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Watch This Before You See Shazam!

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Who is Shazam? What makes him unique? And in an era with so many superhero movies, why did it take so long to bring him to the big screen? Let’s take a look at The World’s Mightiest Mortal with all the stuff you need to know before you see Shazam!

A secret identity is at the core of nearly every superhero. Some, like Spider-Man, keep it secret to protect their loved ones. For Shazam, it’s more because when he’s not being a superhero, he’s literally a child. Comics can be weird.

Unbeknownst to the DC Universe at large, Shazam is actually Billy Batson, played in the movie by Asher Angel. After a fateful brush with mystical forces, Billy gains the ability to transform into Shazam, “The World’s Mightiest Mortal.”

Decades before Stan Lee rocked the comic book landscape with the idea that kids could relate to teenage heroes like Peter Parker, Billy Batson was the first mainstream kid protagonist on the comic book scene. That might have been part of the reason that his stories sold better than any other character’s in the 1940s, including Superman, at one point moving over 2 million copies per month. And it makes sense. What kid wouldn’t want to transform into an unstoppable magical superhero?

With a single magic word, Billy Batson becomes Shazam, a lightning-powered hero played in the movie by Zachary Levi. Exactly what that means, however, usually depends on who’s writing the comic. While he always turns into a pile of altruistic super muscle with an A+ jawline, Shazam himself has been a number of different things. Sometimes, like in the movie, he retains Billy’s childlike mind in a superpowered adult body. In other iterations, he’s a completely separate entity who magically changes places with the kid. Either way, he’s got a pretty impressive set of super-powers.

The magic word “SHAZAM” is actually an acrostic listing the names of the legendary figures from whom he draws his considerable powers. He has the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the courage of Achilles, the vaguely defined power of Zeus, the stamina of Atlas, and the fantastic speed of Mercury, which is usually used to explain how he can fly.

Luke had an Obi-Wan, Harry had a Dumbledore, and Shazam has… Shazam. Yes, Shazam’s mentor is also called Shazam, and yeah, it’s always awkward working with someone who has the same name as you. Wizardly superhero exploits are sort of a specialized field; you have to play the cards you’re dealt. Make sure you watch this before you see Shazam so you know the full story!

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Billy Batson | 0:13
Shazam | 1:03
The other Shazam | 1:52
The Rock of Eternity | 3:02
The Seven Deadly Sins | 3:57
Freddy Freeman | 4:47
Doctor Sivana | 5:46
Black Adam | 6:38
Billy’s foster family | 7:26
The original Marvel family | 8:20
Captain Marvel | 9:20

30 thoughts on “Watch This Before You See Shazam!”

  1. Looper says:

    Shazam opening weekend Over or Under $60 million?

  2. pedro maia says:

    Shazam should have been played by Dwaine(the rock) Johnson,my opinion…

  3. So.. is guessing the title of a song is one of his super powers?

  4. oninojb says:

    Am I really the only one who doesn't give two shits about which movie hits the screen first? How many potentially great movies get ruined just so they can say "I did it first"? I mean Captain Marvel was gonna suck with out a recasting and total rewrite. I actually think Shazam will be better. If they keep identity politics out of it, it's already a win over half the battle.

  5. scott b says:

    He will always be Captain Marvel.

  6. $ ♊ Ž Ã M !. 💪

  7. I'd like to see Tawney as either some sort of mystical beast in charge of defending the Rock of Eternity, or maybe a house cat that Billy can turn into a tiger the same way he does for his siblings. As for Dr. Sivana…I wish they had stuck with his more iconic mad scientist appearance and motivations, not every bad guy needs a tragic backstory to be interesting, they just need to be charismatic and fun to watch, like Lex Luthor or the Joker etc. I would rather see Sivana as a classic mad doctor out to take revenge on the scientific community for casting him out, stumbles across Billy's superhero persona by chance, AND from there becomes obsessed with destroying him because he'll never get anywhere in his schemes so long as this absurd red clad hero is running around foiling his plans and busting his inventions. Alternatively, if they wanted to put a different spin on it, maybe have Sivana seek to harness or duplicate Billy's mystical energy for himself to power all his evil inventions, no sob story about a dead family, just an entertaining mad man out for power, seeing magic as just an exotic, untapped energy source to give him an edge over the rest of the world's technology. Granted, the movie MIGHT make this new version of the character work, but I still would have liked to see the classic little old man Dr. Sivana on the big screen instead, since this new guy seems too similar to Lex Luthor in terms of appearance (muscular bald dude), and too similar to Black Adam in terms of super powers going by the trailers. As for the mystic eye thing, I feel like Sivana is the sort of guy who'd actually invent a device that could track the unique energy signature of Billy's magic, science vs sorcery makes for a good dynamic for a hero/villain rivalry.

  8. planner812 says:

    Can't wait to see this
    I was a big fan of the 1970 tv show as a kid

  9. Anthony N says:

    This was a good reviaw. You speak veray cool.

  10. I really think the movie is gonna suck, I guess I don’t like when he acts like a child all the time.

  11. Web Dude says:

    Too Late. Saw it last night!!! 😉

  12. Tyler Durden says:

    DC has the anti-midas touch and turns everything to shit.

  13. Perhaps the DCEU is learning… slowly but surely! If this movie's any good, maybe we can take it as a sign. Here's hoping! tavi.

  14. Jesus, the "captain Marvel" moniker started with DC and then Marvel Comics named themselves after that? And made their own Captain Marvel? Why is Marvel such an over-saturated name? So confusing and it dilutes the brand(s) IMO.

  15. JAbell1966 says:

    Need to recheck your facts. Captain Marvel/Shazam was the first superhero to ever hit the big screen back in the 40s in a Republic Serial which is often cited as being one of the best (if not the best) serials ever produced.

  16. you forgot to mention the tv series of shazam

  17. The REAL captain Marvel✊

  18. nikhil sha says:

    dont like the costume design looks like a comic con costume, why be training for it and get a six pack and then wear a ballooned muscle suit

  19. cant wait to see the movie… looks awsome.

  20. Lol when i clicked i Got shazam ad

  21. Decent video made unwatchable after 30 secs due to the terrible voiceover.
    Be more natural for ffs

  22. Myxel Plix says:

    …..this is going to be so bad. Ultra terrible.

  23. How did u mention the wizard’s name but not that the hero’s name used to be Captain Marvel?

  24. Super Ginrai says:

    Billy Batson is the one true Captain Marvel. DC didn't have to change the name.

  25. These Shazam facts are so interesting.:-O:-)I hope Marvel Bunny is in it too.:-):-D

  26. Brandon Y says:

    Saw Shazam last night! It was really great! So much fun. I wanna see it again bit gotta wait two weeks for it to actually release…..

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