Watchs SALE All about watches Watch the Full Portal: Aperture Robot Repair Vive VR Demo

Watch the Full Portal: Aperture Robot Repair Vive VR Demo

Valve brings us back to Aperture Science in a brilliant way with Vive.

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41 thoughts on “Watch the Full Portal: Aperture Robot Repair Vive VR Demo”

  1. Kurt a Kazam says:

    so this is portal 3?

  2. Can you fix your neck I want to see EVERYTHING

  3. Meow Cadet says:

    I play Portal 2, I beat the game by myself, and I'm too young to play it… BOOM

  4. Gyner TV says:

    Тупые англичанееееееееееееееееееееееееееееееееееееееееееееееееееееееееееееееее

  5. Skaf C says:

    Русски есть?

  6. Joe Christo says:

    Most people who play this don’t even know what portal is

  7. This is source 2 by the way

  8. JayEzOweEnn says:

    who feels bad for that one pocket universe?

  9. Oh!my!GOD!!!!! I still play Portal and Portal 2 till this day…. now I need a better PC and a Vive. I NEED this!!!

  10. where is this game???! is it part of the lab?

  11. Oni ET says:

    Your walking around?

  12. Awww… Poor Atlas!! ((The first robot that walked in))

  13. Wyrne Santos says:

    Portal in vr……. pls… just NO

  14. XaD says:

    …This'll do for a 3.

  15. Portal series is one the greatest game series EVER made imo. Would love to play 1 & 2 on psvr. Cant be that difficult to port the titles or is it?

  16. This takes place in between potral2 coop and portal 2 coop dlc he is one of the humans from the vault

  17. Valve can do this but not Half Life 3?! :/

  18. RELFIR says:

    You record a gameplay, see it has failed due to looking up too much and you still upload it?? :/

  19. can you actually fix him ?

  20. Mark Gearing says:

    If that was a VR demo, why did you spend so much time looking away from the interesting parts?

  21. Delta NEO says:

    Is something wrong with this dudes neck?

  22. Slim Tony says:

    "Rest assured. While robots can feel pain, they cannot express it" D:

  23. Leo5191 says:

    You killed him…

  24. yan 1 says:

    wow its wsome im making now (joking)

  25. KineticRX says:

    That was really kind of IGN to let a blind person film this

  26. Evan'sWorld says:

    God i love the humor

  27. I haven't seen a Valve game in forever, they sure take their time. Half-Life 2: Episode Three better be around one day.

  28. Jeditilifall says:

    dude portal and vr combined look so perfect for eachother.

  29. This is the first time i eanted a vr game. I miss Portal so much.

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