Watchs SALE All about watches Watch Live: Trump hosts ‘MAGA’ rally in Florida

Watch Live: Trump hosts ‘MAGA’ rally in Florida

Just three days out from the midterm election, President Trump makes his last Florida stop in Pensacola to urge voters to get out to the polls on Election Day and vote for Republican candidate for Governor Congressman Ron DeSantis, and Senate candidate, current Governor Rick Scott.

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29 thoughts on “Watch Live: Trump hosts ‘MAGA’ rally in Florida”

  1. mjazzguitar says:

    You type in "Fox News live stream" so they give you "streamed 5 days ago". Don't they understand English?

  2. Mr. Sam says:

    US President Donald Trump is known to the world as a successful real estate tycoon, which means that he is a conman and corrupt official in one person. It is known that all the rich are potential sinners, because any wealth is not done without deception and lies.

  3. The truth is government know what going on with the caravans its all about money power. Lol don’t you see they want spreading us. In this country. People are sleep.

  4. c C says:

    So many stupid people in the red States 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Danny Boy says:

    Republicans can eat a bowel of poop. They suck.

  6. Fuck you says:


  7. Yes' and proud to say I am a true Republican now. Unemployment rate lowest almost in history across the board for all nationalities. Are social security finally is not being depleted anymore and President Trump promises he will not touch it. Military super strong with tons of funding. Not that we want to use it but we want to have it in case we need it. Veterans can now get help if help if the wait is too long at veteran hospitals. They can go see any doctor that they want. Also regulations have changed so that they can fire the employees working with veterans if they are mean rude or obnoxious or cruel to them. Business is growing like crazy here, employment signs almost everywhere I turn for once. Consumer confidence up. 450 thousand new jobs. Wall going up to protect us from illegals coming into our country crowding our schools, our hospitals, raising our Auto insurance rates, stealing our jobs and depleting our country as they send hundreds of millions of dollars out of the United States every year. President Trump welcomes immigrants, but they must come through legally. And he is not racist or prejudiced he has many women working for him and all different color people. President Trump is truly a good man with a big heart. He doesn't even take his $450,000 paycheck every year. He donates that. And he promised you would for all four years or more.

  8. T Soprano says:

    Come on Florida! Don't let us down, send RICK SCOTT to Washington!

  9. I think President Trump is an untrustworthy and dishonest

  10. I 'm a REP. but I HATE to ADMIT:
    – OUR FL state is DEPLETED from SOUTHERNERS that BRING their GUN VIOLENCE and Impose their IDEAS. This is FL not TEXAS

  11. Biggest budget shortight in 6 years, 776 billion, trump reminds me of the clas bully do as I want or say or else

  12. Jane Smith says:

    Every The American People Should be TOGETHER SUPPORT Trump !!!!!!! No Trump ,No USA !!! No NO·1 Best Country !!! Trump is Very Great !!!! God Bless Trump !!!! If you are not support Trump, You are Stupid and an Idiot !!! And USA will become Third terrible Worse Country !!!!!!!


  14. Bernie no house.

    Obama out house.

    Trump white house.

    Hillary Jeilhouse.

  15. ylass says:

    True Blue! True Blue! True Blue! True Blue!True Blue! True Blue! True Blue! VOTE TRUE BLUE

  16. Joseph says:

    Watching President Trump, single handedly dismantle the Democratic establishment and
    Fake News Media, while preserving our economy is refreshing.

  17. please help with few satoshi. Thank you.


  18. You most be out of your mind..get off that pipe man..people open your eye's and vote democrat and get this pig out of the white house ..

  19. ideaquest says:

    It’s cool to be Republicans!!!

  20. DiDi kite says:

    Trump have some ball like Saudi and get Saros.

  21. This is a rather general comment of mine: according to the California Official Voter Information Guide page 2 under Voter Bill of Rights, 'YOU HAVE THE FOLLOWING RIGHTS:'

    Star 4: The right to cast a secret ballot without anyone bothering you or telling you how to vote.

    I guess I just like being right, that's just Florida, I guess.

    The United States of America is a Democracy and the people looking at the one dollar bill are PISSED. And George Washington is pissed.

    Do not take a crap on Southwest airlines for the rest of the year.


  22. matt G says:

    surprised they had that in dark. How are they getting cover against mile out shot attempts from anti american scmbags. ?? Heat sensing drones flying above maybe?

  23. He sounds like an broken record!!

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