Watchs SALE All about watches Watch SpaceX launch a lunar lander!

Watch SpaceX launch a lunar lander!

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42 thoughts on “Watch SpaceX launch a lunar lander!”

  1. We'll talk about that in a second

  2. I always thought the shuttle was a bad idea due to the fact that the crew sits NEXT to the rockets that are burning thousands of pounds of fuel with no plan or chance of escape in case of rocket booster failure (shuttle columbas). When you do make rockets the old fashion way, the vertical way with crew on top of the rocket, failures don't necessarily spell the end of the crew (soyuz).

  3. On the ad before this because I'm watching afterwards was for mova globes with you tim cool right?

  4. How come you're not wearing your pajamas brah?

  5. Are they also streaming while it's travelling to the Moon? I'd like to see it..
    Anyway, nice coverage!!

  6. Dave Casey says:

    I won't be impressed until I see the Everyday Astronaut logo on the side of the fairing. 😉

  7. Elon Musk made an appearance on the 2/22/19 episode of Meme Review!!!

  8. Best we can have now I guess. Ya Shouldva lived thru Apollo. Took it for granted. Been setting on our hands for 50 years

  9. Prob because off all of your visits to SpaceX 🙂

  10. Bahma says:

    1:43:18 Wrong! First launch with 2 landings was the falcon heavy launch.

  11. Okami says:

    What's with the big dent on the side of Crew Dragon @8:44 ?

  12. Tom Ryner says:

    Please Pewds fan boys… Stop shaming my Swedish heritage.

  13. Zurtron D says:

    I was at swimming, I thought it had launched, I’m all sad, I look it up, and it says 27 seconds to launch.

  14. Lucas R. says:

    Ohh man i am kinda sad that the 4th reflight will probably be the last of B1048

  15. Is it? How hard it can be to mix 2 ingredient with 2 valves and 1/2 Probe/sensors? And 10ms is a long time in electronics.

  16. Tim, you’re a smart guy, but don’t underestimate that your enthusiasm is your greatest asset! I suspect that’s why Elon listens to you, and what will lead to your eventual interview. Keep it up! You inspire us!

  17. jlcostavideo says:

    Got lucky last night and saw this launch from 40,000ft over the coast last night on my medevac. Wish I had a better camera with me

  18. Really fun seeing your smile when you see the Everyday Astronaut sticker on the computer 😁👍
    BTW. Sweden have "landed" (aka. crashed) a spacecraft on the moon. SSC (Swedish Space Corp.) made the SMART-1 mission in 2006 that orbited the moon for a while and ended by crashing into the moon, to study the dust that was ejected. I haven't looked into the engine of this mission but I assume they use a similar strategy with a low power (but high efficiency) Xenon ion engine. But it took about a year to get to the moon for SMART-1 so this spacecraft is either much lighter or have a more powerful engine, or higher start velocity.

  19. Bert Siimon says:

    What about Mr. Steven?

  20. Today Tim says this is not a very big payload, only six tons; it only not that long ago, in my lifetime, the sputnik weighing in less than 200 pounds was an amazing feat of science; what will the next 100 years bring? AMAZING time to live.

  21. Mike Vagg says:

    I can't spell, I use Alexa, she is great for spelling

  22. Pandicle says:

    why did i miss this live?! Oh right… it was in the middle of the night for me 🙁

  23. Thomas Reid says:

    Tim dud the everyday ASStronaut!

  24. DieselDoug77 says:

    It seems as though SpaceX’s webcast was time delayed by about 1:30. Tim, you reacted the same way I did at about T –1:30 when you could hear the rocket fire but not see it on screen. Given that there was a USAF payload on board, do you think that they were required to do a time delay?

  25. What happened to Mr Steven?

  26. Freaking awesome stuff right there!!

  27. gasgasLex says:

    It's a little bit sad that Tim needs to explain that the condensation coming off the rocket is not smoke but condensation… Are American audiences really that poorly educated?. 😩

  28. OldGamerNoob says:

    I wonder if the new faces on the live feed had to do with the layoffs a few weeks ago

    also, what were those flashes on the unlit upperstage engine in the coast phase?

  29. Don Hayward says:

    Tim, in light of the change in SpaceX on-camera presenters, I'm wondering about their engineering people in light of the layoffs and the switch from the Port of LA to Texas with the Super. Do you have any idea how SpaceX is restructuring their engineering etc?

  30. Vty says:

    PTScientists will also launch a moon lander with 2 Audi lunar quattro rovers to the apollo 17 landing site in the end of this year.

  31. Tim I would love an interview with Elon and Scott if that ever will be done. The same style like Rocket Lab. A filmed tour around the factory and just rocket science.

  32. Anton ROCHE says:

    Did anyone else see the everyday astronaut logo on the presenter’s laptop?

  33. tubularap says:

    Dear Tim, I appreciate your patience with people asking the same questions at every launch "There is smoke coming from the rocket" etc,etc, etc.
    But for the informed people following you, it can get irking hearing the same explanation. I don't want another explanation, I would like less old questions, and maybe, maybe less time answering them. But do as you see fit, I love your channel.

  34. MrMuskkRatt says:

    Friday the 21st….. I love catching tiny mistakes in the broadcast its like little game.

  35. i saw an everyday astronaut sticker on the hosts lapto

  36. Ma An says:

    When does the lander arrive to the Moon? 2-3 days?

  37. Ray Foss says:

    Please please get an interview with Scott and Elon with 39-A in the background. This time don't make them do calculator math on a camera lol

  38. Indonesian here, Pronunciation approved! Good job👍🏻 (better than spacex’s)

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