Watchs SALE All about watches Wedding couple watches and reacts to their wedding video // Merily & Steven

Wedding couple watches and reacts to their wedding video // Merily & Steven

Merily and Steven couldn’t wait to see their wedding film, so after receiving it, they parked their car, put the speakers on, watched it in their car while filming the experience!

Here’s how the story unfolded:

Merily and Steven are the loveliest Estonian couple who live outside of Estonia. For the past few weeks I’ve been working on their wedding post production to have it ready for Christmas, just for the time when the couples will be spending time with their families here in Estonia.

On the same they when newlyweds were heading to their parents we just met up and I handed them over their Christmas gift – wedding video & film on USB. They hadn’t seen the result yet but from the sheer delight in their eyes I could already tell – there will be one really happy family in Jõgevamaa celebrating Christmas and reliving the wedding day all over again!

What I wasn’t expecting was the video I received from the bride and groom next morning. Merily and Steven couldn’t wait until they arrived at parent’s place, so they parked their car and relived their wedding day there. It’s unebelievable really, to see how the couple reacts to the wedding video you’ve been working on for countless hours.

Full wedding video:

Wedding film by Innar Hunt Films

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