Watchs SALE All about watches Watch Repair and Servicing – Myths, Tips and True Cost – Episode 10

Watch Repair and Servicing – Myths, Tips and True Cost – Episode 10

In this episode of Federico Talks Watches I discuss luxury watch/timepiece repair and servicing. There is a lot of misinformation out there in regards to the repair and servicing process. Especially regarding price and timeframes. I will guide you through service pricing and teach you a few trick to determine wether your watch needs to be sent in for service.


Seiko SKX:

Seiko SKX:
Seiko SKX Black:


Hamilton Khaki King:


Tissot PRS 516:

Victorinox Maverick:

Tissot Powermatic:

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46 thoughts on “Watch Repair and Servicing – Myths, Tips and True Cost – Episode 10”

  1. Shashank D says:

    Thanks fredrico. How di we service grey market watches ? Do companies agree to service them? Thanks

  2. E R.A. says:

    I have a Seiko Sport diving watch, it's been serviced just once in the nine years I have it, now it's been slowing down a bit and the crown seems that it ain't working properly as to set the arms to set the right time I must really pull the crown knob till it catches the gear and can turn the arms………when new it costed me £240 pounds (it's been 9 years) and I just paid £50 pounds the only time I sent it to be serviced………..apparently the servicing cost me £170 pounds (I could buy another watch with that money)……….no as good and durable as the Seiko monster 5 diving watch but still would be brand new………….it's a strong watch but is it a good idea to send it to be serviced or shall I buy a cheaper new one?……thanks for you help.

  3. Rico Caigoy says:

    Hi Federico. If automatic watches need servicing, lets say 5 or 6 year. Then how can a consumer be assured that a new watch he bought doesn't need servicing already? What if the watch was assembled/manufactured more than 5 years ago. I believe this is one of the reason why newly bought unused watch suddenly becomes defective. How can the consumer be protected from this?

  4. Hezze says:

    Hi, I have a Senjue 4004A and it is not working, any tips?

  5. ivan kerr says:

    Good video. But……… it really pisses me off the length of time watch companies take to service or fix watches. Bought an omega new from an AD had a problem with the first week. No problem sir we will send it back to Omega for you and it will only take 6 to 8 weeks and you should be very happy and grateful that they will look at it so quickly. Jesus are you having a laugh. I demanded and got a new one. Asked about a Breitling service same time frame. Mother of god imagine leaving your car in for a service and maybe two weeks later they tell you it needs new spark plugs but no problem sir we will have you on the road 6 weeks after that if your lucky and we can be bothered to look at it. Duck me dead lol

  6. As I recall, the IWC manuals tell you to get a service every 12 months. Although I love the brand …. if I actually did this, I'd be broke!

  7. Frank Roper says:

    The watches I wear I could just buy a new one instead of paying 350.00 to service a watch I could buy new for 175.00. …or even cheaper. Makes no sense and that is why most service personnel are out of business.

  8. Wunderboy says:

    21 yrs so far on my Speedy Pro, and have yet to service it. Hasn’t lost time and so I see no need. I’ve serviced some of my other watches (Breitling, Rolex, etc), and they’ve come back with damage on them (eg. scratch on dial, or misaligned bezel). If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

  9. Greats videos! Keep it up!👍😃

  10. manuel lopez says:

    This was very helpful I’m about to get my rolex sub serviced it’s running slow.

  11. Vic G says:

    My Omega Seamaster is 15 years old without service.

  12. Jin Park says:

    I've had my rolex sub for 13 years and have yet to service it. It running fine.

  13. I have to disagree with the quotes personally I never offer any additional work unless it needs it. 9/10 times it just a service thats required.

  14. Tolis Vascos says:

    How about seals? I submerge mine swimming 3-4 months a year for the last 4 years I own it, resistance given 30 ATM. (Aquis). Is a replacement overdue?

  15. JayzBeerz says:

    i've had a watch for 25 years and never serviced it and it runs fine. and it's a cheap Guess watch,

  16. Scotty H says:

    If you are spending time in the water, getting your watch wet…you need to make sure the gaskets/crown are ok. If you live in a dry climate where the gaskets can dry out easily you need to verify water resistance every year or two. If I let my watch get wet I would have it checked once a year no matter where I lived, thats me.

    Verifying water resistance is different than a normal service and Fed did not mention it which is why I bring it up

  17. G Miyata says:

    I've owned literally hundreds of watches of various makes, qualities and ages in my time obsessively collecting.

    While I have had quite a few undergo levels of service and repair, I can safely say that it is mainly due to multiple decades of age or misuse by previous owners.

    As for the watches I have purchased brand new I can safely say that I agree with the information in this video.

    Watch forums are some of the best and worst places to get advice, far too many overly misinformed perfectionist nazi-types with overbearing opinions that will have you running through a checklist of dos and don'ts that are unnecessary or excessive.

  18. at Rolex boutique they said its better to service the watch in every 5/6 years and i didn't buy it
    i recently changed a broken crystal for 200$ from the same dealer and i think its reasonably priced

  19. Thank you. Super informative.

  20. Sam A says:


  21. Jeffery Neu says:

    Early in my collecting I did the five year services. I now service watches when they ‘tell’ me it is needed. If a chronometer stops keeping good time or a watch will not keep running, it is time. Thank you for an honest video on this topic@!

  22. Gary O'Neill says:

    I have owned a Rolex Submariner 16800 since 1983. I wear it everyday. I have a few other watches, but this one never seems to leave my wrist. I normally get my watch serviced right around the 5 year mark. I notice it slowing down, or the rotor seems to get a little sluggish. I would guess I wear the Sub about around 350 days out of the year. I have been using the same Rolex trained watchmaker since my first service. Unfortunately, his health is declining and my last service was finished in December, 2017. Looks like I will have to find another source.

  23. redrock1963 says:

    "I've never sent ANY for service…………..granted my oldest watch is about 8 yrs old."
    Try owning chrono's that go back to the '40's and basic pieces that go back to the '30's. Then you start talking servicing/repair costs and schedules.
    There are a lot of elitist "watch repairers" out there who then send it off to a watch maker – the "watch repairers" put their cut on top of the "watch maker's" final price and BOOM you are copping it up your wallet. There are a lot of rip offs out their.

  24. Joe Hekimian says:

    A really great topic, thank you Federico

  25. I have a submariner ref 14060 from 1997 i purchased a couple of years ago, it has all original parts dial is tritium hands bracelet bezel etc. I called rolex london and gave them the serial number after removing bracelet they had no service history of the watch and rolex said they have two data basis new one and one dated back to circa 1985 furthermore nor could the dealer who i bought it from tell me on service history. so I dont believe this watch has ever been serviced in over 20 years and is working away just fine. Id think this is case as the watch is in excellent condition for its age minus a tiny light scratch on the top right of aluminium bezel. Call rolex up and or a rolex dealer and they will say you need to get it serviced every 5-7 years its just dont get your money these watches are built to last.

  26. I'm getting ready to service my Fredrique Constant & this info is great to hear, thanks again, great watch info.

  27. your videos are truly amazing!!! keep up the good job

  28. Whether a watch needs "Servicing" (Very broad spectrum term!!!) is directly dependent upon 2 main factors – 1 : The frequency of use (how often you use it) and 2 : The conditions under which you are using it (ie. work – daily diver, military/field etc as opposed to once or twice a year for formal occasions). Common sense (if there is such a thing) prevails. Most serious long term Horologists will develop good relationships with competent watchmakers/technicians who will "Look After Them" due to regular ongoing repeat business and referrals from the customer. Once again Frederico you have hit a home run – there is nothing worse than finding out a "Newbie" has been ripped off by some professional for work they didn't need. Keep up the great work buddy.

  29. Pedro Saenz says:

    How much should cost an Omega moon watch cost? I have a Flightmaster hand wound.Needs polishing.

  30. Steve Warren says:

    Good info Frerdrico! I subscribe to the "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" theory. I would hate to take a chance sending off a watch that was running well only to get it back with a problem.

  31. One day I drops my IWC and scratch the bazel,
    Then I asked IWC to service
    Replace the crystal
    And add oil 600 bulks

  32. z1522 says:

    Modern high end mechanical watches all are assembled with synthetic lubricants which simply do not suffer the issues oils of a hundred years ago did – i.e. drying out. Five or more years, perhaps, they might have migrated out of the pinpoint in the sapphire jewel cup but maybe not. Rebuilding the entire watch for ten percent of the original cost seems way excessive, but try doing it yourself and realize you're paying for years of training and mastery of the delicate manipulations without damage. Craftsmanship costs.

  33. To keep the grease fresh please wind your unused watch once a week or just wear a watch for a day. Let him tic toc for a while.
    Not used mechanism is more sensitive for damage.

    Service cost is not a big thing if you own Rolex. The thing is to find a proper watchmaker.
    In my neighburhood there`s no watchmaker which I`ll be able to give my mechanical watch.
    Only for a battery replace in G-Shock.

  34. basil zijena says:

    yes l do agree with you federico ln my collection l have a 1996 rotary dive watch up to now l still have not serviced it besides battery replacement after a couple of years but l have never heard you talking about rotary watches whats your honest opinion about them

  35. EU supporter says:

    When it comes to service one thing is esentiel to me. A good watchmaker. I am not sure if it is possibe in all regions of the world. But if you are in middle Europe, may be in the USA …not sure about the USA, ist a strange and distance country for me 😉 …but anyway, find a good watchmaker, talkt to him and show the watch to him. It's a bit as the doctor of your trust.

  36. Al J. Granda says:

    6 to 10 years is my recommendation, dependent on amount of use.

  37. 60 bucks a year for a Rolex? Not bad at all. I have a Rolex. It does not work. I want to fix it. But I want to take it to the Rolex place, not anyone else. Do you think that my rolex might get confiscated if it's a replica? I do not know that much about watches to tell if it's legit or not.

  38. D A says:

    Your advice is basically "spot on"…fact be told, a master watchmaker once advised me to NOT service a watch if it is running well (i. as you said, not losing time). I would, however, disagree recommending replacing the crystal every time. If that was recommended because the repair person noted a problem that could lead to a leak or if the scratches bother you. Good job!

  39. Glen Ilacqua says:

    Love your channel. Everything you say makes sense. I think the problem for many of us is that we have very nice mid-level watches. I've got a number of late model watches that I've purchased used that have needed work. If you are talking about a used Oris, Tissot, or Hamilton (or any of the other products in that class) with ETA mechanicals inside, it's pretty tough to spend even $200 on service. I'm also a sucker for some of the older automatic entry level watches from Orient and even Timex if they have been well preserved. Some of these are lovely pieces but getting them serviced is cost prohibitive. I've actually found an old-school watchmaker in Brooklyn that I send all of my repairs to (ship them from Massachusetts). He works on the cheap stuff for $50 or so plus parts. He recently did a compete tear down, replaced a mainspring, and oiled, cleaned and adjusted a 1906 14k hunter case Illinois pocket watch for me and shipped it back to me with an extra mainspring for future repairs (because he told me they are getting hard to find!) for $125. Did great work on my limited edition Oris Miles Davis watch for $100. If I ever decide to spend $5k+ on a watch, I'd trust him with it as long as he says he can work on it. He allows me to buy used pieces that I could not otherwise afford. I would encourage everyone to find a person like this!

  40. very helpful thank you Federico

  41. Another quick question, I recently purchased a PAM510 and I was wondering Panerai suggested having the watch serviced or gaskets checked once a year if you do a lot water activity. Do you think that is necessary?

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