Watchs SALE All about watches Watch sale, pretty much all sold (Heuer left)

Watch sale, pretty much all sold (Heuer left)

Email me to buy
It will say “SOLD” when sold (plus shipping)(USA)(PayPal friends and family)

1. sbdc077. ****SOLD****
2. Boldr. ****SOLD****
3. Certina. ****SOLD****
4. Bulova. ****SOLD****
5. Jade. ****SOLD****
6. Armida. ****SOLD****
7. 7s26 turtle. ****SOLD****
8. Padi skx. ****SOLD****
9. Heuer. $3000

15 thoughts on “Watch sale, pretty much all sold (Heuer left)”

  1. So if you don't wear them, have you seen a therapist ?

  2. Pete Thiel says:

    Just up for Friday Mother’s Day casino weekend Saturday manistee then Sunday I get to go to work

  3. Fred T says:

    That TAG is pretty damn sweet.

  4. Pete Thiel says:

    🙋🏻‍♂️I’m up in your neck of the woods supporting the TC economy

  5. Jody Silvia says:

    You sell the crap out of watches .

  6. Done says:

    Sbdc077 still avail?

  7. Monster Rob sells his Monster? Ehs…

  8. Grendal 62 says:

    Jade monster for $450 is nuts! Wish I had funds available, hope someone gets it who appreciates that price, what a deal!

  9. nasir uddin says:

    Typical Rob prices

  10. Jeffrey Wood says:

    Your prices are always amazing Rob – you are very generous with your viewers. Thank you 🙂

  11. Jono Edwards says:

    Youve got It made!
    Watch Harem going on there Dude.

  12. Sohail Japer says:

    Can you ship it to jordan ?

  13. Boldr , I'm buying

  14. cmon Rob please ship it to me Zzz

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