Watchs SALE All about watches What does authorized repair do? Let’s find out!

What does authorized repair do? Let’s find out!

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Do authorized repair places fix anything? Or just forward mail? Let’s find out. Do keep in mind these are all likely good people who want to help their customers, but whose hands are tied. Highlights:

1:50 – iPhone 6 headphone jack is SOLDERED to the logic board & not fixable without spending $300 to replace board. News to me, I thought it was on a flex cable.. ?

2:21 – Apple won’t make available, a charging port or a headphone jack, to an Apple Authorized Repair Center. This means that if your headphone jack stops working, even at an Apple Authorized repair center, their own technicians are not allowed to replace your broken headphone jack. To clarify: this part is under ten dollars and can be installed with no soldering required:

5:25 – The truth(IN MY OPINION) from an honest, unauthorized repair shop(the device shop on mercer st in Manhattan) that the headphone jack is NOT soldered onto the board, and can be fixed by replacing a flex cable at a cost of $50 on the spot.


21:20 – Apple advises against changing touch ICs because of possibility you will ruin the motherboard that has your data on it.
22:09 – Apple tech admits that *every* Apple solution will toss your old motherboard, and with it, your data. So it is imporrtant to fix it through an AASP so they don’t ruin your old board, but the AASP throws away your old board. This begs the question: what is the upside of not *trying* touch IC replacement first?
22:40 – AASP finally suggests trying company that may charge $1500 for a touch IC replacement if data is necessary. AASP concedes that if data is required, you must go to a non-Apple authorized facility.

28:50 – Touch IC not fixable through Apple Authorized provider without losing data for any amount of money. Why should independent repair be kept out of the loop on schematics & parts when Authorized service providers do not offer data recovery at ANY price?

32:00 – Authorized service center listed on as servicing iPhones fixes iPhone 6 screen for $149 and has to mail phone out with *1 week* turnaround time for screen repair on an iPhone 6. If phone has a dent in the corner, they will replace the entire phone for $329.

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  2. benter1978 says:

    From the authourized idiots, that is the biggest kind of Bullshit. If it is soldered on it can be soldered off.

  3. 'I typed in Florida', that's your major mistake right there

  4. @ 23:31 shit my pants laughing "I have an SD card!…" lmao

  5. You should try the "business customer" side of some of these phone menus. I've often done this to get better service.

  6. Wings Fpv says:

    Dang, you actually called someone in Madison Wisconsin?

  7. What do u use to record Skype audio?

  8. MiloTheSwift says:

    Lol, an iPhone commercial.

  9. EdgyShooter says:

    I quite liked the authorised repair guy as he seemed to fully understand it was bullshit that he couldn't order a part without being shutdown.

    Also I wonder if Apple actually lies to the authorised people as they're essentially not allowed to open the products anyway

  10. James Byron says:

    I love Louis's intro compared with every other big channel…instead of some stupid music and a long logo sequence, it's just "Hello? Hello?"

  11. Loved this! Can you do more of this!!

  12. Got an unexpected beatboxing great at 00:10! 😂

  13. He did talk very nicely tho.

  14. Dill Zilla says:

    46:00 so hat and cape? so you are a nude wizard with a hat and cape.

  15. Joe Michaels says:

    God bless you, Louis Rossman. Stay on the side of the angels.

  16. Matt Irwin says:

    "Apple products professional", sounds like a "catch 22".

  17. I've had success unlocking phones with dead touch by using a USB keyboard, a powered hub and the apple lightning to USB camera connector. You can enter passcodes on the external keyboard.

  18. Laughed so hard when he had to reassure himself that he has removable storage on android

  19. Oh Waker says:

    That first voice sounded a lot like Morgan Freeman. You should do a video where you just speak with that voice.

  20. woswas denni says:

    33:25 – "requote" thats an oxymoron

  21. woswas denni says:

    one of my fav youtube videos

  22. Paul Zaborny says:

    Makes me glad I stopped at iPhone 3 and went to a Samsung Android Note4 and now 8

  23. Ruben Rocha says:

    Call an UK Apple Service Center or an Australian Apple Center to see the difference.

  24. justin says:

    dont you live in a two party state? Dont you need consent from both parties to record a phone call?

  25. For the first Problem. I had that myself with my Ipad.. I used tweezers to pull out the iron that was stuck. took 30min. Some struggle. costed 0$. Well done "authorized repair".

    What about going into an Apple Store and playing this video, and if someone ask you to turn it off, just say the video is "soldered" to the Display Screen.

  26. J M N says:

    Oh now you are cheating apple folks with pranks?, what a naughty boy!.
    Please continue for the utmost enjoyment of us, the cheated apple customer.

  27. this is why i dont trust apple with anything cause theyre so incompetent on repairing our devices if you can call it repair it

  28. idk7173 says:

    I know im late to the party but is there any chance we can hear the calls where your voices was recognized? if anyone has alink to the twitch vid where it was live great thanks it's kinda hard to find a year old twitch or youtube vid.

  29. SexWarrior says:

    I have never used an Apple phone in my life, so I could be way off here, but: wouldn't you be able to go around the whole "I can't enter my passkey" issue by connecting an external input device? Surely there must be a dongle that will let you hook up a keyboard and kick things off that way?

  30. Prot Eus says:

    Legend of the bloodninja reference at 37:29 = EPIC

  31. Over here sippin' some whiskey waiting for these robots to send you to a real person. What is my life coming to?!?

  32. Bon Bon says:

    10:15 Wow, they even play depressing music :q

  33. metro2002 says:

    I'm so happy with my 100 dollar phone lol. If it dies i just get a new one.

  34. 20 IVR options…..3 currently employed LOL. I use a main greeting, you hear the name of my business and a short greeting that is 3 seconds, then it hits my ring group. I have been in Telecommunications for a decade now doing systems in the 500 IP extension range and HATE IVR's!!! If you have 500 phones and multiple departments it works, but it needs to be simple. I have noticed most small and medium shops using IVR's (just my opine) use it as a way to discourage callers from using customer support. I say this because they always have a number for direct sales publicly listed or an option (usually option 1) that gets them direct to sales but 30 options to get help after you spend your money. I totally agree, big time business killers.

  35. Gaz Vlogs says:

    Jess is not the only one complaining about the audio, I'm complaining too! Get all the gains in a straight line cause I'm tired of adjusting my volume the whole time in order to hear what's going on!

  36. B. Maguire says:

    THANKS!! I'll stay w Android… !! Cheers!!

  37. B. Maguire says:

    Thank You for This Louis!!

  38. Opening up this iphone 6 thats been in my draw for atleast 6 months… Would you look at that, not soldered. I'm 17, and have been replacing iphone parts since i was 13, what a load of crap these "Authorized" shops spout

  39. kurauk says:

    Girl "I take off your shirt"
    Guy "Rhinos don't wear shirts"….

    Girl "Here's a pic, I've lost weight since then"
    Guy "I should hope so"

  40. Yamil Montes says:

    "I have a problem with my iPhone, I have a problem with my iPhone, I have a problem with my…IPHONE"

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