Watchs SALE All about watches What is the best diet for humans? | Eran Segal | TEDxRuppin

What is the best diet for humans? | Eran Segal | TEDxRuppin

Prof. Eran Segal presented conclusions from the research on the TEDxRuppin stage and made us question common dietary beliefs.

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New research led by Prof. Eran Segals and Dr. Elinavs research unit indicates a drastic change in blood sugar levels between two individuals on identical diets – this may explain why some struggle to lose weight while others, on the same diet, stay lean and fit. The scientists even developed an algorithm that can calculate ones blood level based on his or her biology and lifestyle.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

41 thoughts on “What is the best diet for humans? | Eran Segal | TEDxRuppin”

  1. Jawahar Ali says:

    Just when i thought i have it figured out, this guys comes and messes it all up!

  2. Alon Rido says:

    You said it yourself, the food we eat can change our bacterias so isnt it logical that if someone eats only bad foods he will be able to handle them better than someone who eats healthy? If he will suddenly atart eating healthy such as whole brown rice wont he get better at digesting it then icecream? You have disproved your point

  3. if our diet is so bad, why are we all living longer? just eat everything in moderation. we are not all the same and do not all need to eat the same.

  4. Lucroq says:

    5:18 How do you eat 50 meals a week? And this is just the average…

  5. Alex Danciu says:

    How gould they isolate glucose response for one particular food? I don't believe the majority of people ate plain rice. They probably are some protein with it. Or maybe vegetables. The glycemic index of rice is influenced by the other foods eaten în that meal. Was this take into consideration?

  6. TRA A says:

    Brilliant! Personalized diet! – who knew? (Everyone) not sure what real new data evolved here.

  7. I don't want you to design my food. I like to eat what comes from the nature in my home. Real food . Grocery store tomatoes are not equal to homegrown. Period.

  8. Rachel Simon says:

    So where can I get the personalized diet algorithm done? I have been diagnosed dietetic and I have been doing everything suggested and I go to bed with a blood glucose of 15.0 and wake up with 11.4. I’m on metformin and don’t eat in my sleep .

  9. Amity Elliot says:

    That is good. But it is mainly about glucose..the best thing said was about the gut microbiome. There is also live plant enzymes, cholesterol added by foods, vascular blockages by certain fats etc….so this is just covering one dimension. Promise that icecream is not a good 'food'….regardless of sugar spikes. So many books covering the details. Anti Cancer, Missing Microbes, The China Study and How Not to Die. Google them and read or listen to them if you want to know much more.

  10. dmack47yo says:

    All I heard was, EAT MORE ICECREAM… thank you, this was my ted talk

  11. Steve Anston says:

    selling personalized diets

  12. Epical says:

    Wow. Waste of time. Tldr, waste of time. Has no idea what he is talking about.

  13. Moderation is the key to all the problems.

  14. Dennis Ong says:

    i watched the whole talk hoping that he would play the harp.

  15. This is quite exciting as someone with diabetes type 2

  16. This guy is full of false hope…
    Good like with this

  17. Spencer Han says:

    where to find the programme to predict my diet option?

  18. joy mukherji says:

    Gut bacteria thrive on a high fiber plant food diet and fermented foods like pickles and yogurt.

  19. Bret Taylor says:

    Damn so many "experts" in the comments… all so very open minded lol

  20. Islamic diet is base on your body type.we have 4 body type as we have 4 seasons. these body type are :warm and cold ,dry and wet. According to your body type you have to find the right food.

  21. Billy Bobton says:

    Moderation, variety and common sense. Push back from the table when you BEGIN to feel full. Don’t make it rocket science.

  22. Herr Starr says:

    Just eat meat and organs. Avoid sugar in all its forms and junk food, and also avoid vegans lol

  23. Troy White says:

    Fasting cures ☝️😊

  24. Awesome talk. Thank you.

  25. Acubens Star says:

    The best diet for humans "does not exist"!—thank me later.

  26. Richard Fey says:

    It would be interesting to know where this talk was given.

  27. Richard Fey says:

    Interesting! No wonder we have a hard time finding the right food to eat! Also interesting that factor of ageing.

  28. Daniel Angst says:

    Did you check if people did any kind of sport shortly before the meal? Because of the GLUT4?

  29. yeees!! individuality of unique chemistry…..if your trying to Gain weight…diets that help you lose weight arent for you….lets pay more attention to eating according to Environment and SEASON real talk 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  30. John Hill says:

    Ayurveda: food is medicine, 3000 year old proven body control system teaching BALANCE, diet based on body type AND time of day/year. if you eat a meal based on your Ayurvedic guidelines, your stomach will tell you it is good for you.

  31. I'm beginning to conclude that each person must abide by their instinctive preferences for foods. I'm guessing that our body knows what's best. Of course, one must evaluate biomarkers too.

  32. Have they released their algorythm or an app since this video?

  33. Where can I turn in my biome?

  34. Are personal responses due to genetics or are they learned responses? And are they learned by the people, or learned by the microorganisms in their gi system.

  35. That's a riduculous conclusion, that "WE haven't found it yet, because the incidence of diet-related disease has increase." The increase in such disease could be the result of not adhering to a good diet, despite having found it.

  36. mark beard says:

    Interesting indeed. However I would have liked you to include to what extent the prevalence of muscle mass has on the body's ability to deal with certain foods i.e.high G.I. carbs as I believe muscle plays a huge part in maintaining healthy body composition.

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