Watchs SALE All about watches When Mechanics Lose Their Minds – Insane Diesel Engine Swaps

When Mechanics Lose Their Minds – Insane Diesel Engine Swaps

In this video you will see the most insane and ultimate crazy diesel engine swaps.

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49 thoughts on “When Mechanics Lose Their Minds – Insane Diesel Engine Swaps”

  1. А охлаждение на последнем?

  2. Дизель хорош тем, что имеет постоянный крутящий момент на всех "рабочих" оборотах.

  3. kb 2x says:

    Reefer engine for a hippie van….

  4. BloxusOG says:

    PriusDriver1000 Has left the chat

  5. Too much Diesel engines… Why use this when you can do better with gasoline powered motors…

  6. Juan Juan says:

    Son los coches de los directivos de greenpace

  7. 沈氏 says:

    发动机掉漆期 写什么在鸟字?

  8. El problema de los motores diesel es el humo negro q expulsa 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮 prefiero los de gasolina altas RPM y limpio su escape esas mierdas diesel deberían fabricarlas solo para camiones 🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮

  9. if you slow you will eat smoke, make sure you are faster then me so you dont eat my smoke. Special gift for the loser.just like two strokes.

  10. Aries says:

    Por que no arrestan a esos pendejos q eatan contaminando 😡

  11. K kntaminadero no mames por weyes km tú así está el clima😎😆

  12. HEGE Levi says:

    Kis autóban brutális erő (smart)😂😂😂

  13. Juand Guzman says:

    La adrenalina es buena y divertida pero el medio ambiente sufre mucho

  14. Ja sicher, aber wenn ich in Deutschland einen Diesel fahre bin ich nicht umweltbewusst 😂😭😩

  15. m1kewg says:

    where is smart hayabusa?

  16. Один вопрос ЗАЧЕМ?

  17. Und die beschweren sich allen Ernstes über VW??

  18. Смотани параходи!

  19. Mi piacerebbe chiudere in una stanza questi coglioni e sgasargli i fumi in faccia e lasciarli li per qualche minuto.
    Branco di senza cervello coglioni

  20. Не управляемое тяжелое дерьмо

  21. Шикарные болиды

  22. Snake 666 says:

    Und in Deutschland gibt es Diesel fahr verbot….so ein Schwachsinn….

  23. Ser humano só sabe destruir o meio ambiente…olha essa fumaça preta horrível…💩💩💩

  24. Marcos Cesar says:

    Incrivel!!!…..como o ser humano e dado a inutilidades ! Adoro ganhar dinheiro dessa gente futil ! Kkkkkk

  25. oh chapeau says:

    E poi lo stato americano rompe i Coglioni alle case europee per le emissioni di co2 con le diesel…la verità è che se wolkswagen fosse entrata in america dalla porta principale senza dieselgate quelle 4 merdate che fa la FCA li avrebbe potuti vendere solo in Polonia… 😂

  26. 19fran85 says:

    So much power but all that smoke is stupid! How about make it fast and clean!!

  27. Sergio 777 says:

    За время просмотра этого видео сдохло 3 полярных медведя

  28. Экологичность! Экономичность! Зрелищность!

  29. Écobilan et protection de la couche d'ozone faut pas y compter…

  30. Uwielbiam dźwięk turbo w dieslu 🙂

  31. Nick Kill3R says:

    and germany has to save the fckin world because airpollution… we are already partially forbidden to drive diesel cars in some german cities!

  32. Suomy Salis says:

    In italia magari in piemonte qualcuno fa scambi di motore?

  33. oj k says:

    매연봐라… 벌금안때리나…

  34. what pisses me off, is in the UK, we pay shit loads of road tax each year, because our cars "pollute".. and pollution is damaging the earth..
    Even though the UK is extremely strict on vehicle emission output..
    But yet Yanks can have their cars pouring out black smoke like there is no tomorrow, which is damaging the earth more… and i bet they dont pay road tax, or if they do, it costs them basically nothing..

  35. Volk OZ says:

    А говорят дизиля в гонках неучаствуют

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