Watchs SALE All about watches Why don’t any Rolex dealers have any Steel Sports Watches in stock? Submariner GMT Daytona

Why don’t any Rolex dealers have any Steel Sports Watches in stock? Submariner GMT Daytona

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38 thoughts on “Why don’t any Rolex dealers have any Steel Sports Watches in stock? Submariner GMT Daytona”

  1. Retribution for Ayo & Teo If you buy a new Ferrari an pimp it out with 26's, spinners and curb feelers, Ferrari will rightfully so, put a contract out on your a$$.

  2. Noob Factory has no shortage 😂

  3. If you cant get the watch at an AD, just buy a Swiss made clone untill you can get it! 1-1 exactly 100% the same outside as a genuine…

  4. GLEN ROBERTS says:

    I'm sorry but I have a confession!gulps I'm sorry boys but I consumed all the sports Rolex watches with s nice single malt and they were yummy.

  5. Shazib Ahmed says:

    I live in Kuwait and you can contact me for any kind of watch, Rolex or otherwise. We have plenty of them here 🙂

  6. Six minutes in he is still saying, ROLEX SS WATCHES ARE HARD TO GET IF NOT IMPOSSIBLE.

    Why is anyone watching this MORON.
    His voice is SOOOOO IRRITATING.

  8. Xilentium says:

    It’s simple logics; thy are tired of making them because people would rather buy fake ones. So, in return, they want to focus on the Precious Metal watches that aren’t faked all day long in China.

  9. Peter Martin says:

    They don't have any because china men have purchased all of them. All your base are belong to us, F$$ers

  10. Thanks for fantastic entertaining videos Archie… Love your style of delivery…Fuckers! Lol

    I live in the UK countryside.

    Regarding the Rolex steel sports…I’ve just bought a 15k+ new MOP 2 tone Daytona and put a deposit down on a new Batman and even after spending that amount Cash I still have to wait a year for the GMT2 Batman! The AD, a beautiful old family jewellers, showed me their wait list for steel sports…it was like a book FFS!

    Bloody crazy eh?!

  11. I’ve never seen a Daytona in person ever

  12. I just bought a 4 months old steel sub dated December 2017 in Singapore a week ago. I combed every AD to learn that none was displayed and the waiting list were ridiculously long forcing me to the pre-owned market where I found one on the display booth! It was in a never wear before mint condition without even a hairline scratch and comes in a full complete set with all the papers going at $11700 where the new ones cost $11440 on Rolex website. So what with a slightly cheaper price tag but literally with no stock? I grabbed it without hesitation even though it’s on the higher side, some may say it’s not worth it but I simply love that style on my wrist.

  13. Dude your microfone fucking sucks!!! If you can buy Rollers, you can afford a freaking mic! Thanks

  14. If a huge part of Rolex success has been people's view of them and where inspired in their youth by seeing them on the wrist of successful middle class who scuba diver and fly, how it will it be viewed in generations to come? Modern sports watched are not automatic any more. If they are trying to get to the level of Patek Philippe, will news flash, most people in the world don't know what that watch is and why it is worth so much. Rolex is strategy is great short in the short term while the bubble mania is going for steel Rolex but it will be losing strategy in the future, especial the way servicing charges are going. Soon it will cost more to service it then what people bought it for 20 years ago. Who wants to inherit a Rolex steel sub and have turn around and pay $1,200 for a full service, wait 8 weeks and loose it's value when Rolex service center changes the patina dial and there is nothing you can do about it because they are not playing will with others and not letting out the parts to any of their movement to allowing independent watch center service their watches.

  15. Audry Hitler says:

    Rolex, the new shitters, the company, not the watches…

  16. James Smith says:

    Brilliant comments Paul regarding Rolex steel and comparison to Hermes bags wait list. I was super lucky to get a Deepsea. Deep Blue in Rolex Cancun Mexico just after Xmas. All the stores in the UK and Gibraltar are missing steel stock of subs, GMT, Daytona and Deepsea Blues. I'm off overseas again next week and will report back to you what is see. Cheers Paul.

  17. djjohndoe1 says:

    People are fucking suckers. A steel Daytona is "rare" but a platinum one isn't. Give me a break.

  18. Mark Edwards says:

    Is Rolex trying to push customers into buying the upper range gold models?   The situation can only mean that Rolex is preparing for a major price increase.

  19. MrAmexx83 says:

    It was the same in Hong Kong a few months ago.

  20. In Miami last December and popped into The Jewelry Exchange on Biscayne and saw a few Jewelers selling a wide selection of Steel Rolex Submariners and the occasional Daytona Model. Don't know if they had the "Hulk" model or "Batman" model but great selection of pre-owned and new Rolexes at Starvin Marvin. And not bad prices either. Not retail.

  21. Francis Tan says:

    Whats wrong with this video? Why do u keep repeating the same thing? U never really gave the answer!

  22. You were talking so loud I couldn't turn the volume down low enough, true. I had to unplug your fat ar$e, lol. Who cares if Rolex wont release steel stock? They can keep their watches, besides what moron buys a $10,000 dollar brand new steel watch they have to send back to get the renhaut or coronet' aligned properly? And have you seen the new Explorer I review on YouTube? Heap of sh1t. Their quality stinks lately. You kiss their ar$e Pluto.

  23. Who gives a fk about the Boutiques? Plenty of new steel sports on the grey market..

  24. So true Rolex does hold its own what you pay today you will get your money back after years of wear they are a precision piece

  25. I’m guessing Rolex is shifting most sports models to the new movement.

  26. Brian Young says:

    If the only Rolex you can see costs over 15k, you learn that rolexes cost over 15k. Then they can continue to raise prices on entry level.

    If they stocked their steel sport watches, then people would wonder why Rolex expects to get 30k for a Daytona.

  27. jimmunsw says:

    SS Rolex is a starting price level for Sub, Gmt n others , Rolex will short d supply to push for other more expensive models n less saleable models. Rolex makes more $$$ than to put on a few extra production lines for d SS Rolexes, n it needs to clear other models inventory too. Its a very good marketing decision n it works fine all d time! U can go buy a Tudor anytime, or an AP or PP if u like, they probably hv available stocks – thats what Rolex is telling u in another way, or buy whats available then….. 😉

  28. sammy H says:

    First video without swearing. Congratulations Archie, see ….its not that difficult.

  29. Nick L says:

    Mate of mine picked up a batman from an AD in SEA not too long ago – 6 month wait list.
    Love the channel. Keep up the good work

  30. QuiCkSiLv3R says:

    I couldn't find any local to me either pontiff. Wanted to see a Cellini but I've noticed exp 1s 39mm are going for a premium for example.

  31. tim beard says:

    Rolex dealers full of stock that no one wants

    Idiotic marketing

  32. tim beard says:

    Restriction of supply it's the oldest game in the book

    Trouble is the steel sports watches are becoming unfashionable too many fakes about makes them unfashionable

    datejust is less common

    Better a vintage anything

    The new swiss watch is a pointless purchase imho

  33. I here they only made a certain amount of steel subs for the year and sold out.
    Should be some more after the 1st of the year 2018

  34. I was in London Heathrow Terminal 5, 2 weeks ago and they had everything-and I mean everything!!-except Steel sports watches. I asked about Steel Skydweller and the guy looked at me as if I had horns!!

  35. In Abu Dhabi UAE, ive seen available stocks of gmt black, gmt two-tone and some yacht masters. The retailers told me that special watches are having a long waiting list.

  36. dillon mundy says:

    My AD just pulled out a whole box of all SS sports models on me yesterday. Come to Kansas. We have a plethora.

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