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WATCH REPAIR:How to replace watch hands

How to replace watch hands, if your hands on your dial have fallen off, all is not lost they can go back on and be as good as new if you follow this method
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25 thoughts on “WATCH REPAIR:How to replace watch hands”

  1. K Siddhartha says:

    Thank you bro for uploading thi

  2. Hi, thank you for your tutorial, i have a question for you, if the hands of the Watch move they move by themselves only by shaking the watch, how can it be repaired in this case?

  3. FARDINKARIM says:

    This video helped me so much thanks

  4. Thank you I was able to follow this and refit the seconds hand that had worked loose on my vintage watch. It is now working wonderfully to time ⏱

  5. dfcvda says:

    perfect , the only tools are my fingers, oh and the prehensile thumbs..

  6. Jm Bustillo says:


  7. GodZji says:

    Are you serious?

  8. Krish Ram says:

    I have big fingers, so i used the stem to move the hand into place, and my finger to get it into the little hole

  9. How do you actually remove all the watch hands?

  10. josh griffin says:

    cut your nails pal!!!

  11. athenasword1 says:

    Thank you for the info but,with all due respect ,it's off to the jewellers lol

  12. Imre Csoka says:

    I managed to come right, very tough to see though.I thkn a magnifying glass is a good investment

  13. Imre Csoka says:

    Okay so i see your second hand pops in that way , i dont know man, when i look or feel with the scree driver flat head on the minute hand, i can feel like a pin sticking out so i dont understand how to pop my second hand on, man i stuck now, i can try to attempt again, but i dont want to get too sad too quickly. , flip man.
    the hands are so tiny i would imagine using a tweezer is more irritating and it may even flick out and then u need to search the floor oh man that will be a pain

  14. Bob Bryant says:

    can you be rougher please people be careful with you watch

  15. Much appreciated, thanks for posting this.

  16. Are cheap wrist watch hands interchangeable?  Say my watch has a black seconds hand and I have this other watch that has a bright red seconds hand.  Can I simply switch them out or are there many sizes in wrist watches?

  17. davisd1997 says:

    i have a rolex, the seconds hand came off and none of the hands r moving under the crystal/glass, little circle things that go into the middle where the hands attach came off in it too, how do i fix it

  18. chloe fisher says:

    it's really not a good idea trying to do this with big clumsy fingers! or you just get bent hands lol

  19. cut your nails dammit!

  20. You must pop off or unscrew the case back, remove the crown (usually there is a hole with an arrow pointing to it), next step is remove the movement, then you have full access to the dial.

  21. Rosalie HRS says:

    there is another video by Spotlitemanic for that

  22. mugen1237 says:

    You have to take the movement out.

  23. Allison Roca says:

    how did you remove the glass/ crystal that goes onto?

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