches at a garage sale for like a $1…..had no idea what it was. Thought it went around your neck or something…lol. Hopefully it was a cheap brand, don't remember.

  13. That's a good point! I love some of those steam punk creations.. Good idea. I'm going to have to look into that.

  14. Awesome, thanks! Going to try and do more updates with the cut-away shot to get a close ups.

  15. good stuff RR! liked & shared…. glad to get the update!!!!!!

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