Watchs SALE All about watches What prices did ArchieLuxury get for his watches ? URGENT SALE NETS RESULTS

What prices did ArchieLuxury get for his watches ? URGENT SALE NETS RESULTS

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29 thoughts on “What prices did ArchieLuxury get for his watches ? URGENT SALE NETS RESULTS”

  1. MrERLoner says:

    You repeat everything you say.
    You repeat everything you say.

  2. Take my advice keep your zenith make a pile off money off Tudor bb58 sell it to me for a stupidly cheap price

  3. Hey archie want to make your money back put your name down for every Tudor black bay 58 you possibly can

  4. Buy an Invicta and forget all that Rolex shit

  5. Archie, I had a mole on my head and i shave my head and it was anoying, id have to be carfull with the razor and couldnt go right over it. I took and old antenna, held a lighter 2 inches from the end for like 30 seconds and touched the end of the antenna to the mole and just melted it down flat with my skin, it didnt even hurt, you could feel heat but that was about it, now i can shave right over it and hair still grows there, its like a darker spot there now but no raised mole. There was a scab for like a month after i did it but eventually it fell off and the mole is gone. I held the antenna piece with a piece of leather since the entire thing gets so hot from the flame.

  6. sell the world time and get a 5296

  7. Adam Lichman says:

    I want that explorer Archie lol good on ya keeping it man.

  8. Should've kept the Breguet.

  9. Wow that Breguet looks good

  10. The Panerai buyer will make a KILLING

  11. Chimney1966 says:

    Great job Paul, you got rid of that awful TAG Monaco Heuer-replica (with sub-standard Sellita-shi*ter movement) That Heuer-replica was the most vulgar sh*tter in your watch collection… If you ever buy some TAG-shi*ter again.. Prefer Cal 16 in case of TAG because it is a PROPER SEIKO movement, not some nasty Sellita/ETA-s*itter… Now you can buy more watches like TruWood watch with HIGH QUALITY Japanese movement in it (no ETA nor Sellita-sh*tter movements tolerated) TruWood watch is so unusual, it will be in the future a collectors item…

  12. You should buy a oyster perpetual 36

  13. I Google the Patek Philippe and those are selling upwards 30 thousand US dollars.

    Don't sell it until the price is right

  14. I was amazed of the price of the Breitling, i Google it and a new one costs double the money you sell it for

    For a great piece like that seems like a good price to buy one

  15. I'm not aware of the current used prices, so the price which you sell them doesnt indicate me if it was right or wrong.

    Maybe you should do a video in which you explain how much does it cost you, how much time do you wear it, and the selling price.

    That way you could explain if you make a profit, or if you loss, how much the loss was for each day you wear it (cost per daily use)

  16. Bart Meep says:

    I’ll never understand why you bought breitling etc. makes zero sense. Buy nothing vs breitling.

  17. Master G says:

    No more MAAAAAN ON THE MOON! Man on the phucking MOOoon?!

  18. Master G says:

    Should you buy more watches? Get your stories straight, you flip the BS as quick and flippantly as you flip watches.
    Most of us knew you were only selling because you were itchy for some change, but don't insult us.

  19. Buy something for your sons. Or for that scientologist guy you tried to seduce.

  20. Bruce Soding says:

    Well done Paul, great video. Personally I think you lost your way a bit, but you are BACK man. Looking forward to the next one and to see what you buy 👍

  21. Rob P. says:

    I kind of liked the Brietling.

  22. Financial crisis. Sells watches then.asks what he should do with ther money ? Buy more watches? WTF. Keep the 2 rolex, sell the patel and find somthing else in life.

  23. chigimon says:

    Get yourself a Rolex steel sports phucker, phuk the loan sharks, phuk Dave, spend the rest on your Bangkok whores.

  24. greenpulp says:

    Would you swap your Zenith for my Zenith El Primero Skeleton?

  25. cool k says:

    What are you crying about?? You sold them all for an awsome prices

  26. Alex Wong says:

    oh sorry sold 36mm speedmaster the junker size lol fmd

  27. Alex Wong says:

    yeah pontiff scam the buyer fmd sold the shitter lol , see if the pontiff will sell speedmaster man on the moon or rolex pontiff sucker the seller lol fmd

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