Watchs SALE All about watches What's new in watchOS 6 – Beta 1

What's new in watchOS 6 – Beta 1

Earlier this week, Apple announced a ton of new software updates including watchOS 6 for the Apple Watch. This version includes a ton of new watch faces, and new features to help you get the most out of your Apple Watch.

Check out all the new Watch Faces for watchOS 6:

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21 thoughts on “What's new in watchOS 6 – Beta 1”

  1. Morgan Wolf says:

    When you delete a text on your phone, dose the text messages delete on the watch?

  2. Ronan Buddy says:

    I hope they add Ducky, bunny, Forky and Bo peep to the Toy story Faces on the Apple Watch on the day Toy story 4 is released into theaters for watch OS 6

  3. Sooo probably series 3 will not have once again the “cool” watchfaces! So series 3 supported from apple only for one year (until s4 came out)! That sucks Apple! I feel like I wasted my money on this little shit and a few months later came s4 at the same price and it’s still on with all the goodies!

  4. King says:

    Will the series 3 get this update?

  5. When will Apple increase the 12gb storage on the phone, for all these extra apps and functions 🤷🏾‍♂️

  6. Issam Lenovo says:

    watchos 6 on apple watche serie 2 have the same new features ?

  7. That California Face is SEXYYYYY!

  8. AGR says:

    …selling my 3… since it won’t have anything new happening ever apparently… 😒

  9. Any one else thought it said thug instead thu 6?

  10. Dee Vee says:

    It would be nice if I could delete all my messages on my iWatch at once 😒

  11. So does the watchOS6 work with iOS12.4 beta?

  12. bodyfarmer says:

    Where can I get the watch band in the video?

  13. emmgeevideo says:

    “Hey Honey, I’m fertile…” Another handy reason to not take your phone out of your pocket.

  14. emmgeevideo says:

    “So you don’t have to take out your watch…” Definitely a First World problem…

  15. Will the series 1 get iOS 6

  16. What kind of strap do you have?

  17. Thank god andrew is not here with his annoying voice.

  18. William Knox says:

    What band is that at 2:25?

  19. ZRA says:

    Definitely I will jump to Apple wagon , Looks like the best smart watch out there now

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