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White House Responds to Project Veritas Action Videos

WATCH: WHITE HOUSE RESPONDS Josh Earnest can’t answer questions about Bob Creamer’s 45 meetings with President Obama. Instead he chose to attack Project Veritas Action.


45 thoughts on “White House Responds to Project Veritas Action Videos”

  1. He is suggesting it is a conspiracy lol then they laugh when we talk about gov conspiracies

  2. I do not miss this lying scumbags ugly face.

  3. Rick S says:

    Most of the time these videos as spot on. The left-wing snowflakes just do not like being exposed showing what kind of scum bags they really are.

  4. Sounds to me like somebody is worried about the content of Project Veritas' video work. Hit a little closer to home than the worriers would like,EH !!!!

  5. noiamgunner says:

    He's talking out the side of his face

  6. Something's not right with this video ???

  7. Obama was a fake and the people he brought into the white house were crooks and pos! I'm so glad him and his husband are out of there. I believe the tapes before I believe anything that came out of that white house!

  8. Ha ha. What a bullshitter.

  9. kuiama23 says:

    OK.. So… Lets not hear what we heard… It's only a video of them incriminating themselves.. But.. What… Leading. Cuz the ones getting busted are bragging about the illegal crap they do. If I had a cheating husband. And I get show Cheaters to prove it.. If. It's on video.. Then it's now not true and I should just pretend I didn't see the proof.
    Oh yea.. Lets read a newspaper cuz it's in print… Not recorded.. I see your point

  10. Jake Bogus says:

    They hate the truth.

  11. What Project Veritas is doing is called "Journalism". It doesn't surprise me that the MSM doesn't recognize it for what it is, they haven't done it for so long.

  12. Mkki 3D15 says:

    You cant argue with those videos, thats the beauty of the videos, its person talking about whatever that got them fired themselves. The point that the veritas guy is a "convicted criminal" is a mute point and isnt even completely honest with reality if you really wanna chew that point, but that shouldnt be the idea that we talk about here, i dont care what whoever did in their past. So long as they are honest about it and have nothing to hide. The political workers themselves that were bragging about the criminal frame up tactics to make trumps supporters look bad should be what we talk about THAT IS HUGE AND DISGUSTING the Corruption that these politicians seemed to be laughing and bragging about is what is important here. THANK YOU PROJECT VERITAS!! KEEP DOING YOUR WORK….. CRIMINALS EXPOSING CRIMINALS, I LOVE IT!!

  13. And you don't think the New World Order pads both sides? Here's your evidence right here just take a listen. Take a hard listen to this m*****F***ing New World Order traitor hiding the fact that are f***** votes are being stolen from us! We have seen the f**** bus full of Mexicans at are voting polls before Trump when it was just okay and nobody would get in trouble. We know about BlackBox Voting when Bev Harris exposed that every single one of our voting machines are hardwired to manipulate the data. These Pelosi, Ryan, McConnell Schiff, Schumer, Feindstein SOROS PUPPETS TRAITORS allowed the "data collectors" to change whole voters ( we aren't fucking fractions) in to fractional units and they use "Fraction Magic" to move the decimal to whatever campaign they want to win. seems like even the f**** DemonicRats would care about this since now they have Trump in office and now "he" can manipulate the data. BLACKBOXVOTING.ORG check it out.

  14. In case anyone does like I did not paying attention, THIS WAS TWO YEARS AGO ⚠️⚠️ I didn't look at the date and was a little confused

  15. toowens2 says:

    "That isn't the question you asked me…"
    Didn't you get the memo that democrats can do whatever they want, whenever they want, wherever they want, for why ever they want to do it.

    And if you dare question them, you're a racist misogynistic hate-mongering bigot! Just ask Nancy Pelosi or anyone else on the Communist news networks.

    One last observation… Do you ever wonder why globalists tend to be socialist? That can't be good for the citizenry, just saying

    Okay, back to reality… my how things change with a little perspective. Just months after Trump is inaugurated democrats are suggesting violence against republican lawmakers can be justified.
    Now I'm beginning to believe the reports that suggest the average Millennials attention span is shorter than a goldfish. Lord help us all

  16. Bob Loblaw says:

    All you guys did was let them hang themselves with their own words. There was nothing clever about it, pretty straightforward if you ask most Americans.

  17. full bullshit mode, no don't ask about our stupidity.

  18. Rich says:

    Obama is a phony

  19. I’m sure says:

    Uh Sara Huckabee Sanders… kicks his ass everyday

  20. "use extreme caution when watching videos from this outlet and drawing conclusions… "what you hiding there, chuck??

  21. scott try says:

    They need to be a countable just like a 2year old . No body else does

  22. Who is this mouth piece? How much more substantial can a video be? What he pushing is "dont believe your lying eyes!" REALLY???

  23. Pride comes before a fall and a haughty spirit before destruction.

  24. don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining

  25. Big Mac says:

    about a mumbling mutherfooker!! 😝😝😝😝

  26. This deceiving liar wants us to believe the fake news but when the truth is proven and videos he says we shouldn't believe it. This is what is wrong with the Democratic Party, only one of the horrible and evil aspects.

  27. History will show Obama and his administration to be the most corrupt, in at least, modern history.
    And, of course, the media is right there supporting their lies. Even this week, 10/2018, CNN called O'Keefe discredited and a criminal (of course they disregard the Dems he exposes)

  28. ed geiger 1 says:

    Unlike this guy, audiovisuals do not lie!

  29. sndy57 says:

    BAHAHA!! "…a whole package of salt." Name ONE news outlet where this doesn't apply.

  30. Linda Warren says:

    WTF? The videos don't reveal the truth. The truth comes from these horses-asses mouths. How can these videos NOT reveal the truth.

  31. walter tobin says:

    May truth and love shine upon us
    Each and every last one
    Big changes are a coming

  32. Technically it’s against the law to record anyone without prior knowledge… I am a conservative constitutionalist ! The video holds water but the method used is not right…

  33. Project Veratas is a goid journalistic organization. Go James okeefe

  34. It was obama he met with 47 times

  35. Leland Matt says:

    lol these videos more then often show the truth the show the person involved telling on themselves

  36. Denise clark says:

    How can you dismiss facts in your face..rediculous

  37. Is he saying don't believe my own eyes? Or ears? Righhhttt!…lol

  38. William says:

    fucking coward scum bag TRAITOR liberals fucking cheated and still lost

  39. Willy Jimmy says:

    Dont look behind the curtain. Believe what we tell you to believe. No need to think for yourself.

  40. Lead Pill says:

    That scum bag just threw Veritas under the bus.

  41. Lead Pill says:

    Get rid of this black tie retard. Bring back Sarah

  42. WHY are your videos always so late ?

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