Watchs SALE All about watches When Mechanics Lose Their Minds – Ultimate Crazy Engine Swaps You Never Seen

When Mechanics Lose Their Minds – Ultimate Crazy Engine Swaps You Never Seen

When Mechanics Lose Their Minds – Ultimate Crazy Engine Swaps You Never Seen. If you wat to see more ultimate crazy engine swaps check our channel.



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45 thoughts on “When Mechanics Lose Their Minds – Ultimate Crazy Engine Swaps You Never Seen”

  1. DinoCat says:

    6:56 OMG WHAT IS THAT! I need it!!! 😎

  2. Candy Punch says:

    Friend: “How is your hair so fluffy?”
    Me: “It’s all natural.”
    Also Me: 0:25

  3. When you are ready for the big canoe race, but then that guy shows up with his motor boat 😆

  4. AL A says:

    he got US army shirt

  5. Someone should put a Tesla powertrain in a golf cart.

  6. I would never ride on that turbo diesel canoe

  7. You havent seen the panigale – grom bike.

  8. If only all tractors were that fast when you meet them on the road ! 🙂

  9. dark demise says:

    tractor sounds like a plane

  10. AJ ME says:

    @.38 How the hell did that "stiff wind" not blow that skinny little prick off the back of that boat is beyond me. What the hell is he wearing, Velcro ?

  11. Now this is a wicked collection

  12. Ilan Nunez says:

    0:14 when yo girl say shes home alone

  13. Eric Johnson says:

    hows fast is the kid in the fasat boat going you think? 100??

  14. stupid asshole burn a tyre..low iq..

  15. Joey Mac says:

    Who woulda thought you'd see a vietnamese guy tooling down the river with a U.S. Go Army t-shirt ?

  16. The pontoon boat and the tractor were hilarious.

  17. Ok Ventures says:

    Boat is the nuttiest of all these by far! Omfg

  18. Kk L says:

    Guy second guy on the river boat is my hero. No shoes, no helmet, t shirt and steering with a stick. Make every one else lame.

  19. Tom Boyte says:

    More money than brains.

  20. codzydee says:

    bwahahaha the tractor guy lol!

  21. dude with canoe didn't need goggles. A swamp mosquito wouldve blinded him.

  22. ImAdapt73 says:

    I understand speed, but to sit in one spot as the tires spin, "Long nasal exhale" wooptido

  23. Amirul Haziq says:

    Now I've watched it YouTube, are you satisfied now?

  24. smg song says:


  25. Good too see the price of gas has gone down..

  26. Take Sat says:


  27. Hussein Rima says:

    0:35 when your girl texts you “I’m home alone”

  28. Ricky Roma says:

    8:20 no protection. Real dumb.

  29. Ricky Roma says:

    I'm down with the 73 Montecarlo

  30. They are all great ideas but they just don't last

  31. Island life says:

    Crikey- how much time would a tractor like that with a plough attached, save farmers?

  32. keiko909 says:

    what the hell was up with that tractor?! guess country life really screwed him up!

  33. I,ve done the same thing to my Car. Knowing I aint got nothing else to drive . I am 59yrs old ,Should know better , Why do we do this ? Huh, Cause Its FUN!!!!

  34. That Boat with the Space Shuttle Engine is AWESOME… My Respect and Hats off to the owner of that fine Sea-Going , FULL RACE vessel. Nobody could catch that boat, Even Chuck Norris…. RH DSD

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